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    14. I will sell a baby carriage of Quatro Makalu 4 (a transformer 2 in 1) Poland!
      This reliable and comfortable chair for your kid. Winter-summer. In an excellent state. The carriage has presentable appearance, very bright and beautiful, is suitable both for the girl and for the boy. There are no big scratches, fabric as new - not burned outalso it isn't rubbed. There are a bag and a raincoat. All parts made of cloth are removed and even if absolutely to remove laziness - everything is cleaned by a sponge. Very easy-to-control and maneuverable (the easy aluminum chassis and running affects bearings unlike the cheap Chinese). Big inflatablewheels will provide high passability even on bumpy roads with a possibility of fixing, the handle with the adjustable height and a tilt angle, is equipped with the mechanism for transformation. Really, she is created for conquest of any roads and the directions! Compactly it develops - a transforming. To the child in her it is very cozy,and in the winter – heat! Sale reason: the child has grown up. I regret that has late bought this carriage. (To her I was absolutely uncomfortable, simplified Chinese). Call, write - we will agree! The carriage with the kind soul looks for the little owner!
      2017-12-11 / Lugansk
    15. Online store of clothes for newborns and children 1-3 years of Fruttika
      In our shop you will be able to buy a kidswear really at the lowest prices. Free shipping and convenient payment, including when receiving goods.
      2017-11-21 / Obninsk
    16. Wholesale of winter Barbarris outerwear
      The wholesale clothing store "Barbarris" recommends a wide choice of outerwear fall/winter for children of any age and teenagers. Designers of our factory develop new collections every season therefore the clothes from TM Barbarris look brightly, fashionably and stylish. There are jackets, a coat, down-padded coats, overalls forboys and girls. It is possible to get acquainted with goods on our website: of the Condition of sales: Minim set of the order of 10 pieces. The order from 50 units provides additional discounts. You call, we will answer your questions. Delivery to all regions of Russia any convenient forYou carrier. Skype: barbarris.sales
      2017-11-17 / Novosibirsk
    17. Winter outerwear Wholesale
      The Barbarris clothing store represents the range of the top winter clothes for children and teenagers. Original, qualitative, bright models are available: jackets, a coat, down-padded coats, overalls for boys and girls. Our designers ezhesezonno develop new collections, considering fashionable tendencies therefore clothes from TMBarbarris looks brightly and stylish. It is possible to get acquainted with all goods on the website of shop Terms of sale: Minimum lot of the order of 10 units. The order from 50 units provides additional discounts. You look. Choose. Call back. Zakazivayte. Delivery to all regions of Russia. Skype: barbarris.sales
      2017-11-17 / Tomsk
    18. The massage Weakening Lingama Massage
      Erotic Lingama Massage (it is carried out by the correct technique), massage of a prostate (becomes the massager), Massage Weakening bodies, massage roller (for more power influence). I am a private masseur, I receive only, my photos. There are no additional services, there is no intim
      2017-10-23 / Krasnodar
    19. Private home kindergarten
      Invites kids from 2nd to 8 years. Leaving, food, development in age in the directions: reading, mathematics, small motility (molding, applique, drawing, etc.), acquaintance to the world around, development of the speech, physical culture, music. There is a certificate on the state registration.
      2017-07-22 / Moskva
    20. The book of Fairy tales about your Child
      On the website "Skazkiperson" it is possible to order the personalized books with fairy tales for the child. The family, friends, even pets can be participants of plots. And the main hero of all fantastic stories - your kid! The photo and a name of the child are built in on a cover and fantastic illustrations.Your memorable inscription will be pressed directly in the book. The unusual and keeping gift in mind!
      2017-07-05 / Moskva
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