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    Список объявление в категории Путешествия и Отдых / Туры

    1. Sanatorno-kurortnyi` otdyh i lechenie na KavMinVodah.

      2018-05-13 / Moskva
    2. Onlai`n-servis 2DAY2GO v Permi

      2018-04-05 / Perm`
    3. Luchshii` ispanskii` otdyh v 2018 g

      2018-04-03 / Sankt-Peterburg, Leningradskaya oblast`
    4. Individual`nye tury v usad`bu Novospasskoe M.Glinkit iz Smolenska

      2018-03-19 / Smolensk
    5. Har`kov - Lazurnoe - Har`kov

      2018-01-29 / Har`kov
    6. Har`kov - Berdyansk - Har`kov

      2018-01-05 / Har`kov
    7. Priglasheniya vo V`etnam, Tury po vsemu miru, Aviabilety. Strahovki

      2017-12-21 / Moskva
    8. recnye obzory internet-kazino krasavicy
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      2017-11-30 / Biel
    9. Sochi. New Year's food tour. An autotour from Rostov N / D
      29.12.17 departure of the tourist bus from Rostov N / D at 22-30. 30.12.17. Passable across the territory of Lazarevskoye and the Central Sochi of the areas you will hear traveling information on resort town history. Arrival in the Khosta district of Sochi, placement in sanatoria Caucasus, located in the center of Khosta, directlyon the seashore. A lunch in sanatorium. At 14-00 departure from sanatorium on an excursion "On a visit to Adyghe": a tea drinking at Zorik, tasting of cheese and wine at Adam; a New Year's Eve evening Caucasian show in the ethnographic center in the aul of Bol. Kicmai – incendiarythe dances, competitions filled with humour and wisdom toasts. A dinner – the Adyghe cuisine (for an additional payment). 31.12.17. A breakfast in sanatorium. An excursion "the Nature of the Caucasus" with visit of Vorontsov Cave. In the middle of the Colchis wood, in a subsoil of Ridge Akhtsu the labyrinth cave complex almost is located in the total length12 km, one of the most extended in Russia. A tourist track on the wood – 800 m, on a cave – about 500 m with multi-colored illumination, short flights of stairs and protections (descent to depth of 60 m). A lunch in sanatorium. Free time. For persons interestedmeeting of New year in night club "Rainbow" or a transfer in the center of Sochi for a meeting of New year under a surf sound. 01.01.17. A late breakfast in sanatorium. Free time. At 14-30 we go to tasting "Gifts of Krasnaya Polyana" – grape wines, liqueurs,the tinctures, balms made on mountain herbs, fruit, berries and honey of Krasnaya Polyana. Moving to the Olympic Park: history of creation of the park, the drive in golf penalties to Medal Plaza, acquaintance to appearance of the Olympic and other venues – updated to the FIFA World CupFisht and also Iceberg, Washer, Big, Ice cube, Adler arena, Route Formuly 1. A highlight of evening - the light organ fountain (the session lasts from 18-00 within 1 hour with small breaks). A supper in sanatorium. 02.01.17. A breakfast in sanatorium. Release of numbers. At 09-30departure on an excursion "the Solokhaul-Lazarevsky mosaic" during which you visit I.A. Koshman's House museum, the operating Krestovaya Pustyn Monastery, a nature sanctuary the Dagomys Troughs you will make stops on observation decks. In the memorial house of the beginning of the 20th century you are waited by "meeting" with "The father of the Russian tea",which is known to us now as "Krasnodar": an excursion on the museum, the tasting of tea supported with pancakes. The monastery Cross deserts is built in 2000 at the height of 660 m above sea level, but monks-hermits according to legends lived since the end of the 19th century here. In the territory of the monasterythere are several consecrated sources with healing water. The Dagomys troughs – a corner, unique on the beauty: in an environment of mossy rocks, thickets of a box, an oak, a beech, chestnuts the river partitioned by the enormous rocky layers which are washed away by water that has led to formation of the crests and hollows reminding runstroughs. You are waited by a tremendous photoshoot. Departure approximately at 15-30. Arrival in Rostov of 03.01.18 ~ at 02-00.
      2017-11-29 / Rostov-na-Donu
    10. The help in registration to individuals and staff of firms of cards of the client of metro in network of shopping centers Metro CASH and CARRY.
