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    7. Zapcast` Novus Ultra Dju
      Zapcast` Novus Ultra Dju
      2017-12-15 / Sankt-Peterburg
    8. Excellent giving for business
      Giving to the Region of Fiolenta of 180 sq.m. 2 floors, the 1st floor of the inhabited square of the site of 6.6 hundred parts of convenience in the house is on sale. gas on the site
      2017-12-09 / Sevastopol`
    9. I sell the 3-roomed apartment on "Platform"
      I sell the 3-roomed apartment on "Platform" in brick 9 the floor house, the total area of 62 sq.m, a bathroom separate, rooms separate, the loggia is glazed, repair, the apartment warm, cozy. Documents are ready, the bargaining is appropriate.
      2017-11-21 / Tula
    10. Elastic CentaFlex couplings (Germany)
      IN A MOMENT group of companies offers to delivery the German couplings and elastic elements from one of the leading producers of couplings in the world. In our warehouse many kinds of these couplings used in different types of the road-building equipment are presented. The main equipment is avtobetonosmesitel, road skating rinks, the grader,excavators and other equipment. Here only a small part of the fact that we deliver: • CentaFlex K-100-165 coupling • Elastic E-CF-A-16 element • Elastic E-CF-A-30 element • Elastic K-125-195 element • Elastic K-150-230 element • Elastic CF-A-140 element
      2017-11-17 / Taganrog
    11. Membrane and water pumps Shurflo
      models and if on the website they aren't presented that them it is possible to bring under the order to the mildest terms.
      2017-11-17 / Volgodonsk
    12. Tracks (boots) for asphalt spreaders and road mills
      Our company is engaged in production of tracks for the road equipment. We make rubber and polyurethane boots for the following types of the equipment: 1. Vogele 1600-2100 2. Cat PM200, AP755 3. Volvo ABG Titan 311, 222, 265,322, 323,324, 325EPM, 326, 6820, 7820. 4. Wirtgen W 1000 F; W 1200 F;W 1300 F; W 100 F; W 120 F; W 130 F; W 100 Fi, W2000, W210, W210i 5. Bitelli BB651C, BB671, BB671C, BB681C, BB781 6. Bomag BF600C, BF691C, BF704, BF805, BF905 7. Hanta F1740C2B, F2045C2, F1740C. 8. Dynapac 11011 K, F14C, F15C, F16C,F18CS, F121, F141C, F181, F181C, F182CS. 9. Sakai all Guarantee of 12 Months for All Production models. To regular customers good discounts.
      2017-11-17 / Nal`chik
    13. 2 voskresen`y zelenay zmey Obreti svoboda!
      Do you want to be exempted from alcohol addiction, to begin to feel ease and to recover the health? There is an accurate instruction - the product doesn't contain any chemistry, only natural process is involved. You will receive notable result in 2 weeks! At the order of a course with guarantee you will receive natural process of improvement,the consecutive instruction and personal references of the author, the decision, all problems connected with a depression - you will look at the whole 4 hours of useful video
      2017-11-16 / CHelyabinsk
    14. Reducers for avtobetonosmesitel
      Reducers for avtobetonosmesitel Sale of all types of reducers for avtobetonosmesitel of any brands from "IN A MOMENT Group of companies". We carry out repair and maintenance of reducers for an avtobetonosmesitel (mixer). We change cases, satellites, bearings, cuffs, shaft, flanges. And we repair reducers which we sell: For mixers withof barrel from 6 to 8 cubes: A reducer of PMB 6 (Italy) ZTS PM Reducer 51 (Slovakia) the Reducer ZF P3301 (Germany) the Reducer Bonfiglioli 575 (Italy) the Reducer Sauer 51.2 (Germany) For mixers with a capacity of barrel from 8 to 10 cubes: Reducer of PMB 6.5 (Italy) Reducer of ZTS PM 62C (Slovakia)Reducer ZF P4300 (Germany) the Reducer Bonfiglioli 577 (Italy) the Reducer Sauer 61.2 (Germany) For mixers with a capacity of barrel from 10 to 12 cubes: A reducer of PMB 7.1 (Italy) the Reducer of ZTS PM 62C (Slovakia) the Reducer ZF P5300 (Germany) the Reducer Bonfiglioli 580 (Italy) the Reducer Sauer 71.2 (Germany) Also we restore reducers withbuilt-in hydraulic motor such as ZF PLM-7 and PLM-9.
