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Список объявление в категории Телефоны и связь / Радио и Телекоммуникации

  1. 2018-12-17 /
  2. ZSM ATS « PicStar 105 c »
    GSM of automatic telephone exchange "PicStar 105H" is office automatic telephone exchange on your mobile phones without wires and stationary phones. Voice greeting of c set of extension number, readdressing, conference communication, etc. Cheap Mezhgorod-one Simkarta with expensive "unlimited tariff" on all. The Internet isn't necessary andsmartphones with applications. Works at the simplest push-button tubes. And also wire pass automatic telephone exchange of PicStar, answerphones, the on-door speakerphone for automatic telephone exchange, the panel of management communication, GSM PicStar 101G lock. The prices from 5700 rubles. Delivery in all directions.
    2017-10-26 / Moskva
    I will buy the three-program radio receiver of wire broadcasting, it is obligatory with strengthening on the first program and in working order!
    2017-09-19 / CHelyabinsk
  4. Fine details solve big problems
    We offer a wide choice of radio-electronic components for repair of household appliances, the industrial equipment and technical creativity (Chips, transistors, diodes, stabilitrons, resistors, condensers, sockets, buttons, switches, toggle-switches, etc.). In assortment more than 2000 types of panels for TV, DVD, SAT, conditioners.More than 200 names of audio-video of cords from 1,5 to 15 m long for connection practically all types of household radio engineering. We carry out both retail, and wholesale trade. In fifteen years of existence of our firm we have got business partners in everythingTo the Black Sea coast represented by repair shops, small shops, private hotels and boarding houses. It allows us to develop and improve technology of trade dynamically. 1. Audio-video of the plug, nest, adapters 2. Power supply units (Adaptora), battery compartments 3. Switches 4. Diodes, tiristor, simistor, vypryamitelnybridges 5. Spare parts for Microwave ovens 6. Tool 7. Cable, wire, thermoshrinkable tube 8. Quartzes, filters, fans 9. Plugs are knife, plugs a fork, plugs a ring, DVI, HDMI 10. Buttons 11. Accessories for the DVD radio tape recorders, laser heads, loops 12. Condensers are electrolytic, starting,ceramic, tuning 13. Cases for homemade products, handles, telephony 14. Lamps, indicators 15. Chips are import, Russia 16. Multimeters, measuring heads 17. Soldering chemistry 18. Switches are galetny, DIP, trailer, dvizhkovy, TV 19. Safety locks, varistors, thermosafety locks 20. Remote controls 21. Splitters,VCh 22 adders. Sockets are telephone, computer, USB 23. Sockets and loops for autoradio tape recorders 24. Resistors are constant, tuning, variables 25. Relay, gerkona 26. Light-emitting diodes, LED tapes, modules, indicators 27. Stabilitrons 28. Transistors are import, Russia 29. Transformersfood 30. Transformers lower case 31. Toggle-switches 32. TV 33 tuners. Audio-video cords, computer
    2017-09-19 / Tuapse
  5. Decrease in expenses on telecommunications
    The Avalon Group company provides services in the field of connection to mobile communication and decrease in expenses on telecommunications. We work with leading company in the field of T-mobile telecommunications. On the basis of your accounts for mobile communication, we will calculate for you, absolutely free of charge how many youyou will be able to save with our company. You will be able to save at least 20% of your accounts for mobile communication that will be to especially interestingly legal entities. We completely undertake communication with representatives of the company and relevant authorities and you shouldn't spendthe precious time, standing in queues for filling of papers. You call or write us, we will pick up to you an ideal tariff and we will help to save your money.
    2016-09-20 / Praga