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READ ATTENTIVELY AND until the end of the LETTER and I advise to read not once! Otherwise I ignore letters with silly questions and I delete!!!!!! I a

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Work for all the good income

Work for all the good income

READ ATTENTIVELY AND until the end of the LETTER and I advise to read not once! Otherwise I ignore letters with silly questions and I delete!!!!!! I ask to write honestly your age and the exact address!!!!!!! I am engaged in karting. If this concept well, if is familiar to youthere is no that isn't present. I have available cards, each card a limit 100 000t.r. I have enough of them. Theoretically I am a millionaire, but actually I can't cash these cards for a short period. On cashing in at me not one year would leave.And the more often I do it, the more I summon attention and all this can end - you understand.... Money on the card is earned not in the legal way and it is necessary to give anybody nothing, except 60% from one cardto me AFTER CASHING IN (We will work well together conditions I will change on percent) None of my acquaintances, close, native, etc. aren't aware than I am engaged - excess "languages" in my city aren't necessary to me. Further why I give these cards? Now banks stronglynew cards - with chips and additional codes which it is almost not possible "to hack" and withdraw money are insured and let out. Besides over time each ATM will be equipped with system of protection of a reflector of confidential codes etc., which won't allow to withdraw money withsuch cards as at "me". So far it only at an initial stage of development. Every day it becomes more dangerous to me therefore I get rid of them. Than it threatens you - if you cash and if you are caught after allin the act - anything (about it it is written to instructions, read further...) - if do everything as I will tell, at you won't demolish a roof from easy money and will adhere to my rules!!! All that from you is required to me it age, a full name, the address (the city,the street, the apartment) and an index where to send the card, I send through mail, a custom-made parcel (PARCEL POST). In a parcel there will be a card, a pin a code from it and the detailed instruction when as well as where, and what ATMs to withdraw money. Here for obvious reasons to write about itI won't be. From this instruction to a step to the left, to the right!!!! I have no confidence that you after cashing in of 60% will return to me. Here I hope for your honesty therefore the first time I send only one card. If we work well together we will consider optionon No... I-yu sum and %. Only it isn't necessary to ask questions how many and when!!! The custom-made parcel (the express delivery) valuable - costs 150-r. plus delivery cost, depending on a place of your stay across the Russian Federation to 500r. So if, are ready to risk and feel,what is "easy money" write if isn't present, then isn't present, forget and we will consider that the subject of the address is closed. At first MONEY FOR DELIVERY - THEN the PARCEL (for me it as "guarantee" of that that you are ready to cooperate) As school students orders the second condition muchand then parcels to be afraid to go to receive, and at me to rush about to take away cards back time isn't present! Also I shouldn't write a parcel with a request to send cash on delivery since I don't know who you are and than you znimatsya, on what I will tell - lost notthe small sum and experience it is taught from laying on return and loss of time and money! I don't change conditions, I not Mother Teresa to distribute cards to the right and on the left risking repeatedly for cards getting which I risked "freedom" and to pay their deliveryand at all this, for me there are no guarantees that 60% to return to me from you! Perfectly I understand that percent of 40% of people, and maybe that more me it is simply thrown. Even if to allow that 30% of people will return me money -they will be enough for me on long!!! I am going to prove nothing. If you already came across swindlers - your problems need to be read attentively conditions and the nobility on what you go. I don't upload any photos and video and any I don't give guarantees on the futurefor long work - at any time, all can be closed and all parcels are withdrawn! You risk at own risk, it isn't necessary to ask me and that if at me it not to turn out, etc., etc. Who works with me allit turns out! Will make everything as I will tell and will be nothing, I speak with confidence!!! I could demand these 60% forward, but not everyone will agree to it, to be exact units, there is a lot of cards also to me from them for the objective reasons to get ridit is necessary as it is possible quicker! It doesn't mean that I can be thrown, I will be journey - I will surely glance on a visit and it not mere words!!! The third should be written me letters on a subject: Tell in more detail as you do it, as my name is,where I live and t.p I don't enter into a business correspondence (IP the address "left" of a full name of the sender - respectively!!!) So if you are ready and you want to receive the card, I will repeat all that the full name the city, st. the house, a sq. index data is necessary to me from you check on 10 times,that without mistakes!!! In the response letter I will answer what cost of a parcel as well as where to send money for delivery. The fourth parcels I send daily in 16.00 - 17.00 across Moscow, on Saturday in till 12.00, Sunday day off! And to do it in advance not for1chas till 16.00!!! Time of delivery of a parcel depends on remoteness of your region from me. Across Russia from one end in another can take 5-7 days, and even it is more. The fifth, after receiving a parcel attentively study the instruction - in it everything is in detail described,including kak where to transfer 60% (60 000r.) to me. And the earnest request not to write me after cashing in of the letter with gratitude - don't litter my mailbox! Write only on business and from that mailbox from which the first letter is sent!I remind I will answer only on business not to the bill of exchange the and my time! Wash jl.adres: yhg

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