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    1. 2018-10-17 /
    2. Motoroller muravei`

      2018-09-22 / Vyselki
    3. Udlinit` Gazel` do 6.5m. Udlinit` Valdai` 33104/33106 Gazon Next Hendai` Isuzu Zil Bychok do 7.5 metrov.

      2018-07-03 / Moskva
    4. Udlinit` Gazon Nekst Isuzu Foton Gazel` Kamaz MAN Vol`vo Hendai` i dr. Ustanovka evrofurgonov

      2018-07-02 / Rostov-na-Donu
    5. Poteryal studencheskii`

      2018-06-28 / Krasnodar
    6. Gruzchiki Orenburg

      2018-01-09 / Orenburg
    7. The lost forms of the strict reporting
      The lost banks of the strict reporting of LLC SO "is FAITHFUL" to No. 0059804 and No. 0062555 to consider invalid.
      2017-12-08 / Krasnodar
    8. Katok dorozhnyi` dvuhval`covyi` KDV-1 (4 tonny)
      The engine - MMZ 3LD – Minsk, water cooling, 26 kW. Hydraulic pumps and motors of the course of POCLAIN – France. (The stated resource of 10000 m of h). The drive of the course and the drive of the vibrator on both valets. The moistening system under pressure with adjustment of a pause and durationinjection. The skating rink is equipped with an awning with a possibility of folding for transportation. Main overall dimensions: Length---2505 mm Width---1500 mm Height in transport situation---2300 Dimensions of a valets of a skating rink: Width of a valets---1400 mm Diameter of a valets---750 mm the Cost of a skating rink is 2 150 000 rub. A guarantee 1 year (if necessary it is possible to expand a guarantee to 5years).
      2017-11-17 / SHahty
    9. Sale of motor transport from eminent producers in the territory of the country and beyond her limits.
      Avtospetstekhnika has proved as the reliable partner in the market. The company offers the clients the most various production: cars, trailers and semi-trailers with the heat-insulated vans, refrigerators, tow trucks, vans, tractors, autotowers, skorovoza and a set of other names. The equipment on sale new and second-hand, Russian andforeign production. Special equipment for small farms and the large enterprises. More than 10 years of work, delivery is carried out across all territory of Russia. The company the parking where not less than 30 types of special equipment from various producers are always available is owned. There is an opportunity to passtest drive. Promotional offers with serious discounts work!
      2017-08-03 / Samara
    10. COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE, the CMTPL without margins
      The COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE from all risks from 20000 rub is offered sk by MOSKOVIA. Fast registration, departure of the expert on the house, summer discounts. Experts will pick up to you the most favorable options!
      2017-07-01 / Moskva
    11. RENT of the AUTOTOWER from 18 to 42 meters
      LLC FAV Development Group RENT of the AUTOTOWER from 18 to 42 meters of Avtovyshk allows to perform high-rise works of any orientation, and also to lift and lower freights. Our dynamic enterprise aimed at qualitative result has developed the effective scheme of interaction with our partners andclients. Existence in our vehicle fleet of a car of towers with an arrow departure 18 and 42 meters allows to pick up the equipment with optimum necessary operational characteristics. Such parameters are especially urgent for exact and accurate works, the organization of a full turn of an arrow on rather limited space. In dependencefrom your purposes it is possible to order a car from us a tower for work at the minimum investments of money she provides clients with big functionality.
      2017-03-11 / Smolensk
    12. RENT of the EXCAVATOR of a loader, the mini-excavator, the excavator for rent.
      LLC FAV Development Group RENT of the EXCAVATOR of a loader, the mini-excavator, the excavator for rent. A loader, the mini-excavator we lease the excavator, available is 3i pieces of equipment! Let's perform any works connected with services of the excavator such as: cleaning of snow, vykopk of a trench and wells, dredgingsoil, work in a ditch, dismantle of buildings, demolition of partitions, movement and loading of soil, planning (alignment and clearing) areas, filling by sand, crushed stone and etc. Also there are devices on the excavator, such as: Hydrohammer and Yamobur (screw of 150 - 500 mm), ladles of differentwidth. In a set there are planning ladles from 30 cm to 2 meters.
      2017-03-11 / Smolensk
    13. Services of the KATO truck crane of 35 tons cheap Chelyabinsk
      Services of the KATO truck crane of 35 tons cheap Chelyabinsk. Our organization has the sufficient park of truck cranes, for satisfaction of any need of the client. It is 20, 25, 32-ton truck cranes. Each copy of the equipment regularly undergoes checkup and is in the 100% working condition. Truck cranes are used not only atloading and loading works, but also when making pipelines, on building sites, etc. You call or visit the website.
