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From Info Hands - the Information First-hand / Pritochny VK-8 valve analog of KIV-125 - Naberezhnye CHelny

Ventilating klapan #12288; #12288; #12288; #12288; VK - 8:

Installing the VK valve - 8 in the house, you sav

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Pritochny VK-8 valve analog of KIV-125

Pritochny VK-8 valve analog of KIV-125

Ventilating klapan #12288; #12288; #12288; #12288; VK - 8:

Installing the VK valve - 8 in the house, you save own money since such system of natural ventilation doesn`t need the additional equipment (fans, electric motors etc.)

#12288; #12288; #12288; Ventilating klapan #12288; VK - 8 – this mechanical device working without electricity consumption. It means independence of operation of the BK - valve; 8 from problems with electricity, economy of means, and also opportunity to leave the valve working in your absence, thus, in your house never will be stagnant air.

#12288; #12288; PritochnyBK - valve; 8 has the optimum design checked by time. BK - valve device; 8 very simple, all parts of the valve are made of durable and safe materials (there is the corresponding certificate). BK - valve service life; 8 it is estimated in several generations, and repair work in case of need, will cost the insignificant sum incomparable to expenses for repair of difficult systems of compulsory ventilation.

#12288; #12288; #12288; #12288; BK - valve Installation; 8 it can be made both to buildings under construction, and in premises. BK - valve installation time; 8 – some hours.

#12288; #12288; Klapan #12288; VK - 8 except such advantages,as low cost, reliability and simplicity of operation, BK - valve; 8 perfectly supplements any systems of compulsory ventilation. So, for example, conditioners don`t provide inflow of fresh air but only change its temperature, but inflow of fresh air to the room is necessary, therefore the BK - valve; 8 is the optimum decision.

Operation VK - 8

BK - valve; 8 has very simple mechanical device therefore its operation doesn`t demand special skills, the child will cope with it even. BK - valve; 8 allows to regulate intensity of inflow of fresh air to the room. For this purpose on plastic to an ogolovkathere is a regulator, turning it, it is possible to change extent of opening of blinds from the inside an ogolovka. Besides, the regulator is equipped with a cord which is used when the valve is installed rather highly from a floor and there is no opportunity to reach the regulator handle (it especially conveniently for children).

VK - 8 - #12288; ventilation of premises

In children`s, sleeping and living rooms BK - valve installation; 8 it is especially necessary for ensuring inflow of fresh air as modern construction of 90% of applied finishing materials are created on the basis of synthetic components. For example, flizelinovy wall-paper,linoleumy and synthetic carpets, a laminate, stretch ceilings and plastic windows – here that surrounds us in apartments and houses. Under the influence of heat and light polymeric connections form gas the radon which high concentration conducts to chronic diseases and a cancer. In rooms without ventilation concentration of radon increases in tens times, and it seriously damages health of the person. Optimum option – BK - valve installation; 8 #12288; in each room.

VK - 8 #12288; in boiler rooms

In boiler rooms BK - valve; 8 it is necessary for an air flow. Number of valvesVK - 8 for a boiler room pays off proceeding from amount of the oxygen consumed by a heating copper.

VK - 8 #12288; in cellars

Very often cellars and first floors in buildings become nurseries of a mold and fungi iz - behind a constant of high humidity. It gradually destroys the building, besides, the mold and fungi are indoors unhealthy celoveka. #12288; BK - Valve; 8 #12288; will provide continuous inflow of fresh air that will reduce humidity and will prevent emergence of a mold. Number of ventilating BK - valves; 8 pays off proceeding from the room area.

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