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    1. Buking.kom zakryl prodazhi v Krymu

      2018-07-18 / Piter

    2. 2018-05-04 / Mount Lookout
    3. Vyvoz musora. Gruzchiki

      2018-03-09 / Stavropol`
    4. Vyvoz musora nedorogo v Nizhnem Novgorode

      2018-01-29 / Nizhnii` Novgorod
    5. Garbage removal. Services of loaders
      - Services of loaders, general workers and lorries, - Delivery of any freight across the DPR, to Russia and back, - Transportation of furniture, things, products, the equipment and other freights,-apartment, office, country moving, - Transportations to Ukraine and back, assembly/dismantling/packing of furniture, - Delivery and raising of freights to floors,- Transportation of a piano and safes,-Razgruzo / loading works. - Delivery of stoymaterial, - Cleaning and garbage removal (the Gazelle, ZIL, KAMAZ), not expensively.
      2017-11-27 / Doneck
    6. Die Sixtinische Kapelle
      Aktivitaten s tol`ko mirom sobrano v bloge. Putesestvuite v razlicnuy stranu, ucite tradiciy vmeste s nami. Bol`se cem 10 000 interesnyh mest v Landern naprimer: Banglades, pashal`no-bogato, Wei? Rossiy, Bel`giy, Boliviy, Angola, Burkina Faso, butan, Vanuatu, Armeniyi ese 187 Landern mira. Putesestvovanie dorogu i dlinnyi!
      2017-11-04 / Berlin
    7. export of construction debris loaders
      Moving. Gazelle cargo transportation. Loaders. Room and office moving, raising of building materials, carrying out export of construction debris, snow cleaning land works navvies not students without intermediaries
      2017-09-02 / Kazan`
    8. Garbage removal in Odessa
      Export of construction debris, stuff with loaders and without, a cargo transportation, delivery of building materials not expensively in Odessa
      2017-06-27 / Ukraina
    9. Utilization of office equipment. Acts of those. examinations.
      We will urgently prepare acts of those. examinations for write-off of old office equipment from balance on 200r and the contract on utilization in one day. We work at the lowest price across all Russia. All fresh licenses. Utilization of office equipment; Utilization of household appliances; Utilization of accumulators; Vehicle scrappage;Utilization of mercury lamps; Utilization of the equipment; Utilization of cartridges, etc. The utilizing company Ferratek.
      2017-06-03 / Krasnodar
    10. Garbage removal by the Gazelle KamAZ a container the bunker in Krasnodar and Krasnodar Krai
      Garbage removal by a container the bunker in Krasnodar and Krasnodar Krai. Garbage removal by eurocontainers.... Export of construction and household debris. Cleaning, loading, garbage removal in Krasnodar.
      2016-12-25 / Krasnodar
    11. Export of construction debris
      We take out construction debris cargo dump trucks. At large volumes we do discounts. We work without days off and without advance payments. The master's call for job evaluation free. Krasnodar and Krasnodar Krai. Call Dobryimaster23.rf 89184445030! Price: from 3500 rub for the car.
      2016-11-25 / Krasnodar
    12. Cargo transportation, moving, loaders, garbage removal
      Cargo transportation, moving, services of loaders, garbage removal
      2016-11-10 / Tula
      We take out black and color scrap metal expensively. Dismantle of a metalwork (garages it.d)
      2016-10-27 / YAblonovskii`
    14. To order Garbage removal in Krasnodar. Collecting and garbage removal in Krasnodar
      Service export of construction debris in Krasnodar we take out any construction debris: bricks, partitions, concrete blocks, stones etc.
      2016-07-31 / Krasnodar
    15. Krasnodar we will Quickly relieve export of construction debris of any stuff, cleaning
      Garbage removal. Dismantling works. Loaders EXPORT of CONSTRUCTION: We render services in collecting and export of construction debris, the enterprises, and also individuals. SERVICES LOADERS: You can order one or team of experienced and accurate workers who will take out waste from the floor and will ship
      2016-06-23 / Krasnodar
    16. Export of construction debris Utilization of furniture