      2017-02-17 / CHelyabinsk
    14. Barrel for milk 89273142576
      2017-02-10 / Tol`yatti
    15. P r and go in about r
      Belukhin Dmitry Nikolaevich has also taken out comedy movies in 2013 P r and about in about river. Good Russian series are! For example Passengers movies spectacular as HD and it it is possible a slope a torrent. With respect for Belukhin D. of N
      2017-01-14 / Sanaa
    16. Hino Dutoro tentovanny van truck
      Hino Dutoro tentovanny van truck 2012, 2-ton onboard, engine diesel of 4 l., 150 h.p., 3-seater, back drive, automatic machine, dl van sizes. 3115, sir 1615, vys 2350, the volume of the van is 12 cubic meters, walls in the van from thick plywood. Run181 thousand km., good shape, color white
      2016-11-21 / Ekaterinburg
    17. The mistake in the choice of the garage equipment threatens with ruin!
      Existence in's online store of the known and recognized in the world qualitative brands guarantees the result expected by the client. An opportunity to receive the required garage equipment or expendables without loss of time and overpayments will become for our clients a reality.
      2016-10-19 / Odincovo
    18. Semi-trailer tank fuel truck bitumovoz oil-carrier fuels and lubricants cement truck
      The Russian plant on production of Bonum semi-trailers tanks, we offer tanks for light and dark oil products: Production material - became 09G2S, heat insulation 4 mm thick composite material on the basis of mineral wool (150 mm) the Mechanical ground valve, the sharovy crane on dischargeDU100 the Drain sleeve composite heat-resistant axes of Osman KOC of 12000 kg or BPW/SAF the Brake Wabco system of the Tire Continental/Cordiant Volumes and cost of semi-trailers – bitumovoz (oil-carrier): 28 m3 of 1 990 000 rub. The semi-trailer passesbead-blasting processing epoxy tsinkosoderzhashchy soil Is applied. Guarantee 3 years, service. Any form of payment. Sale in leasing or the credit is possible (our company is accredited in all leasing and credit institutions). Delivery to any region of the Russian Federation and the CIS.Specify more detailed information by phone, at any time convenient for you.
      2016-08-02 / Rostov-na-Donu
    19. LQ956 loader
      3 cubes the 5th tonic an excellent state and three skating rinks payment by installments we will make a loader of 2014.
      2016-07-23 / Belorechensk
    20. Production the evakuatornykh of platforms of broken type with sliding ramps, a movable platform on the Gazelle, the Lawn, Valdai, Maz, KamAZ, ISUZU, HINO, HYUNDAI, TOYOTA, Ford Transit, BAW Fenix.
      LLC AVTOTEKH is engaged in production and installation of tow trucks (a broken platform) on the Gazelle, the Lawn, Maz, KamAZ, ISUZU, HINO, HYUNDAI, TOYOTA, Ford Transit, BAW Fenix of own production. We suggest to convert the Gazelle brand car, the Lawn, Maz, KamAZ, ISUZU, HINO, HYUNDAI, TOYOTA, Ford Transit, BAW Fenixand other cars of an import and domestic production in the tow truck with a platform of broken type from 3-5 working days. Enter the list of works on this type of re-equipment: -Lengthening of the chassis (lengthening of a frame, driveshaft, brake system, conducting); -Production and installationevakuatorny platform of broken type and folding ramps; -Installation and connection of the electric winch; -Connection electricians to illuminants. Complete set: -the winch with a long cable; -an emphasis for fixing of wheels; - lighting lamps; -strong coupling tapes; - flashing indicator;- if necessary strengthening of a frame, wheel base, frame basis; - additional equipment at will. Also we carry out production and sale of tow trucks with KMU and we offer installation of cranes manipulators on various chassis. The tow truck with the crane manipulator and a platform of broken type withhydraulic winch. KMU is equipped with the hydraulic rotator and certified traversy, allowing to regulate the provision of the evacuated car. Production of tow trucks with a movable platform. The tow truck with a movable platform, allows quickly, easily and safely to load cars even with a small road gleam, including sportscar. High safety of the evacuated motor transport in transit: back support fall independently from each other, helping to keep stability of a platform, and the set of belts and a clamp of a platform guarantee reliable fixing of transport. You can buy the tow truck (a broken platform) on the Gazelle from us, the Lawn, Maz,KamAZ, ISUZU, HINO, HYUNDAI, TOYOTA, Ford Transit, BAW Fenix. You can learn additional information and the prices, having called our manager. All works are certified. We give the qualified help in renewal of documents according to new regulations for traffic police.
      2016-07-21 / Saransk
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