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From Info Hands - the Information First-hand / Search results educational (866)

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  1. Equipment Equipment of educational institutions
    If you need complex equipment of educational institutions the necessary materials, it is worth visiting the website Citymedia. On him you can buy the best interactive textbooks for educational institutions. More detailed catalogs include a set of var...  → 

  2. Professional Professional educational equipment
    The professional educational equipment is implemented on the Academic Store website. The huge range includes special boards, interactive gadgets, the best products for preschool education and also elementary and high school. Because of the good syste...  → 

  3. Housing and communal services educational and course plant
    Х Training in working professions Х Professional development Х Annual certification Х Labor protection Х A fire and technical minimum Х Electrical safety the License No. 0113 of March 31, 2016. The Ministries of Education, science and youth of the Re...  → 

  4. Pedagogical Pedagogical management as management of educational process
    Pedagogical management is a complex of the principles, methods, organizational forms and processing methods of management of pedagogical systems directed to increase in efficiency of their functioning and development. In the modern world pedagogical ...  → 

  5. Urgently online the operator is required at home
    Urgently online the operator is required at home. Requirements: The skill is welcomed to finish business, Positivity (to whiners and negativshchik a request not to write is a work not for you), ability to accurately follow instructions of the managem...  → 

  6. Beds Beds metal, Beds for educational institutions, hostels of students, Beds for boarding houses, hotels, clinics, Beds for temporary barracks, wholesale.
    We realize the cheapest way metal beds, from the Metal bed company. - beds metal single-tier and two-story - beds metal with a grid from a rolling spring (the house-keeper a class) - beds metal with a welded grid (the house-keeper a class) - beds met...  → 

  7. Educational Educational rock climbing wall
    TARGET AUDIENCE: from 2nd to 100 years (routes of different complexity from beginners children to adult sporstmen) ADVANTAGES: TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND COMPLETE SET: Х height is from 2,5 m, Х quantity of basic routes Ц from 2 pieces Х a framewor...  → 

  8. Educational seminar by the labor legislation in Uglich
    LLC TESSERA holds an educational seminar by the labor legislation for heads and experts of human resources departments of the enterprises, the organizations and establishments of the Subject of a seminar: Х Why to you the State Labour Inspection with...  → 

  9. Working, Immigration, Educational, Guest, Tourist and Business of the Visa to Canada and the USA
    The company offers services in receiving Working, Immigration, Educational, Guest, Tourist and Business of Visas to Canada and the USA. We render all necessary information and consulting services, we prepare for interview in the U.S. Embassy, we fill...  → 

  10. Joint Joint 1C educational project and Southern federal university "1s:klub programmers"
    How to understand, what you like to do? How many you can really earn in the future? Where and with whom you will spend time? Whether you are ready to leave a choice of the profession for parents? Isn't present? Then choose consciously! Try IT. In...  → 

  11. Action! Training in the Educational and consulting center "Alfa"
    We invite to training in MANAGEMENT. New flow of pupils. Training takes place in online. The cost of training is 80 000 rub. This stream goes on the stock of only 6 000 rub. At the end of training having passed examinations you receive the existing c...  → 

  12. Licensing of educational activity
    Educational licenses in Rostov (driving schools, kindergartens, the educational centers, etc.)...  → 

  13. Regional Regional educational and methodical center for retraining and professional development
    with listeners. The center came to qualitatively high level in the solution of social problems by means of own innovations Ц initiating and being the performer and the collaborator of regional projects, programs, competitions....  → 

  14. The best educational classical guitar of Hohner HC-06
    I suggest to buy a guitar of new classical 4/4 HOhner HC-06. 18 frets, the top sound board of a guitar a fir-tree laminate, a back sound board, the feedwell and a signature stamp mahogany, an overlay of a signature stamp of a guitar - hard-wooded bro...  → 

  15. flags and flagstaffs for schools and educational institutions
    According to the order of the government of Moscow and the Moscow region all schools have to set flags in the territory in 2015. We offer services in production of flags of Russia, the city and school. Our experts will establish flagstaffs and will l...  → 

  16. the educational visa to England
    The visa service "Visas UK" is organized by the former staff of the British visa center to help citizens of Russia with registration of the visa to Great Britain....  → 

  17. Educational and Practical Center, "INTELLIGENCE" School of massage. We conduct massage courses!
    Our School of Massage specializes on training in different types of massage from esthetic to medical the technician. Leading school of massage of Russia. Okolo150 massage techniques on a face and a body. Demanded technicians of massage of the World s...  → 

  18. Educational and Practical Center, "INTELLIGENCE" School of massage. We, train in massage!
    Our Training Center holds seminars on any kinds of massage from classics to Exotic. The best school of massage of Russia. Okolo150 massage techniques on a face and a body. Advanced technicians of massage of the World such as: Hiromassaz, Gemolimfodre...  → 

  19. Managing director of online stores of household goods
    The responsible person to a position the Managing director extends-is required. There is an Internet of shops of household goods over all country. Are ready to train, transfer a control system of online stores. Details in Skype interview. Working con...  → 

  20. Assistant at home
    Requirements: Skill to communicate, responsibility, existence of the personal computer. The woman of 20 years Obyazannosti:pomoshch to the director in selection and training of the personnel, independent training on the educational program removed on...  → 

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