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  1. / 2014-11-17 /

    —писок объ€вление в категории —троительные материалы / –азное

    1. Ustroi`stvo toppingovyh, betonnyh polov v Ryazani

      2018-09-12 / Ryazan`
    2. Nakladnye zadvizhki, shpingalety i zasovy optom

      2018-08-29 / CHeboksary
    3. Dvernye zadvizhki optom

      2018-08-29 / CHeboksary
    4. Zadvizhki dvernye nakladnye

      2018-08-29 / CHeboksary
    5. Dvernye derevyannye ruchki optom

      2018-08-29 / CHeboksary
    6. Kuplyu kabel`/provod razlichnyh sechenii`.

      2018-07-18 / Tomsk
    7. Ciklevka parketa prai`s Lyuban`

      2018-05-25 / Sankt-Peterburg
    8. SHkaf AVR 63A, 2 vvoda, Ip31

      2018-04-06 / Moskva
    9. Krugi dlya polirovki

      2018-03-20 / Moskva

      2018-03-19 / Moskva
    11. Komplekt stopornyh kolec

      2018-02-19 / Balashiha
    12. Coagulants, Flokulyanta, Biological products, Reagents, Chemistry. Syzran
      Bacteria for sewage treatment. Reagents for treatment facilities. Bacteria for septic tanks, cesspools, sewerages. Biological products for cleaning of zhiroulovitel of fats. Medicines for zhiroulovitel. Coagulants, flokulyanta. Bacti-Bio 9500, Bioremove, Bichem. 8(905)507-18-20
      2017-12-10 / Moskva
    13. Cords are knitted polypropylene
      Polypropylene knitted cords wholesale from the producer. Production in Chelyabinsk. Delivery across Russia transport company. Diameter is from 2 to 10 mm. Various packing Any colors at choice. The lowest prices in Russia.
      2017-10-23 / CHelyabinsk
    14. Coal activated (COCONUT)
      Recommendations to application Х water treatment (municipal water supply, industrial sewage, pools); Х in the food industry for cleaning of alcoholic drinks of fusel oils; Х in brewing, winemaking and also in technology of preparation of hard liquors of long endurance (cognac, whisky and so forth); Х inthe mining and metallurgical industry for extraction of gold and other metals from solutions and pulps; Х in filters for water purification from chlorine and impurity; Х at production of cigarettes with the coal filter; Х cleaning of industrial drains; Х purification of alcohol of fusel oils
      2017-09-04 / Stavropol`
    15. Universal coupler for a fixed timbering
      Universal coupler for a fixed timbering you Want to save on construction of the house? We offer universal couplers (fixture) for a fixed timbering from any sheet, slabby and masonry construction materials from the producer! Fixing of panels of a timbering with a width of wall from 150 mm to 550 mm;Combine a stage of construction of the house with a warming stage! Fast, exact installation of a timbering and fittings, lack of dismantling works; At construction of the warmed base reduction of loss of heat by 17%. Lack of bridges of cold; Reduction of costs of 25-30%! The cost of a universal coupler is from 29,3 rubles;Sending across all Russia. Call! Cooperation on dealer conditions is possible!
      2017-08-25 / Novosibirsk
    16. We buy Waste of Polypropylene (software).
      Waste of Polypropylene (software) in the form of a film (in rollers, a trimming, kipovanny), droblenka, scrap, ingates, products. Pipes, bottles, banks, covers, Waste of PET. Only (!!) in the form of the blister, cutting, carving, a leaf. Color is natural, transparent. Only production waste, warehouse illiquid assetsand remains. Attention: The price depends on a type of polymers (pnd, software, ps, Pat), colors, purity of material, a type of material (a product, a droblenka, scrap, etc.), a way of delivery, etc.
      2017-08-06 / Krasnoyarsk
    17. Glue for a quartz stone
      On any questions it is possible to call by telephone 7 (968) 946-65-89. Our glue is delivered in tubas 75 ml and completed with 2 mixers, and under the order deliveries in tubas of 50 and 250 ml are possible. Our company is ready to provide to you excellent andstrong glue which is capable to stick together quartz and acrylic stones. We give a guarantee for the offered goods. Our goods can be seen on the page. In assortment of our company more than 300 flowers of glue. The main privileges of Akrid glue is high speed fixing of connections. Oursthe company carries out any orders in short terms. We offer minimum lot of the order of only 50 tubas of one color. Besides, we can create for you a new shade gluing for every taste.
      2017-07-19 / Moskva
    18. Sanitary and electric installation work
      Plumbing fixtures of a .elektrik. apartment renovation from simple to euro. From replacement of conducting and automatic machines, installation and connection of sockets, washing machines and water heaters A also repair of plumbing fixtures, replacement of pipes and batteries, installation and installation of water heaters and washing machines.
      2017-07-19 / YAroslavl`
    19. Ready window from the producer at minimum price (Mordovia)
      The plant of translucent designs of LLC Steklo v arkhitekture offers a ready window worth 4500 rubles are included In the price: - a window design - a window sill - PVC a slope the Cylinder of AS the GIFT REHAU polyurethane foam! Protect family from noise andraise dust already tomorrow. Installation in accordance with GOST. From 1985 rub/sq.m. Payment by installments of 0% - without overpayments! Guarantee of 5 years. Discounts to 5000r for all windows till July 30! Free consultation and departure of the technologist to you to the address.
      2017-07-14 / Saransk
    20. Balconies, loggias, turnkey windows. Apartment renovation, houses
      The Evrostroy company offers complex repair of balconies, loggias, apartments, houses. Any kinds of a glazing and warming of balconies, loggias! And also apartment renovation, houses. Х windows (REHAU, and Russian a profile) with the German or Turkish accessories Balconies, loggias, stained glass windows. Х complexfinishing for every taste Х partitions, sliding systems, arch designs Х entrance doors and balcony Х a metalwork, frameworks of any complexity, Х expansions of space on perimeter or "carrying out" only a window sill Х a glazing of a frontal part Х and also the French balcony - a glazingfrom top to bottom.; Х production of roofs, peaks, canopies; Х rolleta, blinds, rolled curtains Х warming (polyfoam, min. cotton wool, stone cotton wool, exterior finish (Siding, etc.); Х internal finishing (MDF, plastic); Х floor (linoleum, laminate, tile); Х ceiling (plastic, gypsum cardboard);Х lighting (sockets, switches, lamps); Х trade pavilions, partitions Installation, dismantle, delivery, guarantee. Experience. Discounts for volume! Finishing works. Renovation. The electrician - installation and dismantle. Installation and connection of an electroboard. Plaster, hard putty. Plumbing fixtures. Plitka.Styazhka. A floor - a laminate, a carpet, linoleum.Partitions (gypsum cardboard, warming, block, noise isolation). Paintings. Dismantle of plaster, walls, houses, roofs. Loading and export of construction debris. Ceilings. Purchase, delivery. Experience. Discounts for volume. Х complex finishing for every taste Х metalwork, frameworks of any complexity, Х lattices, gate; Х production of roofs,peaks, canopies; Х warming (polyfoam, min. cotton wool, stone cotton wool, isobeliefs); Х exterior finish (Siding, etc.); Х internal finishing Х floor (linoleum, laminate, tile); Х ceiling (plastic, gypsum cardboard); Х lighting (sockets, switches, lamps); Measurement and drawing up the estimate it is free. Shortterms.!
      2017-07-12 / Sevastopol`
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