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    1. 2018-10-23 /
    2. Gostinica Barnaula, gde est` kuhnya v nomere

      2018-10-01 / Barnaul
    3. Massazh dlya muzhchin,Krasnodar.

      2018-08-07 / Krasnodar
    4. zamok nakladnoi`

      2018-07-31 / Accra
    5. Sekciya karate v Rostove na Krasnodarskoi`

      2018-06-19 / Rostov-na-Donu
    6. KEDR plyus: Korporativnye podarki

      2018-06-18 / Rybinsk
    7. Sil`nyi` pozhiznennyi` privorot v Kropivnickom. Privorot na brak. Garmonizaciya otnoshenii`.

      2018-06-10 / Kropinickom
    8. Uborka kvartir, uborka domov, himchistka.

      2018-06-08 / Tomsk
    9. Rybalka i otdyh v Astrahanskoi` oblasti. YUzhnyi` Flot.

      2018-05-27 / Harabali
    10. Rybalka i ohota v del`te Volgi

      2018-05-24 / Moskva
    11. Sdelai`te podarok lyubimym! Polyoty na vozdushnom share,samolyote,paraplane,pryzhok s parashyutom

      2018-02-07 / Krasnodar
    12. Bronirovanie hostela s besplatnym zavtrakom

      2018-01-30 / Barnaul
    13. Remont kotlov gazovyh dizel`nyh pilletnyh

      2018-01-26 / Mytischi
    14. Galanie

      2018-01-18 / Zelenograd
    15. Female practicians for beauty and health
      We invite you to occupation online female practicians in the Taoist center "Dao Dye"! The woman - a riddle. Often not only for men, but also for women. It is changeable - how is the weather in the spring - some men say, expressing bewilderment about change of moodswomen. What the increased emotionality of y of women is connected with? Why it is so difficult to it to restrain? The answer is in the most female nature, a female body. That, is how harmonious also a sound body of the woman, shows her mood and an emotional state. B our centerthe best practicians received in 20 years at the Chinese masters are presented. This complex women's the practician is directed to the general improvement of an organism of the woman, helps to get rid of female diseases. Thanks to the harmonizing effect he will help to stabilize an emotional state, to adjust work of hormonal system. Face skinit is smoothed, eyes become brighter and live, a gait smooth and easy. Occupations take place two times a week in the evenings and last one hour. On all questions you call on specified bodies. Instructor Aja.
      2017-12-14 / Moskva
    16. New Year's program for children of 3-16 years
      The F&F studio together with the agency of the holidays "Masks" offers holding a New Year's action It there will be not a usual New year! In him we have considered all wishes of children, have checked within a year what is pleasant to children and have made from this the best scenario! The program will be pleasant to all- to both children, and their parents! You will be included in the present fairy tale! At choice 2 programs: 1 hour - an entertainment program a photoshoot with heroes - 3 actors - 1 sound producer - the Light equipment - the Musical equipment - Big scenery - Papershow - the Show of soap bubbles - Gathering of the Snow Maiden - the Round dance around a fir-tree - Songs - Ignition of a fir-tree the price from the child: 500 rubles without gift, 750 rubles with a gift 2 hours - 30 minutes a disco - 6 actors - 1 sound producer- the light equipment - the musical equipment - big scenery - locations with projectors and screens - a chemical show - show tesla - a porolonovy show - a paper show - a light show - training in preparation of cocktails (molecular kitchen) - a photoshoot with charactersthe price from the child: 750 rubles without gift, 1000 rubles with a gift the Region of CITY of the CENTER, studio of creativity and development of Friends & Family Date and time: From December 19 to December 23 at any time convenient for you - 9:00, 12:00, 15:00,18:00
      2017-12-04 / Krasnodar
    17. Boarding house in Dolgoprudny for elderly people
      Action to 12/20/2017 – placement from 800 rubles. Dolgoletiye boarding house in Dolgoprudny – the private nursing home located in 10 km from Dolgoprudny intended for the elderly and aged people needing guardianship. Our personnel have wide experience of work withvarious diseases. Weekly lodgers of boarding house are examined by the doctor. Nurses have medical education and 24 hours a day provide to lodgers leaving. In boarding house placement for any term is possible. The first a placement tribute – as a gift. At long-term placement – discounts. Special conditionsfor veterans.
      2017-11-30 / Dolgoprudnyi`
    18. Massage Yin-Yen
      Improving massage in men's and female pair of hands is a unique opportunity for those who dream to relax and feel the real pleasure. We offer surprising synchronous massage which is carried out at the same time by two experts – the man and the woman. RELAX massage in men's and female couplehands are a unique opportunity to feel true pleasure of balance. In what feature of such work? The matter is that in a male body a support is the immune system, and in women's – hormonal. Also they work always in couple. Health and good moodthe person depend on correct "cooperation" of immune and endocrine systems. And their harmonious, harmonious communication gives constancy of the internal environment and successful adaptation to constantly changing external and internal conditions. The first feeling at most of patients – some inexplicable confusion. On mostbusiness our internal auditor is discouraged, it is impossible to follow the movements of four hands at the same time! For this reason relaxation during this massage occurs many times quicker, than than from classical relax-oil-of massage. Two opposite to energy and – (yin and yang)perfectly supplement each other and show deep relaxation in a body, tranquility of mind, joy of soul and strength of mind. It is worth trying!
      2017-11-08 / Anapa
    19. I look for work the housekeeper
      Any cleaning of the apartment, country house. Care of clothes - professional the iron, small repair (professional portny). Care of pets (experience). Care of houseplants, the gardener (I am professional). The nurse/governess - to take away, bring children from a garden, school, circles. The observance of a day regimen, walks developinggames, preparation for school, control over the implementation of homework (control over the implementation of homework of music, art school). Reading books, esthetic development of the child - visit of theaters, exhibitions, the museums. Respect for children's hygiene, contents as the nursery, care of children's clothes. Knowledgeage psychology of the child, love and kindness to children. Care of aged family members. Respect and confidentiality of a way of life of family. It is responsible, positive. It is responsible, positive, the correct competent speech, is tactful, tidy appearance.
      2017-11-02 / Kirov
    20. Boarding house for elderly people in Mytishchi
      Boarding house for elderly people "Longevity" in Mytishchi - the most reasonable solution of problems of advanced age when close attention, full and high-quality leaving, support and the help to the elderly person are necessary. The boarding house accepts independent people, physically disabled people and lying people forimplementation of leaving, organization of leisure and restoration. We offer: comfortable placement, the round-the-clock qualified leaving, the 5-times balanced food, the organization of leisure. Actions and discounts work. Call, we are ready to answer all your questions!
      2017-11-01 / Mytischi
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