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Список объявление в категории Строительство и Отделка / Ремонт и сервис

  1. 2018-11-09 /

  2. 2018-10-06 /
  3. CHastnyi` komp`yuternyi` master SPb

    2018-10-02 / Sankt-Peterburg
  4. Remont kvartir i stroitel`stvo domov. CHastnye mastera.

    2018-07-23 / Krasnogorsk
  5. Remont gazovyh nastennyh kotlov i jel. vodonagrevatelei`

    2018-07-18 / Kalininskii` rai`on
  6. Opytnye jelektriki okazyvayut uslugi

    2018-05-06 / Tomsk
  7. Montazh i obsluzhivanie slabotochnyh sistem bezopasnosti i jelektriki.

    2018-04-07 / Moskva
  8. Drenazhnye raboty. Vodootvedenie .

    2018-02-11 / Noginsk
  9. Delivery, sale, packing and processing of fixing and hardware production.
    The ROSKREPEZH company is engaged in production of different types of hardware production. At us you can find more than 1000 various goods. Beginning from self-tapping screws and anchors, finishing with the cargo handling and bandage equipment. You can make the order which is made by the individual order. Through wholesalesale of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is carried out. On sale there is various production. There is a delivery across all territory of Russia. All quality production has also undergone testing our ten years' work in the market. Goods have received certificates, have undergone testing by our and foreign buyers. At youthere is an opportunity to receive the price list free of charge!
    2017-07-31 / Sankt-Peterburg
  10. Repair and installation of plastic windows and doors
    Departure of the master and diagnostics of windows free of charge. We work by cash, bank transfer. You pay only after have checked quality of the performed works. Guarantee for all types of works 1 year. Affordable prices of Service: Repair and servicewindows of any producers ***************************************************************** - Adjustment of plastic windows (opening, closing) - When replacing sealant adjustment of a window it is free - Repair replacement of accessories - Replacement of a double-glazed window - Production of a shutter in a false window and vice versa - Installationthe limiter - Children's locks - Installation of handles and handles with the lock - Mosquito grids - Installation replacement of slopes - Installation replacement of window sills - Production of the PVC Repair windows of doors. *************************** - Adjustment of balcony doors- Adjustment of doors of entrance groups (shops, drugstores etc.) - sealant Replacement - Replacement of a double-glazed window - Replacement repair of accessories - Replacement of handles (usual, shells, office arches) - Installation replacement of thresholds - Balcony latches -Production of balcony couple (window door) ***************************************************** the Company on repair of windows and doors; We Work with LEVEL without days off! from 09:00 till 20:00
    2017-07-19 / Novorossii`sk
  11. Diamond drilling of openings in concrete, reinforced concrete in Bryansk.
    Diamond drilling (drilling) today - the most effective way of production of technological openings in the walls or overlappings practically any thickness made of a brick, a stone, concrete or reinforced concrete of any extent of reinforcing. In the course of diamond drilling (drilling), due to high abrasive propertiesdiamond-bearing segments, there is a local unaccented destruction of the processed material in a cut zone.
    2017-07-03 / Vyberite naselyonnyi` punkt
  12. Diamond drilling (drilling) of openings in Bryansk.
    Diamond drilling is necessary in the following cases: - Drilling window / doorways. For this purpose on perimeter a number of small openings is made. - Production of outlets for ventilation of basement and other rooms. - Laying of communications — sanitary, low-current, electric, heating. Crowns corresponding to diameter are usedpipes of the sizes. - Installation of ventilating, climatic systems. - Production of deepenings in piers, bearing walls for installation of assembly boxes under switches, sockets - Production of various technological openings at primary construction or reconstruction of buildings.
    2017-07-03 / Karachev
  13. Specialisty shirokogo profilya
    Broad specialists (Slavs) with EXPERIENCE of works more than 20 years! we will execute all types of sanitary works (heating, water supply (hot and cold water) of the sewerage, drains, a drainage, installation of septic tanks, all gas and arc welding and installation works by ANY material) QUALITATIVELY and QUICKLY, with the tool. ANYvolumes. Also we render konsultatsii-BESPLATNO. We can work on a clearing settlement. Call! 89168128090
    2017-06-10 / Moskva
  14. Otopleniya.stoyaka radiators. Welding works
    We will execute all types of welding works of any complexity. Heating (transfer of struts, replacement of heating devices, installation of systems of heating, connection of coppers). Water supply (distributing of HVS,GVS, repair, transfer, installation), and also metalwork and another. Departure of the skilled welder consultation. We work in Moscow and area. Flexible working hours. Quality assurance.
    2017-03-23 / Moskva
  15. Toning and repair of the PVC windows
    Toning of windows and balconies sun-protection mirror and and-termaljnoy films on the customer's object, the choice of color according to the catalog. (decrease in costs of cooling of rooms in the summer and heating in the winter, comfortable conditions, protection against UV rays, mirror effect protects from the external review, appearance change). Installation of valvate forced ventilation for the PVC windows (air flow to the room at the closed window without drafts). Repair of the PVC windows - adjustment, replacement of accessories, double-glazed windows, installation of shutters in deaf parts of a window and so forth.
