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To me 21 years. I have arrived to Kazan to realize the opportunities. I have entered the Kazan federal university, on the budgetary form of education.

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School of self-development

To me 21 years. I have arrived to Kazan to realize the opportunities. I have entered the Kazan federal university, on the budgetary form of education. I have studied 3 years, and I have begun to understand that that knowledge which I gain don't do me successful and rich. AtI was dream to buy the three-room apartment in Kazan, expensive car, to open the business, to visit the whole world, to travel. There were many plans for the future. That to realize them, I needed the mentor who will teach to achieve goals. I have understood that with one diplomaI won't approach the dream. Of course, I can be the excellent expert in the profession, but 60 - 80 thousand rubles a month are a ceiling of my salary. My friends spoke to me: "What business, why to you it? It is necessary to go onlives on the smallest resistance to catch a freebie, all so do". When I told the family that I want to become a millionaire, and I want to open the business. That they were categorically against it. The father spoke: "Get rid this thought, be engaged in study,at first gain the diploma, then you will begin to work at a usual salary, all these cock-and-bull stories, mere words". I thought absolutely differently. I have begun to read books on business, to listen to audiobooks. Of course, all this motivated me, but I couldn't promote at leaston one inch in the business. I needed the mentor who has a wide experience in business. I have begun to watch on YouTube various business courses. Once, I was lucky to meet in the next video lesson of Vladimir Dovgan. I have had a desire to be happy, rich, successfulperson. I have learned that abilities of our brain are boundless. And each dream can be turned into a financial money equivalent. I collected all knowledge of a grain. I wrote down Vladimir Dovgan's words to myself in a notebook. After a while, I have found Vladimir Dovgan's audiobook "the Way of the Winner". Atme there was at once a burning desire to be a rich, successful person. I have written the audiotraining. Every day I listened to this record. At once I have resolved to become a partner in Academy of Winners. I have begun to be trained at my mentor. After a month of trainingI have got the purpose of the life. I raised a self-assessment. In force circles I natachivat skills of oratory. Now I freely carry on talk by any person. I had had a steady voice and the competent speech. At me I have really appeared the life purpose,which lifts me from a bed and forces to work. I have begun to study at successful people. I have learned to plan, to set specific goals and to reach them. Now I am confident in the future. In the success. But the main thing, I study at those people who livethat life of which I dreamed.

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