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  1. Repair Repair and tuning of autolight, replacement of lenses, repair of headlights
    We are Avto Tuning Garage, we are engaged in repair and tuning of autolight. We will make so that your car was favourably allocated from the general steam of cars, and headlights brightly lit a roadbed for your safety. We don't spend for one car ...  → 

  2. Replacement Replacement of chips and video matrixes at repair of laptops
    Complex repair of system units, laptops and netbooks including replacement of a matrix of the video chip, restoration after overheating, after a liquid spill, at kz on food, etc. Also repair of computer accessories: hard drives, motherboards, video c...  → 

  3. Locks Locks - repair, replacement, selection, insert, opening.
    Practically each of us has a property which we very much value, and repair of locks can help us to keep him. And under the threat there is not only an apartment, but also the house therefore replacement of locks – very correct decision. Our companypr...  → 

  4. Replacement Replacement of engine oil in the engine the price in Otradnoye
    Replacement of engine oil in the engine the price in Otradnoye. The CAR-PRAV car service will execute replacement of engine oil in the engine, a GRM belt, a pillow of a support of the engine, laying of a valvate cover, laying of the block of a head o...  → 

  5. Cooler for the laptop, Replacement of the fan of the laptop
    Diagnostics and repair of laptops in Krasnoyarsk in our service center is performed of 1 day. Also at us implementation of replacement of accessories on the laptop is possible. Sale and replacement of a cooler on the laptop. Replacement and sale of t...  → 

  6. Mtcnhfyitqyfz Mtcnhfyitqyfz replacement of pipes
    Economy makes 50% of cost of repair! Repair of pipelines of external networks of the sewerage, a water supply system, heating, gas supply by replacement of old pipes on new in the bestransheyny way. Increase in diameter up to 400 mm is possible. For ...  → 

  7. Replacement Replacement of sewer pipes without excavation
    Repair of sewer release and turn of external networks of the sewerage without earthwork in the bestransheyny way. Replacement of old pig-iron, steel, concrete, ceramic pipes by new polyethylene. Increase in diameter of the pipeline up to 400 mm is po...  → 

  8. Replacement Replacement of radiators of heating and struts. Welding works
    We offer works on replacement of pipes in a bathroom; replacement and welding of pipes of heating, installation of electric heaters welding of pipes of water supply, installation of cranes under water replacement of heated towel rails, installation o...  → 

  9. Locks Locks installation replacement opening of a door
    Installation replacement of locks by any metal and wooden doors in the apartment, office, a garage, an entrance. Locks available, we will pick up we will advise or we will put your lock. Repair of locks, doors. Opening of locks dverey.svarochnye work...  → 

  10. Replacement of a bathtub with the hands
    The Russian plumber, I perform works on replacement or repair of mixers, siphons, waste pipes, installation dismantle of toilet bowls, bathtubs, boler and many other things. I leave to the customer's address within SPb. I hold the price tag low a...  → 

  11. Replacement of a drain tank of a toilet bowl St. Petersburg
    I offer services of the plumber in SPb, I execute works on repair or replacement of a wide range of the sanitary equipment: toilet bowls, bathtubs, boler, mixers, waste pipes and siphons. Departure on an object, only in the neighborhood of SPb. The c...  → 

  12. Substitute of milk fat for milk-containing products and ice cream
    We offer substitute of milk fat for milk-containing products and ice cream for partial or full replacement of milk fat by production of dairy products - spreads, cheese and cheese fused products, milk-containing canned food and the condensed with sug...  → 

  13. Replacement Replacement of matrixes, keyboards, batteries, coolers
    Replacement of matrixes, keyboards, batteries, coolers. Diagnostics and repair of computers, laptops. Cleaning from dust, lubricant, thermopaste replacement. OS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X installation. Correction of failures of work of Windows, control...  → 

  14. Windshield available. Replacement.
    The body center "INTERAVTO" is a professionalnnalny replacement of windshields to Izhevsk. Always available autoglasses on all popular cars from the leading global manufacturers of Saint-Gobain Sekurit, Pilkington, AGC, etc. The cost of rep...  → 

  15. Repair Repair of laptops and replacement of the screen on the laptop
    Repair of laptops in Krasnoyarsk. Repair of netbooks in Krasnoyarsk. Replacement of accessories on laptops: replacement of the screen on the laptop, keyboards, replacement of the battery, the hinge. Installation of random access memory and processor....  → 

  16. Prevention — cleaning from dust. - Elimination of an overheat and replacement of thermopaste
    *** Repair of computers and laptops *** - Prevention — cleaning from dust. - Elimination of an overheat and replacement of thermopaste. - Increase in productivity and replacement of outdated spare parts with new. - Treatment of computer viruses, anti...  → 

  17. Replacement of struts and radiators of heating
    Responsibly, qualitatively, we will perform welding works of any complexity! Heating, water, pumper, gas. Also we cook a metalwork: fences, canopies, frameworks, lattices, protections, designs according to your drawings etc. Experience of works more ...  → 

  18. Repair Repair of the laptop, Replacement of the fan (cooler)
    Repair of laptops in Krasnoyarsk in short terms. Free diagnostics of malfunction of the computer equipment. Cleaning of the laptop from dust and replacement of the fan of cooling on the laptop. Sale and replacement of the fan (cooler) of the laptop. ...  → 

  19. Installation and replacement of heating pipes
    We make installation and replacement of heating pipes. Departure of the master in day of the address. Guarantee for work of 15 years...  → 

  20. Repair Repair of usb of port on the laptop, replacement of usb on the laptop
    Diagnostics of the laptop in Krasnoyarsk. Repair of laptops of various models and with various breakage. Replacement of usb of ports on the laptop. Repair of usb of sweats on the laptop. Replacement and repair of the socket of food on the laptop. Rep...  → 

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