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Список объявление в категории Компьютеры, оргтехника / Ремонт компьютеров и обслуживание

  1. 2018-10-29 /
  2. CHastnyi` komp`yuternyi` Master. Vyezd na dom i ofis.

    2018-06-07 / Moskva
  3. Remont komp`yuterov ot chastnogo mastera na domu

    2018-05-31 / Rostov-na-Donu
  4. smotret` Passazhir 2017 v hd YA hudeyu smotret` krasnodarskii` krai` FX

    2018-05-03 / Mount Lookout
  5. Masterskaya s vyezdom iHeal - remont noutbukov, PK

    2018-04-03 / Moskva
  6. Skoraya pomosch` vashemu PK/noutbuku

    2018-03-29 / Novosibirsk
  7. Servisnyi` centr 59

    2018-03-13 / Moskva
  8. Srochnaya komp`yuternaya pomosch`

    2018-01-20 / Moskva
  9. Repair of the personal computer, cell phones
    *** *** I Welcome PC! Reinstallation of Windows, at the request of the client, removal of banners, control of a router and other, generally any questions! *** ANDROID *** the insertion on the android (iOS or just phone) Has flown? Has forgotten the password? Don't you know what to do?? And in services take the huge sum for a reinsertion??I know experience in insertions since Motorola E398!) Also it isn't expensive at all, all work will be is performed at you! Write here or call! *** Can't you arrive? If there is a computer near at hand, it is possible to make remotely, through remoteaccess (Team Wiewer program).
    2017-12-09 / Krasnodar
  10. Repair of computers in Nizhny Tagil
    Pc.servisrbt are professional services in repair of the computer equipment in Nizhny Tagil. Our masters with pleasure will assist you in setup of the computer or laptop, the master within 30 minutes will make departure to you on the house for debugging.
    2017-12-09 / Nizhnii` Tagil
  11. Biological products for the systems of sewage treatment - septic tanks, sand traps, capacities
    Bacteria for sewage treatment. Reagents for treatment facilities. Bacteria for septic tanks, cesspools, sewerages. Biological products for cleaning of zhiroulovitel of fats. Medicines for zhiroulovitel. Coagulants, flokulyanta. Bacti-Bio 9500, Bioremove, Bichem. 8(905)507-18-20
    2017-11-03 / Moskva
  12. Repair of computers and electronics
    REPAIR: Computers and laptops of Phones and tablets of Monitors of Cameras and video cameras of Printers and copiers Filling and restoration of cartridges Tikhoretsk and Tikhoretsk district Quickly, cheap, qualitatively Ph.: 8 989 23099 31
    2017-11-01 / Tihoreck
  13. Repair of computers, gas station of cartridges
    The master pro will repair your computer or the laptop, will fill any laser cartridges and will take cheap - from 350 rubles for gas station. You shouldn't carry anything anywhere - itself I will take away the equipment and I will bring back and if it is necessary, I will repair at you.
    2017-10-26 / Nizhnii` Novgorod
  14. Replacement of chips and video matrixes at repair of laptops
    Complex repair of system units, laptops and netbooks including replacement of a matrix of the video chip, restoration after overheating, after a liquid spill, at kz on food, etc. Also repair of computer accessories: hard drives, motherboards, video cards, LCD monitors, and power supply units Pyatigorsk
    2017-10-22 / Pyatigorsk
  15. Repair and setup of computers (the master on the house)
    Repair of computers, laptops. Individual selection completing Reinstallation of the Windows Installation of Drivers, an antivirus Control of the Internet and Wi-Fi Installation of any software of Adobe, office and td. Cleaning of viruses, blockers Windows Acceleration and cleaning of systemConsultations on dispersal of system
    2017-10-21 / YAlta
  16. Fast computer help and repair with Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region
    Your computer began to hang or brake, most likely the virus has got into it. Treatment for viruses, removal of banners and malicious applications, anti-virus protection. Possibility of a hard reset, installation of system. All this within several hours at your presence. More difficult breakages andmalfunctions will demand bigger time, you bring and leave. Services, the help, repair and service for maintenance of personal computers and computer accessories to them. Pyatigorsk
