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From Info Hands - the Information First-hand / Search results export (3013)

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  1. The The carbamide, saltpeter (mineral fertilizers) across Ukraine, is possible export.
    Offers mineral fertilizers across Ukraine and for export. A carbamide, Seurat, DAP, MAP, Nitroammofos, Ammophos, Saltpeter, NPK, Ammonia of the Term of delivery for export of FOB, CIF. Origin:Ukraine, Russia, USA, Uzbekistan, etc. Any volumes....  → 

  2. Repayment Repayment and export of waste paper, waste paper,
    We take out and redeem waste paper of all types. Cardboard, books, textbooks, brochures, magazines, etc. Expensively. We draw up statements, contracts, agreements. The price depends on volume and quality of raw materials. For assessment of raw materi...  → 

  3. Scrap Scrap metal. Reception and Export of Scrap metal from the 1st Ton. Dismantling.
    FERROUS METAL SERVICE on a constant basis acquires scrap of ferrous metals at the highest prices! The Ferrous Metal Service company makes dismantling of a metalwork of any complexity, makes export of scrap metal from one ton by the motor transport. W...  → 

  4. export of construction debris loaders
    Moving. Gazelle cargo transportation. Loaders. Room and office moving, raising of building materials, carrying out export of construction debris, snow cleaning land works navvies not students without intermediaries...  → 

  5. Aluminum Aluminum primary a7, a8 for export.
    Aluminum primary a7, a8 for export. In the form of chushka and ingots. Reasonable prices. We will provide any volume....  → 

  6. Snow Snow export Kirovsky district
    Snow export Kirovsky district. Our Development STK has on hand own vehicle fleet of the equipment for the fastest cleaning of territories of snow with export and professional crew for cleaning of a roof from ice and icicles. More than 7 years we clea...  → 

  7. Reception of scrap metal in Dolgoprudny from 3 tons. Export of scrap. Dismantle
    Our company works many years in the market of services in scrap metal purchase, dismantle of a metalwork, to demolition of old buildings. We buy scrap of ferrous metals from 3 tons to Dolgoprudny and non-ferrous scrap on our platforms in Moscow and t...  → 

  8. the company realizes the 3,4 and 5 class on an export:pshenitsa
    Our company realizes on an export:pshenitsa the 3,4 and 5 class, flour and bran, barley fodder, corn, meal soy, and a sunflower, lentil, flax, chick-pea, buckwheat, peas. Kazakhstan and Russian origin. Your order in the shortest possible time....  → 

  9. We will buy scrap metal in Khimki. Export of scrap metal in Khimki. To hand over scrap metal in Khimki.
    LLC Vtormet buys scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Call us, and exempt yourself from all efforts of the metalwork connected with scrap metal sale, export of scrap and demontazhy. Scrap metal on our special equipment is transported in Moscow, t...  → 

  10. Export Export of construction debris
    We take out construction debris cargo dump trucks. At large volumes we do discounts. We work without days off and without advance payments. The master's call for job evaluation free. Krasnodar and Krasnodar Krai. Call Dobryimaster23.rf 89184445030! P...  → 

  11. Loaders, moving export of construction debris
    Loaders, export of construction debris, snow cleaning, dismantle, rise systems swore at moving....  → 

  12. Export of snow in St. Petersburg! from 160 rubles!
    We take out and utilize snow from territories in any volumes from objects of any complexity! Quickly, qualitatively, cheap! from 160 rubles for m3....  → 

  13. Export Export and utilization of old furniture
    All aspire to comfort in life. In the conditions of limited space of city apartments sharply there is a question: To whom to entrust utilization and export of old furniture? There are no reasons for concern, to you there will arrive skilled experts a...  → 

  14. Second-hand concrete goods. Repayment, dismantle, export, delivery
    - Dismantle of industrial and construction facilities, roads, platforms, airfields, structures, buildings, bases, walls, overlappings, a metalwork, reinforced concrete designs, concrete goods, railway platforms, modular buildings, fences, road plates...  → 

    We take out black and color scrap metal expensively. Dismantle of a metalwork (garages it.d)...  → 

  16. Ltd Ltd company "Bryansk Neftekhim Export
    The product name The price, taking into account delivery to Bryansk, rubles Terms of delivery The place of loading AI-92 Gasoline 38000 Payment is made for ton at the prices operating on the date of shipment of goods in the following order: on 100% t...  → 

  17. Cargo Cargo transportation. Moving. Export of stuff. Skilled loaders.
    Reliable cargo transportation across Kharkiv and Ukraine. Furniture vans of the Gazelle (to 2 tons, it is long 3=4 meters V=12=18 meters / 3.). The Mercedes Sprinter, Atego (to 3=5=6=7=8=10 tons, it is long 4.5=6=7=7.6=8.2 meters V=24=40=42=45=54 met...  → 

  18. Export Export of scrap metal in Khimki without days off. Export of scrap metal in Khimki with loading.
    We will buy scrap metal, we will ship and we will take out in Khimki on a constant basis. You call: 7 (495) 773-69-72, 8-915-415-17-74 "Vtormet" specialize in expeditious purchase, cutting of metal and export of scrap metal, we also make di...  → 

  19. Cargo Cargo transportation export of construction debris
    Cargo transportation export of construction debris...  → 

  20. Krasnodar Krasnodar we will Quickly relieve export of construction debris of any stuff, cleaning
    Garbage removal. Dismantling works. Loaders EXPORT of CONSTRUCTION: We render services in collecting and export of construction debris, the enterprises, and also individuals. SERVICES LOADERS: You can order one or team of experienced and accurate wor...  → 

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