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    1. metallicheskie dveri metalyuks standart

      2018-08-19 / Dalian
    2. dveri iz jeko shpona

      2018-08-01 / Calcutta
    3. Trenazhyor petli TRX HOME pink

      2018-06-26 / Sankt-Peterburg
    4. Leads from boyla for catching of large fish.
      Dear FISHERS! I bring to your attention the equipped leads with the hair equipment and boylam for catching of the BREAM and other peace fish. One set consists of a fishing line 0,16 mm (length of 20 cm), a hook, boiled Boyle of 8 mm and packing. The UNIVERSAL TACKLE is intendedfor the Russian amateur fishers yet not familiar with the hair equipment in feeding and donochny catching. The original structure of boil is calculated on catching of peace fish in warm season from May to September. Long-term use has shown a stable ulovistost of a tackle. FIVE reasons whyit is worth taking her: 1. At once ready to application. 2. Catches average and large fish. 3. Universal (after Boyle's dissolution it is possible to get other nozzle on a hook). 4. It is long stored (Boyle up to 5 years in the refrigerator). 5. Cheaper than import products. Costone set – 16 rubles. The minimum quantity of the sent sets – 15 pieces expenses on transfer by mail. It is necessary to order in advance as in the summer the price is higher. All questions on an e-mail. Successful fishings by All!
      2017-11-17 / Tomsk
    5. Gymnastic complex Swedish wall Aeneas
      The Swedish wall of VD-Eney - the home exercise machine for development and a training of all groups of muscles. The Swedish wall Aeneas is especially interesting to turnikmen. On a horizontal bar of the Swedish wall Aeneas it is possible to carry out pullings up by the narrow, wide and parallel successful fellow, on bars and a benchfor a press - to swing a press, direct and oblique muscles of a stomach, on the Swedish wall - to do warm-up and exercises on an extension. Additional accessories: the children's hinged set expands a circle of users of the Swedish wall. Complete set of the Swedish wall of VD-Eney:- the Swedish wall with metal crossbeams with neoprene slips, a horizontal bar stationary, strengthened (it is welded on racks of the Swedish ladder), distance from a floor to a horizontal bar 2,17m - bars for a press with a support under a bar with a back and armrests, canopiesand holders of a bar for improvement of comfort of trainings are covered with plastic (reduces risk of damage of neoprene slips, prevents metal scratches, reduces noise at blow of metal about metal during the occupations with a bar) - the press bench and a press put with comfortableby polyurethane foam rollers for legs, bench back length 1,10m, width 0,25 - fastening arms to a wall (4 pieces), top and lower a rod for a raspor "half of ceiling" can be used as a press bench, and as a bench for a press,- children's hinged set (a rope, rings, a rope ladder) Bars and a bench for a press removable.
      2017-09-19 / Belgorod
    6. Bicycles and accessories for bicycles.
      quality production from the checked brands.
      2017-06-07 / Ivanovo
    7. Jholot Glubze umnyi Fishfinder 3.0
      To buy the Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 sonic depth finder the Tiny wireless sonic depth finder will become an excellent gift for the fan of fishing. Buy this advanced and modern device for fishermen. Connect him to the smartphone through Bluetooth, and you watch all data on fish, a bottom, on the screenthe device. Enjoy a rich catch, using the easy, tiny and advanced sonic depth finder! Bulky devices remained in the past! Put it in a pocket of the jacket, and go to catch fish! No fastenings are necessary, just lower him in water! He won't drown, and will beto transmit you all information through bluetooth on your tablet or the smartphone!
      2017-04-24 / Sankt-Peterburg
    8. Stretch of tennis rackets
      Professional stretch of tennis rackets, departure to the customer's address.
