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From Info Hands - the Information First-hand / Search results studying (328)

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  1. Fast studying of languages online
    Quickly the mnemotekhnichesky method of storing of words and other useful techniques will help to learn English. It is possible to study, without leaving the house, by means of free and paid online seminars and video of lessons...  → 

  2. Geodetic support of repair and reconstruction of roads
    Emergence and development of such science as geodesy forces to look at process of road construction absolutely in a new way. In modern Russia the concept "geodetic researches" became active to be used only in the nineties last century. Toda...  → 

  3. Set Set from 2kh textbooks on studying of the Czech language for foreigners
    I will sell a set from two textbooks on studying of the Czech language for foreigners (A0-B1 level) 2 CD disks to textbooks. author: Karla Hronova, Josef Hron...  → 

  4. Studying of Spanish and English Stavropol
    - the translations of any complexity, transfer maintenance (business meetings, tourist groups, exhibitions, etc.) - training in Spanish by a unique technique from the expert teacher for any age - the express program of a colloquial minimum - preparat...  → 

  5. Researches for construction
    Researches our company provides the wide range of engineering researches for construction allowing to study technogenic conditions of the chosen territory, to make the project of a construction object and to estimate opportunities and risks of placem...  → 

  6. Geological researches
    Building of the house and its validity is caused by circumstances - geological researches: as the level of a surface of ground waters and hardness of soil that is very important because on it the house will be constructed. It is possible that constru...  → 

  7. How to get rid of cellulitis and wrinkles
    The training videocourse for house studying. From a course you learn technicians of anti-cellulite self-massage, and also can, honey, Japanese, rejuvenating, antiedematous. Also face exercises from wrinkles on a forehead and round eyes, from the noso...  → 

  8. Training in self-massage and rejuvenation
    The training videocourse for house studying. From a course you learn such technicians of self-massage as: cosmetic, anti-cellulite, against wrinkles, liftingovy rejuvenating, the can, honey, Japanese, forming oval, antiedematous. Also face exercises ...  → 

  9. Round Round "In marching youth carries away me" (tracking an alloy)
    Round "In marching youth carries away me" (tracking an alloy), 9 days of Date: 13-21.06; 27.06-05.07; 18-26.07; 08-16.08.2015 ROUTE: Irkutsk Ц a hike on the lake of Olkhon (~ 60 km / 3 day) Ц Kultuk Ц an alloy on average a current of river ...  → 

  10. Manager of the personnel
    Requirements: Punctuality, accuracy, ability to work with an e-mail. Employment not less than 3 - 4 hours a day. Duties: The help to the director in daily work, processing of information entering on mail, studying of working literature, communication...  → 

  11. The The express video method the book on studying of English.
    By means of this course you have an opportunity for very short term to master English to the level of free possession. After passing of a course you will begin to understand the English-speaking interlocutor and it is easy to join in any conversation...  → 

  12. Studying of English
    iTeach is online club of remote studying of English. We Ц the group of young specialists which is actively advancing an innovative product for the Russian market of education Ц training in English on Skype. Some years of productive work allowed u...  → 

  13. Programs Programs for your business
    Unique programs for search of firms and the enterprises intended for creation of the personal business reference book are on sale. They are ideally suited for: - owners and heads of the companies who look for clients/partners - the sales manager who ...  → 

  14. Set in groups on Chinese studying
    The center of foreign languages of TLC suggests you to visit Japanese courses in Krasnodar according to three programs of training - initial, average and high. The program of an initial course includes studying of bases of language, hieroglyphics and...  → 

  15. English studying in online to English Attack school!
    You want to learn English easily and effortlessly? Register in online school of English of English Attack! Be registered on a site and enter free promo the PREDU2013 code, for free testing within one week. After registration send your login to market...  → 

  16. Studying of languages for life and with ease!
    I offer tutor services, English, German, Czech, Russian, Polish and Italian languages. Educational process is constructed taking into account uniform development of all language skills of pupils: informal conversation, reading, letter and perception ...  → 

  17. Studying of languages for life and with ease!
    The language school IN.YAZ declares a set on courses 1. German. Training with the skilled teacher. 14 years of practice, Occupations 2-3 r / week. Experience of training of entrants to entrance examinations in higher education institutions of Germany...  → 

  18. Studying of languages for life and with ease!
    Respected to the prazhena and guests of the capital. Language school ` IN.YAZ ` suggests you to join studying of English, Czech, German languages, the Italian, Polish languages. Educational process is constructed taking into account uniform devel...  → 

  19. The ready scheme of earnings from 3000 rubles a day!
    Andrey Kuzevanov put on the market an original course Ц `The ready scheme of earnings from 3000 rubles a day `! Just now it provides solid (more than 70%) a discount for this course! If you study a course and put this knowledge into practice, you wi...  → 

  20. School No. 113 with profound studying separate predmetov ` Novo-Savinovsky district of Kazan INVITES to training in the 10th profile class of graduates of the 9th classes
    / gt; The school cooperates with leading higher education institutions of the city of Kazan: Volga region state academy of physical culture, sports and tourism. Reception in a profile class following the results of certification on ...  → 

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