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    7. Noise isolation (sound insulation) for the house and the car.
      ISONEM COVERING ANTI-SOUND. The acoustic covering interfering penetration of a sound. It is put with a layer of 1-2 mm. SCOPES: 1) In residential buildings 2) In engine rooms 3) In discos and in places of entertainments 4) In salons of theater and cinema 5) In hospitals andhotels 6) V schools and kindergartens 7) V cars and yachts 8) On military bases and grounds 9) V to painting of internal and external walls of all rooms in which it is necessary to reduce noise penetration. METHOD OF APPLICATION: It is easily put with the roller, a brushor gun. As primer before application paint gets divorced from water in a proportion of 10% and is applied on a surface. Then the main paint with layers of 1 or 2 mm is applied on 1 sq.m with breaks at 4 o'clock.
      2017-12-15 / Naberezhnye CHelny
    8. We buy a dry cut board the Ash-tree of 30 mm
      We buy on a constant basis a cut board the Ash-tree Humidity of 8-10% (dry) Thickness: 30 mm Width: from 140 mm Length: 2000-4000 mm Grade: 0-1 Monthly volume: 100 m3
      2017-12-13 / Himki
    9. The Canadian cedar for baths and sweating rooms
      The Canadian red cedar is applied to finishing of sweating rooms, restrooms in saunas and baths. At the expense of the physical characteristics; low heat conductivity, geometrical stability, resistance to a mold and rotting, surely drives other breeds of trees out of the market of materials for a bath. In a warehouse inTo Moscow there is a range of lining, regiments and a pogonazh. We invite, to visit our office, with product samples. m of Belyayevo
      2017-11-27 / Moskva
    10. Glue mixes from LLC Tekhnostroy-M in. Railway
      Glue mixes which will help to connect different in properties and the maintenance of a surface. • Powder mixes – are used generally during the work with a ceramic tile. It is offered in the form of dry construction mix, prepares according to the instruction. • All-purpose adhesives for internalworks – they in can be applied to all internal finishing works concerning finishing of a floor, gluing of linoleum or a parquet. • Instant glues – it is possible to apply them to gluing practically any type of surfaces, however it is convenient only for correction of small shortcomings,to use him on large volumes it is financially expensive. • Special glues are a liquid sodium glass, use it if it is necessary to conduct work with products from glass materials.
      2017-11-19 / g. Balashiha
    11. Plaster 3d panels
      Interior 3D panels from high-strength plaster. These panels will give to any space unique shape and will emphasize identity of its owner. Original color - white, possible individual decisions. Size: 500h500x30 mm the Price is specified for quarter m (4 pieces)
      2017-11-13 / YAlta
    12. Center of stretch ceilings
      Stretch ceilings quickly qualitatively cheap (mat sateen luster color)
      2017-11-04 / Pyatigorsk
    13. My horonim orgsteklo, blocnoe orgsteklo non-likvidy s tem, kotoryi pitalsy, ostatki
      We buy plexiglas wholesale as necessary from among illiquid assets, unclaimed material, from storage. Send brands, thickness, cuttings of sheets. Specify whether there is a protective film, packing. Quantities on positions. City of shipment. Obligatory for the photo of material. The price after providing required information. Also interests the asbolent,electrocardboard. On jl. address: of ph. 89177378473
      2017-10-24 / Rossiya
    14. we take waste of aluminum composite panels
      we take waste of aluminum composite panels shipment at own expense
      2017-10-17 / Podol`sk
    15. LLC Tekhnostroy-M - construction materials in the Moscow region
      We offer our goods as we at retail, and large wholesale, supply with materials construction objects. For many years the company have proved in the market as the reliable supplier. For convenience of work all our goods are shown in online store. At us you will pick upall for facing of office and the house: - gypsum cardboard and a profile, - dry sets and heaters, - false ceilings and lamps, - laminate and linoleum, - cullets and paint, - front systems and blocks.
      2017-10-09 / g. Balashiha
    16. Ivanovo gas concrete
      D500 density the Size is 600*200*300 V unitary enterprise 1,44m3 Delivery by the manipulator
      2017-10-05 / Nizhnii` Novgorod
    17. Kaliningrad aero block 300*250*600
      Delivery of wall blocks of the Aero block plant, across Kaliningrad and area. There are all sizes. Always available. We deliver to an object directly from the plant, in day of the order. Own park of the equipment: manipulators with an arrow of 10 m, manipulators with trailers with a loading capacity up to 22 pallets.Also there is a glue for gas-silicate blocks. There is a possibility of payment after delivery. We work daily. You call at any convenient time.
      2017-09-07 / Kaliningrad
    18. Stucco molding, plinth, eaves, dyuropolimer, beams.
      The salon of a decor ARTUM offers the range: - an interior and front modelled decor from polyurethane, a dyuropolimer, LDF. (We are dealers and distributors more than 20 trademarks.) - 3D panels from plaster, pilasters, eaves, ceiling beams (own production, installation of panels) -front decor of any complexity from a steklofibrobeton with installation, - a plinth, eaves, moldings, pilasters, moldings under a podstveka etc. Warehouses are in Moscow and Novosibirsk. We invite to cooperation shops, you build the telny companies, designers, suppliers, retail clients. Delivery across the Russian Federation it is free.Individual discounts.
      2017-09-04 / Irkutsk
    19. Gas-silicate blocks at wholesale prices
      Delivery of Aeroblok blocks wall both the peregorodochnykh across Kaliningrad and area. Own motor transport - manipulators, manipulators with trailers (to the 24th a pallet for flight). Always available. We work daily. You call on number specified on the website.
      2017-09-03 / Kaliningrad
    20. The foam concrete block reinforced
      If you have solved, to build own spacious house and to apply foam concrete block or a gazozoloblok at construction. Having used services of our organization, you can buy qualitative foam concrete block of our production, with delivery to Yekaterinburg, Novy Urengoy, Sverdlovsk region, and also to the north the Russian Federation.
      2017-07-18 / Ekaterinburg
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    Home / Building materials / Construction and finishing materials

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