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    16. Natyazhgy ceilings
      Hello we offer you a wide choice of ceilings from the house-keeper to a premium class. Any complexity of Two-level, photo press, etc. We wait for your orders. Discounts!!!!!
      2017-12-14 / Krasnodar
    17. Turnkey apartment renovation in Zelenograd
      We carry out high-quality apartment renovation, offices, houses, etc. inhabited and non-residential premises. Full complex of services: electrician, plumber, draft and final finishing, cleaning of the room. The work volume, term and the price are enshrined in the contract. Repair takes place in 3-4 stages, everyone is paid separately onto readiness measure. We work without intermediaries, without days off and holidays. For specification of estimated cost of turnkey apartment renovation, call by phone and agree about date and the meeting place. Departure on an object free.
      2017-11-30 / Zelenograd
    18. Search of contractors for performance of repair work
      The exchange of repair represents the organization which renders services in selection of private experts for different implementation of repair work. With us you will be able to save up to 30% on repair. Also we in only 10 minutes will calculate to you the cost of future repair. Allour masters very highly qualified specialists, qualitatively and precisely in the stipulated terms the necessary works performing everything. You watch all details on our website
      2017-11-13 / Moskva
    19. High-quality apartment renovation in Moscow and area
      HIGH-QUALITY APARTMENT RENOVATION from LLC RSK GERMAN in Moscow and the Moscow region Having addressed to our company you receive: Qualified specialists with the professional tool, with experience of 10 years. Free departure of the measurer, for drawing up the estimate on repair construction worksand construction materials. Demonstration of objects in work. Development exclusive design of the project. We sign the legal contract. Stage-by-stage payment. We perform works strictly on the schedule according to the estimate, in exact time. You receive "the Guarantee Certificate" for a period of 2 yearson everything the performed repair construction works. The certificate of quality of goods is attached to all used construction materials. Control of an object in 3 steps: Foreman, Architect, Director. Weekly a photo the report of the performed work, and the delivered construction materials on an object. "WhatsApp the Conversation" - we will discussthe work course, the customer will be aware of all events which are taking place on an object. We work 24/7, it is constant with you in touch without holidays and days off. Insurance of the apartment during repair. At the request of the customer of video fixing. Our partners make a cleaningafter repair. At the end of repair you receive the certificate at a discount of 10%, your relatives or friends will be able to use him. And also entrance door AS A GIFT.
      2017-11-04 / Moskva
    20. Turnkey apartment renovation. Finishing in a new building.
      Turnkey apartment renovation. Finishing in a new building. High quality. Without advance payment. Guarantee, terms, Contract. 89689226026
      2017-10-15 / Moskva
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    Home / Building and Decorating / repair

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