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  13. I will sell the site on the seashore.
    The site Specific in two levels, there are no constructions, the owner one, purpose of the earth the individual house hoz constructions, is communications water, the sewerage, electricity two points. Nearby stop shops hoz, and pro-@. The Respektkhol hotel, is the Funicular directly on the beach. I show documents at a meeting.
    2017-12-15 / YAlta
  14. The carbamide, saltpeter (mineral fertilizers) across Ukraine, is possible export.
    Offers mineral fertilizers across Ukraine and for export. A carbamide, Seurat, DAP, MAP, Nitroammofos, Ammophos, Saltpeter, NPK, Ammonia of the Term of delivery for export of FOB, CIF. Origin:Ukraine, Russia, USA, Uzbekistan, etc. Any volumes.
    2017-12-13 / Har`kov
  15. Blokorezka MDB-600
    Blokorezka is intended to "MDB 600" for crushing of the frozen grocery blocks on pieces of irregular shape in lines of production of meat semi-finished products and sausages with a temperature in the block from - 1 C to - 20 C. Technical characteristics: Model: MDB-600 Productivity(not less), kgc: 1400 the Power of the drive, kW, In, Hz: 4h380h50 Thickness of slices, mm: 20 Giving of the block in a cutting zone: Manual Height of unloading, mm: 610 Maximum sizes of blocks, mm: 250h500h700 Overall dimensions, mm: 1300h1000h1300 weight, kg (no more): 300
    2017-12-07 / Zaporozh`e
  16. The software of ALLVEND for the systems of self-service
    The Inform-Sistemy group of companies submits the universal software for payment and information terminals – ALLVEND. The functionality of PO ALLVEND allows to organize self-service of clients in any directions of trade and the sphere of commercial and public services existing in the market. Thanks to flexibility and easePO ALLVEND it is possible to adjust easily and quickly work of any points of self-service under requirements and style of any company: Information booths, Systems of an electronic queue, Cash desk of self-service, Payment terminals, ATMs, etc. PO ALLVEND solves any problem assigned to vending devicesand the systems of self-service, is also suitable for automation of work of any organization. ON is established on any devices of self-service in 10 minutes, his use on points gives an opportunity: To make out design of the software for a brand of shop, office, state. structures, etc. to Advertiseto clients production, services and actions to Form and pay orders of goods on terminals, to Use the terminal as information booth and many other things. The UNIVERSAL SOFTWARE of ALLVEND works under control of the easy and fast built-in FastSYS OS which is own development of GroupInform-Sistemy companies. This system functions on USB stores, has 5 extents of cryptoprotection and uniform failure in 11 years of its application in the sphere of devices of self-service. Due to stability and the high level of automation of this system double decrease in expenses is reached onservice, record indicators of time of useful work and profitability of points. POSSIBILITIES of UNIVERSAL PO ALLVEND: Change of design of the software for your Payment style on terminals of services of federal and local Suppliers. Broadcast of advertizing of services and production. Automation of the order and payment of production. Usethe terminal as information booth. Use of the terminal as cash desk of reception of cash Payment of goods and services by cash cards with use of the card reader and without Full remote management of points of network to Study detailed information on PO ALLVEND opportunities, the presentation and additionalmaterials you can on the SKYSEND SYSTEM website in the section to RETAIL CHAIN STORES, by phone 7 (800) 555-25-36 and also having communicated by e-mail
    2017-10-13 / Moskva
  17. Souvenirs from a stone, kamnesamotsvetny raw materials and minerals
    Production of souvenir products from natural semiprecious stones with drawing your logo. Badges, medals, magnets, charms, business souvenir from a natural stone. Drawing the drawing on the polished stone surface. Souvenirs from a stone, kamnesamotsvetny raw materials and minerals.
    2017-10-12 / Novosibirsk
  18. Beautiful number for your business
    The memorable and easy number is important for business!!! we will pick up for your business the beautiful mobile number in a format of six-digit or ten-digit number! the Tattelekom company offers cellular communication on profitable terms for usual use and for formation of favorable corporate communication!- in network a bezlimitna talk - 4G the Internet bezlimitno at our company is a lot of interesting tariff plans, and to each client individual approach. Be AVAILABLE TO CLIENTS!!!
    2017-10-04 / Naberezhnye CHelny
  19. Control bracelets for parties, clubs, discos
    Control bracelets for parties, clubs, discos: paper, vinyl, silicone. All colors. Logo press. Delivery across all Russia. The price is 1 ruble.
    2017-09-27 / Moskva
  20. PND pipes bu is accepted
    I will buy scraps of pipes PND (pieces, waste, marriage, not standard, stale and whole), polyethylene PND of a pipe with yellow and blue strips. Shipment at own expense is possible. Payment both cash, and non-cash with the VAT. Adygeysk, Elista, Simferopol, Krasnodar, Anapa, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Sevastopol, Taganrog and otherscities.
    2017-08-15 / Volgograd
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