      Garbage removal – important part of system of ensuring activity of the modern cities. You want to solve quickly and economically a problem of utilization of construction debris and municipal solid waste? Order export of construction and household debris in our company. Our company is engaged in export of construction debris and othersmunicipal solid waste with their further utilization. We have the vehicle fleet allowing to pick up special equipment under certain tasks. Depending on dimensions of waste we offer garbage removal of GAZELYU(1500 of rub), ZIL - the dump truck (2500 rub), rub KAMAZOM(3500) — equipment various loading capacity and capacity.Soil export Export of construction debris Garbage removal from a site Export of old furniture Export of production garbage Export of household appliances Export of window frames Export of branches and the cut trees Export of bricks Collecting and loading of garbage Dismantling works Skilled crews of helpers, will perform loading and unloading worksany kind, if necessary having provided assembly, dismantling and packing of freight. We work competently, quickly, qualitatively and at the lowest price. It is time to get rid of garbage right now. We Work without days off!
      2016-06-12 / Omsk
    17. Reception of waste paper and salvage
      We will expensively buy waste paper, bottle PVD, PEK, polymeric waste, pipes, boxes, buckets, pallets, Big-Begi, streic, a film, bags, packages, canisters, vegetable and beer boxes, boxes, a plastic container, a road protection, cones, ingates, scraps, cutting down and a production defect. From 100 kg. You call - we will agree.The vehicle fleet. Payment cash/non-cash we Sign contracts
      2016-05-23 / Novosibirsk
    18. Garbage removal stroymusor, MSW, KGM, stuff, old furniture, bathtub
      We take out garbage containers from 8 m3 to 32 m3. We work across Moscow and we Provide to the Moscow region loaders we Take out garbage 24 hours a day 7 days a week to order garbage removal by phone 8 499 404 0698
      2016-04-22 / Moskva
    19. Export of construction debris, in any area at any time 8-918-950-66-15
      Garbage removal. Dismantling works. Loaders EXPORT of CONSTRUCTION: We render services in collecting and export of construction debris, the enterprises, and also individuals. SERVICES LOADERS: You can order one or team of experienced and accurate workers who will take out waste from the floor and will shipthem in specialized transport - the garbage truck. If necessary workers will sort garbage and will pack it into construction bags. CLEANING, CLEANING of PRODUCTION ROOMS AND SEASONAL DACHAS: Skilled workers will quickly and qualitatively execute manual cleaning of large-size garbage of production, service premises, offices,apartments and seasonal dachas. DISMANTLING WORKS: Our workers make dismantling of wall partitions, wooden floors, beating of old plaster and a tile, removal of paint and whitewashing from walls of rooms, including cleaning and export of building wastes. We also offer services in dismantlecountry houses and small hozpostroek.
      2016-03-24 / Krasnodar
    20. Dismantle of dachas demolition demolition and garbage removal.
      We WILL EXECUTE DEMOLITION ACROSS Voskresensk, DEMOLITION, DESTRUCTION of PARTITIONS, RE-PLANNING of apartments, cutting of walls, manual dismantling of walls, garbage removal by containers of 8-27 CBM, loading works, demolition of walls, demolition of floors from boards, ceilings, cutting of partitions, demolition of a bricklaying, foam concrete blocks, gipsoblok, demolitioncouplers, overlappings, demolition of a laminate, concrete demolition, gypsum cardboard demolition, lining demolition, demolition of a bar, prerepair work, preparation of apartments for repair, destruction of panel board dachas, windows, demolition of slopes, demolition santehkabin, ventilation demolition, cutting of partitions, digging of cellars, concrete demolition, utilization, plaster demolition,demolition of a tile, export of old bathroom equipment, sbivka of plaster, ph. 8-903-685-04-42.
      2016-03-11 / Voskresensk
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