      2017-04-08 / Sankt-Peterburg
    9. Sale of sports goods
      Main supplier company - Leader in deliveries of sport goods in all Russia. A type of our activity – full equipment of any organizations of sports infrastructure, educational institutions, and also corporate clients. full equipment of teams - personal and game sports - board games -single combats - gymnastics - track and field athletics - weightlifting - water sports - winter sports - cycling - tourism - firing - EXERCISE MACHINES FROM the PRODUCER - prize attributes - sports medicine - street designs and the SCENIC EQUIPMENT (PODIUMS)- INFLATABLE PRODUCTION (ATTRACTIONS) - FIREWORKS AND PYROTECHNICS (from the producer) - the additional equipment (furniture, safes, muses. the equipment, office equipment, a full complete set of offices, classes and other rooms) - the trade equipment (show-windows, stained-glass windows, inf. stands, interactive stands) - the household and industrial equipment - productionfor OUTDOOR and INTERNAL advertizing - road-building accessories
      2017-04-05 / Ekaterinburg
    10. Tyubingi (Vatrushki) ot proizvoditelya nedorogo!
      We make and realize wholesale/retail tubings (Cheese cakes) universal: for driving in the winter and in the summer on water, and also cheese cakes – a swing! Originality of a design and design! A combination of the checked materials and a palette of coloring! Existence of strong seams and personal completions in technology! Delivery to regions.
      2017-04-04 / Vologda
    11. Stoika boks. Larsen PA-2185C cyrnyi N/S
      Rack boxing. Larsen PA-2185C black N/S is bought in the Novosibirsk shop "Chempion". 3 years cost the house unbeaten, in an original store state, filled with water. I sell for 15000 rubles, a half of today's store price. Shipment at own expense. Kirovsky district. I will pour out water at sale. 913-918-1659; 951-372-5783.
      2017-03-27 / Novosibirsk
    12. Fitness club in Mytishchi
      The fitness club in Mytishchi sells subscriptions on unlimited occupations in gym, group occupations: Fitness, aerobics, Tye-bo, the Stretching, the Step aerobics, Power aerobics, Pilates, Bodifleks, Dances, Single combats, Children's groups, Yoga, Fitness for mothers.
      2016-11-29 / Mytischi
    13. Walks on snowmobiles on Kola
      We invite you to spectacular walks on motor-sledge on the woods and the tundra in the Kandalaksha district of Murmansk region. The fine over-snow equipment from the best global manufacturers will never bring even in the most severe conditions! Steering such prestigious vehicle, you will feel true pleasure:you will overcome the twisting route on the northern wood and you will rush at great speed on the polar tundra. Such interesting routes are possible only at us! Send the applications. We guarantee you unforgettable impressions!
      2016-11-16 / Kandalaksha
    14. Trampoline of inflatable HL7173-9
      Complete set of documents, certificate of the Russian Federation. Shipment Khabarovsk. Delivery across Russia and the CIS. Actions, discounts constantly
      2016-11-07 / Alma-Aty
    15. The exercise machine the Bison of 1 m - steel hands
      The exercise machine the Bison of 1 m innovative development of the Belarusian scientists is intended for bystry strengthening of force of fingers, a brush, a forearm. The set of exercises and the sharovy mechanism of the exercise machine, include earlier not involved muscle fibers that allows to increase quickly power indicators from any level of training. Will surprise in anypower sport, will push off the stiffened results from a dead point, releases the hidden opportunities of hands. It is possible to be engaged in any place, length of 45 cm, weight 1,2kg, 2 years of a guarantee is located in a portfolio.
      2016-10-23 / L`vov
    16. The sport stock is on sale
      Is on sale! 1. The sports Torneo complex - a folding bench (skin) of-7 provisions - the machine for power exercises (a leg hand) - a rack emphasis for a bar in the form of gate 2. The signature stamp for a bar (is lame) 3. Pancakes for a bar - 8 pieces.
