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    5. Aviacionnyi` charternyi` broker v Azerbai`dzhane

      2018-01-15 / Moskva
    6. Delovye perelety chastnym samoletom v Tadzhikistane

      2018-01-10 / Moskva

    7. 2017-12-27 / Sevastopol`
    8. Russian-language business aircraft in Lithuania
      The Russian-speaking aviabroker AVIAV TM provides lease of the plane, helicopter in Lithuania, to an aviperevozk business of clients by private planes and business of a dzhetama in Vilnius, in Kaunas. It is an opportunity to rent or buy the plane and to prepare documents for a departure abroad in Lithuania without overcominglanguage barrier. Any services of business aircraft Vilnius, Kaunas.
      2017-12-08 / Moskva
    9. Search, booking and purchase of cheap air tickets
      Learn the price of air tickets On our website you can find and srvnit the prices of avivbileta. Among 475 airlines worldwide. And also to get online, different payment methods, including the cash card. Economy up to 30 - 50%
      2017-10-15 / Moskva
    10. Registration of the Romanian citizenship
      We offer legal aid in legal registration of the Romanian citizenship. All rights and possibilities of the citizen of the EU, with the right of preservation for the main nationality. Free residence and work in any European Union country. Visa-free movement of more than 160 countries of the world.
      2016-12-08 / Moskva
    11. Tickets in Circus
      The Moscow Circus of Nikulin in Tsvetnoy Boulevard – the place where children's joy goes beyond habitual borders! Cheerful clowns, a great number of exotic animals – the seen enchanting spectacle is unforgettable. Not to waste time in turns and traffic jams, you can book tickets by phoneor to reserve online. Even in day of representation excellent places with the excellent review of an arena that you with the family have wholly enjoyed pleasant leisure are available to you. New Year's representation "A magic dream" in Nikulin's Circus in Tsvetnoy Boulevard New year is inconceivable without miracles.But in order that they were made, it is necessary to enter the magic room which doors — doors in the fairy tale. And how to make it if all evil forces of a galaxy against? Our young heroes Alex and Sofie have to pass the road of good, having met onways the Domestic cat and the Kind Elf, Prinze and the princess, pirates, the robot mechanics, a dog detective, professor of a holiday and much many others who will help them with fight against the evil. They will be accompanied by acrobats, jugglers, equilibrists, trapeze artists and clowns, and also their faithful assistants:the trained elephants, dogs, cats, monkeys, camels, pony, porcupine and crocodile! On New Year's Eve the arrow of a magic galactic compass sends all to the Moscow circus of Nikulin in Tsvetnoy Boulevard! Father Frost and the Snow Maiden wait for you!
      2016-12-05 / Moskva
    12. Visas to the Czech Republic, Schengen, multivisas
      Let's issue the visa to the Czech Republic without tour purchase. Short-term - single visas to trips. Multivisas – for reusable trips to the Czech Republic and other countries of Schengen.
      2016-11-21 / Moskva
    13. Avia, railway, bus tickets in/from the Crimea
      With us you will be able easily to organize the rest: - To buy an avia, railway or bus tickets; - To pick up a transfer, to rent the car, the yacht or the helicopter; - To reserve hotel or sanatorium from the house-keeper to a class premium; - To choose an excursion or a tour onTo the Crimea and out of his limits for every taste; - For fans of active recreation we can offer: flights in the balloon, a paraplane, rock-climbing, diving, kaykink, horse walks, cycle tours, trolls and underwater walks with a family.
      2016-11-14 / Simferopol`
    14. Visas in Canada and the USA
      The company offers all necessary services in receiving all types of visas to Canada and the USA. We work with immigration lawyers from Canada and the USA. We have 19 years of excellent job.
      2016-10-14 / Pyatigorsk
    15. AVIA and Railway tickets.
      The best prices of the Avia and Railway tickets. - Air tickets on all directions. - Railway tickets across Russia. - Railway tickets for the international routes (Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Finland,France, Czech Republic, Estonia, CIS. - Booking of hotels worldwide. - The order of a transfer in any country. Travel agency "Revda tour" Address: Revda of Mira St., 25, 2 floor of Mo - Fri.: 09:00 - 18:00 Sat.: 09:00 -16:00 Break: 13:30 - 14:00 Days off: Su
      2016-10-10 / Revda
    16. We make out an insurance in a trip
      We make out an insurance in a trip on any international passport (Ukrainian or Russian) from "Alf Strachowanije" (Moscow). Is suitable also for giving in consulate in the territory of the Russian Federation. Cost for Schengen (30 thousand euros a medical covering): 7 dn - 391rub / 653 rub (expanded) 10 dn - 559 rub / 933 rub (expanded) 14 dn - 782 rub / 1307 rub (expanded)
      2016-08-03 / Sevastopol`
    17. Consultations on visa support in ZP of Ukraine. Multivisas till 5 years
      Personal giving in Kiev with delivery of biometric data, full maintenance to the visa center, formation of a package of documents, delivery of documents in hands after a release of the visa. The Lithuanian Schengen from half a year till 5 years!
      2016-07-29 / Sevastopol`
    18. Consultations on ZP Russian Federation in Moscow and Rostov
      We advise Crimeans whenever possible of obtaining the Russian international passport in Moscow and Rostov! 5-year passport of an old sample and 10-year biometric passport. There is a possibility of urgent registration in 2 weeks and standard registration in 1 month.
      2016-07-28 / Sevastopol`
    19. Help in registration of the certificate of non-conviction in Ukraine
      The certificate of non-conviction the Date of performance - 2 weeks without departure to Ukraine Documents: 1. Photocopy of the Ukrainian civil passport: 1,2 page and a page with a registration. 2. INN photocopy
      2016-07-26 / Sevastopol`
    20. The Ukrainian international passport for the child
      Ukrainian zagran the passport for the child: Till 12 years - without appearances of children and parents Since 12 years - with the child Stoimost's appearance: In 3 weeks - 3 700 UAH In 1,5 months - 3 200 UAH Necessarydocuments: 1. One photo in unpacked a viderebenka SURELY on a white background of 10*15 in size 2. Four photos of the child on a white background in the unpacked type of the child 3,5*4,5 3. A photocopy of the birth certificate of the child, Ukrainian, without marks. 4. Photocopy of civil Ukrainian passports of bothparents (1,2 and registration) 5. Photocopy of the marriage certficate of parents. 6. The certificate of structure of a family in which it is specified from what date and with which of parents the child is registered. 7. The statement (a sample at managers)
      2016-07-20 / Sevastopol`
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