      Good afternoon! We assist in receiving to individuals and the staff of firms of cards of the subway in network of the German shops "METRO Cash&Carry". website: Lawfully under the contract we will issue on individuals and employees of ucherezhdeniye of the subway map in networkAND CACHES hypermarkets METRO of Kerri:kart of the subway with your photo (becomes in the shop at your presence), with personal number, a stroke - a code, a magnetic strip, the name of the organization from which you will be registered by us. You can see off with yourself two people. The metro cards are made out: on citizensRussian Federation and foreign citizens. Registration is made without advance payment, that is in the beginning we register and we make out you, you receive cards of the client of metro, then you pay. Payment is made within 1 working day after registration through Sberbank of Russia, shopping centers METRO Cash & Carry workround the clock. Period of validity of a card of the subway three years, after this term the contract is renewed by mutual consent of the parties. For rendering this service we find the organizations which have empty seats in these shopping centers, and we sign with them the relevant contracts under which the enterprises undertake to provideto you the right to use their places in these German supermarkets for a period of three years. Registration are made in different by Shopping Center Metro, at the choice of legal entities according to their territorial location. Having received cards of the client of the subway in one of the German shopping centers METROYou can use C&C it in any other shops of this network German Shopping Center Metro in the Russian Federation and abroad. P.S. PLEASE, DON'T RESPOND TO THIS LETTER, FOR the ORDER of the USE CARDS CLIENTS contact form from the website. YOUR ORDER WILL be
      2017-10-14 / MOSCOW
    11. Bronirovanie turov na sai`te `JERUDIT-INTER`
      On the homepage in search of tours you will find tours for every taste and bags. We offer excursion rounds, rest in exotic resorts: on Maldives, On Mauritius, in Thailand, Vietnam, Tunisia, India, Japan. Rest in hotels on Caribbean Islands, in Cuba will force to reconsiderthe attitude towards luxury - it became available thanks to our efforts. In the heat sale of New Year's tours. Choose where you want to go with children or without children, for example, to hotels of Mexico for those to whom 21. It is possible to go without familyin the La Poura hotel in Austria intended only for women to bring a figure, the person to perfect condition - and to go to a ball to the Hoffburg palace.
      2017-10-11 / MOSKVA
    12. Zheleznodorozhnaya St. of 31 offices 38.
      - The organization both for school groups, and for corporate groups of excursions on Krasnodar.- Organization of one-day excursions for Krasnodar Krai and Adygea.- Organization of Two, Three and more day excursions for edge: Anapa, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Sochi, Lago-Naki, Dombai, Prielbrusye,Abkhazia, Crimea.- Organization of tours to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belarusiya, for the Golden Ring. Through large operators we reserve tours: to Turkey, Egypt, the UAE, Greece, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Thailand.
      2017-10-09 / Krasnodar
    13. Last-minute tours. Excursion. Rest. Cruise. Tourism. Travel.
      Do you want to go to rest? Thoughts of the sea, the sun and the sandy beach don't abandon you? The online store of travel Irbis Travel, offers you last-minute tours and permits at the best prices. The rich range allows to pick up all the most popular andthe relevant directions for you and your relatives! We cooperate only with reliable tour operators, doing your rest by the most comfortable and quiet! Online booking, non-cash payment and our quick couriers will help you to get a tour without coming out the house,all this does purchase of a tour from us easier, than a visit of grocery store. The wide range of the directions (Sochi, the Crimea, the UAE, Turkey, Thailand, Greece, Vietnam, Israel, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Tunisia, India, Maldives, the countries of Europe and many other things) will meet desires of the choosiestclient. Give yourself a gift - order a travel from professionals of the Irbis Travel company already now! Such choice - the wisest decision for those who have got used to choose the best, at the same time considerably winning in the price! Our WEBSITE: RECEIVE SEA OF BRIGHT IMPRESSIONS TOGETHER WITH US!