      2016-10-22 / Pavlovskaya
    17. Rope parks, rope towns
      The rope park represents the sequence of the obstacles of various degree of complexity at the height from 0,5 to 12 meters fixed on trunks of trees or artificial support. Depending on purpose of the park elements stages park route components are selected. Views of routes. "Children's" Routeincludes the elementary elements attractions, it is designed for children of 4 years, growth from 100 cm. Settles down at the height of 1,5-2 meters. Consists of 5-10 tasks and comes to an end with a hill or a bungee. Total length is about 25-40 meters. Parents can help with passingroutes, being on the earth. "Family" Route is designed for visitors of 10 years, growth from 120 cm. Settles down at height of 5-7metr. Total length about 150-250 meters consists of 10-20 tasks. Start: a lifting ladder, the finish on a bungee. "Extreme"the route is designed for visitors of 15 years and 140 cm in height. Settles down at the height of 6-12 meters. The total length of 100-300 meters consists of 10-20 tasks. The start is made on a lifting ladder, the finish on trolley 50-100 meters long. Rope paths are very variousalso can be used for training, leisure, trainings or in the therapeutic purposes. Passing of a rope route allows: - To involve all main groups of muscles. To develop skills: - skill to transfer body weight, visual and motor coordination - balancing between balance and instability,-, etc. skills to Train: - musculoskeletal system, - the stabilizing muscles of legs for balance deduction. - To focus attention on exact assessment of position of a body in space. The insurance When passing the route safety system is continuous which ensures full safety andexcludes "a human factor". The visitor fastened to the continuous line of an insurance has no opportunity to come unfastened from her before the end of the travel on the park. Thanks to it the capacity of the park and degree of safety in him increase. Is included in the package of safety equipment: a ring, a carbine withbayonetny coupling, full safety leash, two moustaches of a self-insurance, Alpine carbine automatic machine, helmet, gloves. For construction of the rope park it is necessary to call the expert. After survey of an estimated installation site of the rope park the design solution will be proposed, the budget and terms of installation is defined. As there is a construction of ropepark. 1. You sends us a photo and video of the place of alleged placement of VP 2 is better. Having convinced that the place approaches, we begin coordination of structure of a route(s) of VP. 3. Having agreed on the basic scheme and structure of VP, we begin to consider and make the estimate. 4. Purchases. 5. Journeyto the destination. 6. Preparation (placement, delivery of materials to an object, tool). 7. Installation works. 8. Supply with expendables. 9. Testing. 10. Start, training of the instructor. The park is ready. The term from 2 to 8 weeks you can order only chief installation! We work onRussia.
      2016-10-05 / Krasnodar
    18. I will sell the mountain bicycle the Author Impulse 27,5 Bicycle
      I will sell the mountain bicycle the Author Impulse 27,5 Bicycle" Category a country cross-country, on wheels 27.5", growth from 170 cm to 185 cm on an aluminum frame, the SHIMANO Altus/coin SHIMANO Altus switch, 21 speed, a brake of TEKTRO Auriga disk hydraulic (6" to rotors), a forkRST Gila 27.5 T (100 mm), weight is 14.5 kg Payment: Cash, Non-cash, Visa/MasterCard Free delivery across Ukraine by New mail, Ukrpochta and other delivery services. The price is reduced. Call!
      2016-08-30 / CHernigov
    19. I will sell Windsurfing in Irkutsk
      I will sell a complete set of windsurfing: a board, a sail, a mast and the geek - all in an excellent state. Sail of 7 sq.m. Unfortunately, I don't remember board displacement, but itself 100 kg weigh., and me it was fine. Now it is impossible to look at anything as I live inother city, and windsurfing is stored in Irkutsk. In Irkutsk I will be journey on August 11 and 12, respectively, these days it will be possible to look and get. I rode only a few times: on Baikal and in the Irkutsk sea, all the time in fresh water. The set wasit is bought new in Irkutsk in shop for 1200 dollars in due time. I don't know, how for sports driving, but for walking just right.
      2016-07-27 / Irkutsk
    20. Giroskutera with an official guarantee year! Cover bag as a gift!
      We sell and deliver giroskuter in Moscow with an annual guarantee at the actual price from 16 000 Sizes of wheels 6,5, 8 and 10 inches. in a set: blewtooth the charger a cover bag for carrying the coupon of a guarantee - the service bookbox the remote control our giroskuter have an instruction official serial number and the service book! Learn how to buy a giroskuter 3000 more favorable! Coloring so many that all aren't located on the website! Call and learn on what coloring now a discount!Phone 7(499) 350-32-63 Website: giroskuterymagazin.rf
      2016-07-03 / Moskva
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