    2017-03-19 / Smolensk
  16. Skilled electrician
    The call of the electrician on the house will help you quickly and to qualitatively carry out any electric installation work: conducting replacement, replacement of the equipment in a room electroboard, repair of sockets, switches, etc. Our electrician, will qualitatively and quickly perform the work.
    2017-03-12 / Armavir
  17. Installation of the generator
    The Svitotreyd engineering company with the Deep Power trademark will provide complex professional solution on installation of petrol, gas and diesel generators. Recently becomes a fashionable tendency to install electric generators in private houses and objects. First of all, it is protection against failuresare also demanded as well in those places where there takes place construction, but power supply networks as there is a need for the huge volume of electricity consumption aren't laid yet. The choice of the generator stands, first of all, behind you as the cost of the generator will depend fromservice conditions, power, a type of current and frequency, like the generator (petrol, diesel, gas) and his profitability (consumption of amount of fuel). site:
    2017-02-28 / Kiev
  18. Solar panels, batteries. Solar power stations
    The Svitotreyd engineering company with the Deep Power trademark will provide services in installation and installation of sources of alternative energy, namely solar power stations. The solar power station represents an engineering construction which will transform solar energy to electric. Solar power stations are involved more, than in eightycountries. It is important that solar panels are an environmentally friendly product and the converter of energy. All of us use generally traditional power sources, and very seldom resorting in life to alternative sources, generally considering pros and cons, cost andqualification of the master. Calculation and cost of the solar battery depends on the area and desire of consumption of the received energy. Having got used to the main traditions of use of energy, we often refuse an alternative and a way of replacement of a product. Solar batteries produce electricity. Their power dependsfrom the area of the panel and the design. Professionalism and qualification of masters in installation and installation constantly increases as creation of solar panels will be improved every year as progress doesn't stand still, and is constant in the movement. Having chosen alternativethe power source for consumption by us further electricity, will give us a way to environmentally friendly life with green power. site:
    2017-02-28 / Ukraina, Kiev, Kiev (v cherte goroda)
  19. Grounding and lightning protection
    The Svitotreyd engineering company with the Deep Power trademark will provide services in lightning protection and grounding. Defeat of an object a lightning can lead to the fire, explosions, death, damage and damages of an object. Therefore it is necessary to install special interception rods for lightning protection of buildings, houses and constructions.If you value the object, the house, a construction, then it is necessary to take measures for prevention of emergence of the fire or defeat by electric current during a storm rain. The system of lightning protection consists of several elements – the interception rod, the conductor of current and a grounding conductor. The interception rod atit has to accept and maintain huge dynamic and thermal loadings in order that it hasn't melted and has resisted. He is placed on the highest point of a roof in vertical position. The conductor cable is connected to the interception rod and is established in places of the most probable lightning stroke.And he conducts to a grounding conductor which serves for withdrawal of current in soil therefore material of which it is made has to be more faithful his electric resistance to minimum. And if you consider that in installation of lightning protection and grounding there is no need, rememberthat in the house (object) there are electrical household appliances which demand it. site:
    2017-02-28 / Kiev
  20. Completely distributing device
    The Svitotreyd engineering company with the Deep Power trademark provides the services in installation and production of the electropanel board equipment. Our experts have not only experience and professionalism, but also the license which allows to develop the project, to carry out installation and assembly not only on standard,but also to individual schemes. CRD (completely raspredelitelno device) is a difficult electrical unit which serves for distribution and reception of the electric power. Raspredelitelno the device consists a set of switching devices, boric and connecting tires, gages, the account and auxiliary devices. Complete distributing devicesare used both for internal, and for external installation. Represent collecting separate cases with the equipment, switching devices, devices of measurement, protection and automatic equipment, and also control systems, alarm systems and other necessary auxiliary devices which connect among themselves in compliance of the electric circuit.mesto:
    2017-02-28 / Kiev
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