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  1. dveri mezhkomnatnye jekoshpon profil` dors

    2018-07-30 / Duesseldorf
  2. Kachestvennye evropei`skie kegi ot Kegtrade Litva

    2018-05-01 / Litva
  3. Kachestvennoe torgovoe oborudovanie

    2018-04-11 / Ekaterinburg
  4. The car on wheels for 8 people available
    The car house represent the mobile design consisting of a metal framework, outside sheathed by a professional leaf. The car house are wide in the use and are applied in various spheres of organizition (forest area, construction, geological production, oil and gas production, agriculture, etc.). A basis of movement of cars can be also various it the car houseon the trailer chassis, on sledge and on a frame. The mobile building can be used both for accommodation, and in a kachetsva of a sauna (bath), office, the dryer, a slesarka, shower, a bathroom, the dining room and kitchen. In mobile the building all neobkhody infastruktyra to long-term accommodation are providedin him. In the car there is an electricity, cable VVGng 4h4 is used (sockets, switches, switches, street lamps). As heating oil heaters are used electric the convector, establishment of the solid propellant furnace, a gas copper and batteries is also possible. The design of warming of the change house allows to use her onthe North at a temperature to minus 50. The scheme of an arrangement of furniture and purpose of cars is very different, and these points are developed according to the customer's wishes. One mobile unit can be used as accommodation, with shower and table, vozozhno uses of the car in qualityaccommodation from a metalwork workshop, and there are a lot of other options. The geographical arrangement of our plant of the producer allows to cooperate with neighboring countries, our cars are easily delivered to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and also in all points of Russia.
    2017-11-04 / Kirov
  5. Ballot box street L-300P
    1) The ballot box street L300P is intended for collecting garbage in an internal container of a ballot box, can be placed on the street (near movie theaters, shops, shopping centers). 2) Ballot box design: The ballot box is made in the form of a rectangle of stainless steel by thickness 0,6mm. 2) Delivery set: Containerballot boxes; Internal bucket; Cover; Ashtray.
    2017-10-24 / Sankt-Peterburg
  6. Sale of a ribbon (Ribbon), thermotransfer tape
    The STM company makes a thermotransfer tape (ribbon) for the press on labels or flexible packing. Available materials: Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin. Production of a quoted foil for drawing date is possible. A wide choice of the sizes from various material in a warehouse, small terms of production, the affordable price which is calculatedindividually.
    2017-08-17 / Samara
  7. LED pavement sign
    LED, street pavement sign. New, various colors and sizes. Completely assembled, with the software. Guarantee 3rd years.
    2017-07-14 / Surgut
  8. I WILL SELL the TRADE EQUIPMENT the Rack unilateral 1500kh1000mm with boxes
    Rack wall unilateral with plastic boxes for a hardware. Height is 1500 mm Width there is 1000 mm Depth of the basis there are 360 mm. The article 1501-2/4/4 Unilateral rack are intended for the organization of storage of various fine details, spare parts, a hardware, construction fixture and other expendables. It is widely appliedin warehouses, in shops, on production, in garages, etc.
    2017-07-12 / Volgograd
  9. The painting tape for the printer
    To buy any expendables for printers of labels! company, wide choice, favorable prices, delivery, guarantee!
    2017-06-02 / Moskva
  10. Trade and food equipment
    Sale, service and repair of trade, food, rack, refrigerating appliances. Scales, detectors, ware, textiles, uniform.
    2017-04-18 / Dinskaya
  11. Photo cabin
    I will sell automatic a photo a cabin. A photo on all types of documents - From the passport to the hunting ticket. And also entertaining character. The device is equipped with the intuitive menu with voice hints. Good option for the additional income without waste of time. The device isn't whimsical - Is equipped with systemmonitoring of a condition of the device. The sale reason - Moving to other city Is possible exchange for the car or the motor-equipment.
    2017-02-19 / Moskva
  12. Trade equipment. Guarantee maintenance
    Sale of cash registers, electronic scales, counters of notes, detectors of currencies, racks trade, pos of the equipment, cash boxes, expendables
    2017-02-10 / Ekaterinburg
  13. I will buy cylinders
    Constantly we buy cylinders of any volume from under Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Gely, Carbonic acids, Nitrous oxide, Compressed air, Freon, Hydrogen, OU brand Fire extinguishers. In any state (delayed, without certification, with the damaged gate), the contractual price, calculation cash on the place, in any quantityfrom 1 piece shipment at own expense in the Tomsk, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions. Group in contact of of Ph. 8 (3822) 93-62-58 (PROPANE and ACETYLENE we DON'T BUY!!!)
    2016-12-14 / Tomsk
  14. Accessories for payment and lottery terminals
    I will sell second-hand bill acceptors - cashcode sm, cashcode msm, cashcode mvu, cashcode mfl, cartridges sm/msm, Mei ADVANCE; printers custom vkp80-1, custom vkp80-2, custom tg2480, citizen 1000/2000, Zebra TTP2030, Zebra TTP7030 and other accessories for payment and lottery terminals. Workwith all regions. Guarantee. Delivery.
    2016-11-28 / Moskva
  15. The smart terminal Evotor for for the Unified State Automated Information System!
    The company offers the touch smart terminal for successful trade. Evotor of Alko - automation of a turnkey outlet!
    2016-10-21 / Moskva
  16. Anticorrosive mixture and installation of a noise isolation on the car
    Our company specializes in carrying out a wide complex of works on installation of the additional equipment and a noise isolation (audiopreparation) of cars. The main mission of our professional team - the integrated approach to implementation of projects based on experience and professionalism of employees. We guarantee attention to details and faultlessschemes of processing 6. Liquid flaps 7. Reinforcing of arches 8. Toning of glasses 9. Quality control of the carried-out works (A guarantee for the carried-out works)
    2016-10-07 / Moskva
  17. The device for Airhot GRE-80 shawarma
    The grill for Airhot GRE-80 shawarma is used at catering establishments and trade for preparation of a meat stuffing for shawarma. The principle of action is that the prepared meat cutting is got on a special knife which rotates about electric TENOV round its pivot-center toher full readiness. The case is made of stainless steel. Characteristics: Tension: 220 V Power: 9,9 kW Dimensions: 534x607x960 mm (length, depth, height) Weight: 28 to
    2016-09-30 / Krasnodar
  18. Grill contact AIRHOT CG
    Quantity of zones of heating 1 Structure of the top surface corrugated Structure of the lower surface corrugated Size of the top working surface 220h230 mm Size of the lower working surface 220h230 mm Tension 220 V Power 1.8 kW Material of a zharochny surface cast iron Width 400 mm Depth 300 mm Height 210 mm Weight (unpacked) 15 kg manufacturing Country China
    2016-09-30 / Krasnodar
  19. The device for AIRHOT CF-1 cotton candy
    The device for cotton candy one of the most demanded types of the equipment, the market for cotton candy is very wide: these are various parks, mobile points on streets, entertainment centers, movie theaters. The device for AIRHOT CF-1 cotton candy with a diameter of bowl of 460 mm, will become irreplaceablefor small outlets on streets. The bowl is made of stainless steel. Producer: AIRHOT, China Dimensions (s/d/v): 460x460x500 mm Power: 0,9 kW Tension: 230 V Weight: 17 kg Colour of the case can differ!