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    8. Semiotiks. Vsestoronnee prodvizhenie sai`tov. Intellektual`no. Kak dlya sebya.

      2018-06-28 / Moskva
    9. Akciya 50% na oformlenie lyubogo banketa i prazdnichnogo stola!

      2018-03-29 / Krasnodar
    10. Registraciya v GIBDD izmenenii` v konstrukcii avto

      2018-03-07 / Sankt-Peterburg
    11. Propusk na sadovoe kol`co stoimost`

      2018-01-30 / Moskva
    12. Centr Sertifikacii

      2018-01-18 / Ekaterinburg
    13. Volvo loader, 3 cubes
      We sell the wheel loader b. at. Volvo L120E because the enterprise has been closed (I worked at one platform). The loader is ready to further big and active loadings!. Year of release: 2007. Engine hours - about 12000. The loader is struck off the register. The bargaining is possible,but after survey (by phone we don't bargain). Call for specification of any questions and record on survey!. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Loading capacity, kg 8100 Volume of a ladle, CBM 3 Height of unloading, mm of 2910. ROAD PERFORMANCE Volvo D7E LA E3 Engine Powerengine, hp 217 Maximum speed of movement, km/h 35. OVERALL DIMENSIONS, MM Length 7060 Width 2670 Height 3370. Full weight 21200
      2017-12-06 / Moskva
    14. Purchase of the car in any state
      In what measure the owner of the car wouldn't love the car, sooner or later he will want to be changed her. Or just to sell as pennies are necessary. To make it quickly and qualitatively, there is no need to advertize in the newspaper or to publish him inInternet. It is just necessary to use the Avtoalyans company. Advantages of this firm on buying up of a car are that she realizes purchase of the car in any stay; the contract can be signed, both in the territory of the client, and at office of distiller's beer; paperwork, observance of all legal particularsundertakes "Avtoalyans"; the procedure doesn't take a lot of time. To use services of firm, leave on the website the application for repayment of the car then the specialist will absolutely leave to the address specified by you, will perform inspection and assessment of the car. If everything suits you, on the placethe contract will be issued. Payment is made by any convenient methods: cash, in currency or money are put on the bank account. "Avtoal`yns" "Car assessment online" also provides service. Having filled a little fields (a make of the car, year of release, a surname, a name of the owner and a phone number), andhaving sent the application to managers of the company, you will be able to receive a rough estimate of the car in very short terms.
      2017-08-24 / Moskva
    15. The crane automobile ks-5576K is on sale
      The cargo crane 2014 in an excellent state, only one owner the Engine capacity of 298 (219) kW of the Chassis KamAZ 65115 Loading capacity of 32 t the Arrow of four-section 30,7 m (from in single file 37 m) Engine hours 3147 Run of 3000 km the Bargaining is pertinent
      2017-04-26 / Moskva
    16. The passport is lost!
      4/24/2017 the passport addressed to Hamaza Darya Sergeyevna has been lost. In the area Anniversary. The request to return for remuneration!
      2017-04-26 / Krasnodar
    17. Loss of the studentchesky ticket
      I have lost the student ID card: institute of KIPO of the student of 1 course Fabrikov Maxim, a request to consider him not valid.
      2017-04-10 / Krasnodar
    18. Happy Monday of the Cargo transportation
      Dear clients and partners! Especially for you we have prepared the stock "Happy Monday" - take advantage of the special offer and receive additional 5% a discount at delivery or freights intake on Monday on terminals of the city of Moscow. Action conditions: The discount extends only oninter-terminal transportation on the service "Combined Road Haulage"; The General size of a discount can't exceed 20% and doesn't extend to special tariffs and the minimum cost of transportations.
      2017-04-06 / Pyatigorsk
    19. Cars, reviews and comparisons of popular brands.
      How to choose the car among similar? Statistically from the moment of the first visit of a motor show before real purchase of the car there passes about half a year. What is done by the motorist throughout all this time? Compares cars, studies their technical characteristics, reads information on the Internet abouteach model. The section of comparative tests significantly simplifies this task! Now information on the competing cars can be found on one website, and it means you will spend much less time for making a right choice.
      2017-02-28 / Perm`
    20. Wall pith board
      The size - 90*120sm a look - wall frame material - aluminum a new Message board in cardboard packing in a frame from aluminum with a working surface from the traditional cork which is perfectly holding paper with a sticky layer. Information it is possible to fix to a board by means of powerbuttons, tacks, tags (aren't included in the package). The pith surface is easily restored after removal of the button therefore such boards are practical and durable. For a suspension on a wall on the top part of a frame metal loops are provided. A strong frame from aluminum with the rounded plastic corners; Goodthe big size for the general use at office for notes and announcements also and in house conditions. The bargaining is possible.
      2016-12-16 / Apsheronsk
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