      2017-11-15 / Astrahan`
    15. Shock-absorbers (vibropillows) for road skating rinks
      The company of Ltd company of "VMIG Group" is engaged in production of shock-absorbers for road skating rinks of domestic and import production which are used in models: Dynapac:CH25, CA15, CA25, CA25R, CA30, CA35, CA41D, CA152, CA182, CA251, CA262, CA300, CA302,CA402,CA502,CA602, LR100, CC20,CC21, CC30, CC41, CC50, CC142, CC233HF,CC232,CC422, CC522, CC622 Hamm: DV6.4, DV6.4 DV6.4, DV6.4 PVC, DV6 SVERH, DV8.4, DV8.4 PVC, DV8, DV90, 3205, 3307, 3307 NE OBLAGAEMYE NALOGOM, 3410-3411, 3412-3414, 3414 NE OBLAGAEMYE NALOGOM, 3516-3520,
      2017-11-15 / Krasnodar
    16. Door Kia Spectra spare part engine.
      Door Kia Spectra engine of the spare part bu original. On existence of spare parts specify by phone. Sending through shopping mall. Address on the contacts specified an announcement.
      2017-11-14 / MOSKVA
    17. The tow truck with the broken platform on gas-3302
      - lengthening of the chassis to wheel base of 4000 mm; - the electric winch with traction effort of 4 t. on the stationary basis; - a forward protivopodkatny emphasis; - illumination of loading space; - a toolbox; - the flashing indicator of orange color; - fixing Avtoevakuator belts it is intended for loadingand transportations of vehicles. Distinguish several kinds of tow trucks: With the platform of "broken" type; With the movable platform; With krano-manipulyatorny installation. And also superstructures of any Type: - vans of various appointments; - laboratories of test researches, monitoring, emergency and control services; - mobileworkshops; - cranes manipulators; - cars for intelligence agencies (the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, traffic police); - shop trailers; - cars for transportation of horses; - cars for ritual services and transportation of corpses; - two-row cabins, zakabinny sleeping bags. We wait for your orders)) we Do vans under the order of any sizes!!!
      2017-10-30 / Kirov
    18. Europlatform
      The europlatform for the Gazelle car length the 5200th width of 2150 height 2200, a floor transport plywood, an awning Korea, back gate with a lock of shtangovy type. Lengthening Gazelle, Valdai, Lawn, MAZ Zubrenok, ZIL Bull-calf, Valdai, KAMAZ, all cargo cars. Any re-equipment: -lengthening / shortening of a frame, - any kinds of superstructures, - re-equipment your car in the tow truck, - for transportation of dangerous freights, etc. The structure of the europlatform provides a possibility of production as strong monolithic framework (loading back), and a framework with removable sideracks, with movable side and top blinds on rollers, for ensuring fast side and top loading. Upon completion of works we issue all necessary documents and certificates. Together with re-equipment of your car we are ready to undertake documentary maintenance, to passall difficult procedure for registration of re-equipment in traffic police!
      2017-10-30 / Nizhnii` Novgord
    19. Round rubber rings
      The ring rubber from manufacturer is offered by the representative of the rubber plants of Russia and Europe S-Agroservice group of companies. We send rubber sealing rings and ftorkauchukovy rings from the main warehouse to Stavropol to any region of our country. We pass all logistic decisions through transportBusiness Lines companies, PEK, Baikal, Zheldor and others. The central logistic warehouse is located in Moscow. The most important in our organization you can order production of any kind of rubber products. News! In the city of Rostov-on-Don free shipping a ring rubber works with the car of the company.We sell only qualitative rings of round section from all known plants of our country and the whole world. Address in ours the company and we will help to make correctly the application for your shop or a warehouse. Yours faithfully, manager of sales department Inna.
      2017-10-24 / Rostov-na-Donu
    20. To buy rubber oilproof rings
      The RTI Stavropol plant makes a ring rubber under the order of any sizes. We accept applications only in an electronic form. Available also thousands of types of compression molds are a lot of ready rings, and. You should call only supply of our plant and we will answer onall questions on acquisition of RTI of rings and cuffs sealing. News of the plant! Order production of rubber rings till December 20, 2017 and a compression mold as a gift. Call we will answer all questions
      2017-10-23 / Moskva
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