    2017-10-20 / Pyatigorsk
  17. Repair of computers in Volgograd and Volzhsky
    I am a private system administrator, I come out to the house or in office across all Volgograd and Volzhsky. For individuals I offer services: - Installation/control Windows, Mac OS and Hakintosh, Linux. - Control, optimization and cleaning of an operating system so that computerI worked at a maximum of the opportunities. - Installation and setting up the programs which are picked up for your computer what the computer wouldn't begin to brake. - Removal and treatment of viruses, control of anti-virus protection against the best anti-virus companies. - I would repair the computer in whatstate he wasn't. And also cleaning from dust and dirt. - I will help to assemble the new computer or to improve already existing computer. - Control of the Internet, routers, Wi-Fi, home NAS server, DLNA. For the organizations I offer all above-mentioned services for privatepersons, plus: - The centralized setup of computers of employees on the basis of Active Directory. - The centralized installation and control of anti-virus protection for all employees. - The organization of corporate access rights to employees as on the Internet (social nets, the entertaining websites) and to internal resources. - Organization,control of corporate network on the network equipment of the leading brands Cisco, Mikrotik. - Merging of branches in one corporate network and VPN of access. - Installation and setup of the servers Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Asterisk, Samba, FTP, Web and many other things on the basis of Windows OSServer, Linux. - Creation and editing corporate Web of the website.
    2017-10-12 / Volgograd
  18. Repair of computers, monitors, audio systems, receivers, Microwave ovens, TVs, DVD and other equipment of ph. 8 (4922)60-12-02, mob. 8(904)857-00-69.
    Repair of computers, monitors, audio systems, receivers, Microwave ovens, TVs, DVD and other equipment of ph. 8 (4922)60-12-02, mob. 8(904)857-00-69. We will quickly and qualitatively repair or will restore operability of your equipment. A guarantee for all spare parts and the performed work. Clients are provided further with technical support. Professionalswith wide experience of work. 1. OS installation, drivers, antiviruses, programs, control of the maximum speed. 2. Removal of viruses, banners and pop-up windows, programs spies. 3. Recovery of data from winchesters and any removable carriers, a flash – HDD, SDD, SCSI, SAS. 4. Data migration, programsfrom the old computer on new. 5. Setup of the peripheral equipment. 6. Replacement of accessories, modernization. 7. Cleaning of the personal computer and laptops, thermopaste replacement. 8. Control of the Internet, WiFi routers, routers. 9. Assembly of computers to order. 10. Elimination of other malfunctions. Huge list of services.All services make a reservation in advance and are paid after performance. Individual approach to each client. FREE DEPARTURE of the MASTER. Flexible system of discounts. Qualitatively and cheap. To pensioners of a discount. A guarantee for all spare parts and the performed work. Post warranty service.We work for you without days off! Operating time: from 8-00 till 21-00. Always we will help you! Write: You Call ph. 8 (4922)60-12-02, mob. 8(904)857-00-69 also obtain the necessary information.
    2017-09-23 / Vladimir
  19. Computer help in Smolensk
    - Installation, reinstallation of Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Office, Excel, the driver, necessary programs, control - 700. - Installation of additional programs separately - 300. - Cleaning of the cooling system of the laptop thermopaste replacement - 1000. - Departure on the house - 0.
    2017-09-18 / Smolensk
  20. We will solve all problems with the personal computer
    - We will establish Win. - XP,7,8,10 - we Will clean your computer from viruses and dust - we Will adjust a router and WiFi - we Will establish necessary to you programs - Installation of drivers - the Help upon purchase of accessories - Consultations on phone. High-quality work. Any part of the city and time.Low prices.
    2017-08-17 / Taganrog
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