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  6. JEkstraktor jelektrojerozionnyi` portativnyi` SFX-4000B i EDM-8C

    2018-05-06 / Vladimir

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  15. Lengthening of all cargo cars
    Lengthening of all cargo cars. To extend the Lawn, the Gazelle, ZIL the Bull-calf, Valdai, KAMAZ, MAZ Zubrenok. We CAN do EVERYTHING!!! Any re-equipment: - lengthening / shortening of a frame, - any kinds of superstructures, - re-equipment your car in the tow truck, - for transportation dangerousfreights, etc. Upon completion of works we issue all necessary documents and certificates. Documentary registration in traffic police.
    2017-10-30 / Kirov
  16. The black liner (ploughshare) reinforced by a steel cable from the producer
    Black liner Republic of Belarus reinforced by a cable of Proizvodstva Raber Technology Plus. Quantity of cables of 140-150 pieces on meter. On dumps of the snow-removing equipment. The guaranteed high quality! The black liner is made NOT of waste of RTI. Constant existence of all nomnkulatura! Delivery to regionsThe Russian Federation of 3 days!
    2017-10-05 / Moskva
  17. Remont avtostekol, himchistka salona avto, polirovka kuzova i far, predprodazhnaya podgotovka avto
    Repair of autoglasses (chips, cracks), dry-cleaner of salon of a car, polishing of a body and headlights, pre-sale preparation of a car.
    2017-07-19 / Sevastopol`
  18. The auto electrician in Poltava
    Services of the auto electrician in Poltava. Repair of a starter, generator, conducting. Installation of the alarm system, central locks, optics. You call, I will make qualitatively and in time.
    2017-05-24 / Poltava
  19. Systems of radio control Elca for special equipment
    We are glad to offer you a wide choice of remote controls for construction and special equipment of ELCA: EVO panel transmitter, panel SILUX, R transmitter, M SFERA joysticks transmitters, compact panels and MINI ALPI VETTA joysticks, etc. Each remote control of radio consistsfrom two main parts: the sending device (panel) about which the device of reception of consecutive digital data which make team interacts. The receiver, is used to the working car which decodes the sequence of digital data and will transform it to electric impulses which are necessary for implementation of the command.Call! We have the most wide choice, reasonable prices and delivery across all Russia and the CIS!
    2017-05-22 / Irkutskaya oblast`
  20. The polyurethane protective film 3M of Scotchgard Pro NEW width is 1,52 m a roll
    Protective polyurethane film 3M™ Scotchgard™ Pro Series of new generation. It is intended for protection and preservation of appearance of a paint and varnish covering of cars and other vulnerable surfaces from chips, scratches, influence of organic substances, traces of insects and a bird's dung, pitch of trees, small mechanical damage, educations"risks" (small spider line) on a paint and varnish covering of cars of different shades of color, chemical reagents, aging of a surface. Main features of a film 3M™ Scotchgard™ Pro Series: 1. The elastic varnish and glue provide ease of installation of a film. 2. Excellent transparency (shagreen leather is absent). 3. The special formula of glue allowsto reposition (to re-stick) a film. 4. Well fits difficult surfaces of a body of the car. 5. Excellent resistance to various pollution and scratches. 6. The self-repairing top layer. 7. Excellent protection against chips, small mechanical damages and road accident. Film 3M Scotchgard Pro NEW (1,524*15,2) sale by rollsand on a cut. To wholesalers and regular customers of a discount.
    2017-02-28 / Miass
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Home / The Technics special the Car / Parts and Service

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