      2017-09-18 / - Vsya Rossiya -
    14. We will organize free trips behind textiles to Ivanovo
      We will organize free trips, shop tours behind textiles in Ivanovo! We gather groups from 12 to 25 people! We stand still 4 hours!
      2017-09-16 / Nizhnii` Novgorod
    15. Zebra travel agency
      Services: - we will book for you a tour practically to any country of the world - last-minute travel offers to Turkey, Thailand, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Spain, the Czech Republic, the Emirates from St. Petersburg. - beach rest in resorts of Krasnodar Krai, Abkhazia, Bulgaria, Greece and so on.- Excursion Europe and Scandinavia tours - we Will issue the visa - we Will find the best Zebra Travel agency hotel carries out tours from Sankt-Peteburg. Experts of "Zebra" will choose for you the most optimum hotel, will prompt the best time for rest, will help to reservethe most favorable tour. Already 10000 clients have trusted in the Zebra agency and haven't regretted about the choice. The travel agency is the reliable agency registered in the All-Russian general register of travel agencies (No. TON 100142).
      2017-09-14 / Sankt-Peterburg
    16. Excursion Sevastopol tour four seasons
      Sevastopol four seasons - a unique route! Every week Sunday through Saturdays at - 7 days of unforgettable rest in Sevastopol. At your service: cozy hotel friendly personnel "buffet" or custom menu. every dayat your choice 1-2 excursions on the best sights of the Crimea and Sevastopol comfortable buses of a tourist class the qualified guides. Cost:. SEPTEMBER 20800.00 rub/persons. October 18800.00 rub/persons. November 17600.00 rub/persons. Acquisition of a tour without accommodation is possible
      2017-08-30 / Sevastopol`
    17. Horse walks in Sochi. Horse club TRIUMF Sochi. Horses in Sochi
      The horse club "Triumf" invites guests and residents of the resort town of Sochi to horse walks (driving on horses) in picturesque places of Caucasus Biosphere Reserve. Horse route "Tea plantations". Horse route "Makarovsky falls". Horse route Zmeyka waterfalls. Horse route Vorontsov Caves. Horse route "Agurfalls". Race horse route. Excursion walks top on the century wood of the reserve. Horse tourism in the neighborhood of Sochi. Quiet, obedient horses for beginners, skilled riders and beginners. Pleasure from communication with horses. Horse walks all the year round. Winter driving on horses.
      2017-08-29 / Selo Semenovka g. Sochi
    18. LLC Infoflot Moscow
      The cruise company "Infoflot" carries out sale of river and sea cruises in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Rostov-on-Don. The base of cruises contains more than 3000 flights across Russia and more than 13000 on the abroad. On the website there is the round-the-clock opportunity to buy a cruise online.
      2017-07-27 / Moskva
    19. Delivery of tourist groups from Kandalaksha
      We will bring tourist groups to the rivers Kutsayoki, Tutsayoki, Umbu, Kuma, Varzugu, to various lakes and reservoirs of Murmansk region. Various options and routes are possible. All our cars are completed with luggage carriers and trailers!
      2017-05-28 / Kandalaksha
    20. Turkey, Sochi, the Crimea, Cyprus from Tyumen
      Rest at the beginning of June! From Yekaterinburg for two: Turkey from 33 thousand, Cyprus from 42 thousand, Greece from 26 thousand, Thailand from 57 thousand, Tunisia from 62 thousand, China (Hainan Island) from 37 thousand, Sochi from 25 thousand, the Crimea from27 thousand. From Tyumen for two: Turkey from 41 thousand, Cyprus from 61 thousand, Greece from 60 thousand, Thailand from 85 thousand, Sochi from 33 thousand, the Crimea from 41 thousand. Hurry, places by planes a little! You call 8(3452)708022; 8(3452)708025;8(3452)533076. Or you come Lenin St., 61 offices 6, Respubliki St., 155a office 47, Speransky St., 17 offices 15.
      2017-05-19 / Tyumen`
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