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    9. Not aerated low-mineralized table MINERAL DOMBAI water.
      Not aerated low-mineralized table water of the first category "Dombai mineral" in 19 liter polycarbonate and PET large bottles. "Dombai mineral" is the live glacial underground water extracted in the territory of the world famous Teberdinsky biospheric reserve. Our well No. 49 is at the height of 1350 meters above sea level.Unique feature of our water it is possible to call contents in its structure 18 useful natural macro - and microminerals which are necessary for the growing child's organism. The regular use of our water stimulates process of natural self-restoration of an organism. Hardness of water are minimum - the general meaning fluctuates to 1,00 mg-ݬó/l(it while according to standards for drinking waters of the centralized water supply it is allowed to 7,0 mg-ݬó/l). At long storage or boiling draft doesn't form. It is possible to order water in Anapa by the specified phones. Delivery in day of the order!!!
      2017-12-16 / Anapa
    10. Red Caviar wholesale and retail Perm! The best Price and Quality!
      Red Caviar wholesale and retail Perm! The best Price and Quality! Fresh, not frozen, without additives. Directly from the producer. Documents of a soovetstviye are available Free shipping across Perm. We guarantee: The best price, we work directly with the plant.Without intermediaries! Thanks to a turn caviar constantly fresh! cooled (not frozen) Quality! Red caviar is packed up in plastic tight a container with the lock Packing: 250 g - 1100 rubles of 500 g - 2100 rubles of 1 kg - 4200 rublesAlso there are bonuses for our clients: Prize order 3kg-0,25 kg bonus. At the order of 5 kg - 0,5 kg a bonus At the order of 8 kg - 0.75 kg a bonus At the order of 10 kg - 1 kg a bonus Productionit is delivered cooled in cooler bags Many buyers collect orders from acquaintances and relatives and receive pleasant bonuses (you see above) for ob`ym purchases our group you can find in at the request of "Red19" delivery Phone: 8-912-986-26-26 Viber @ WhatsApp@ Telegram
      2017-12-02 / Perm`
    11. Caramel, lollipops wholesale from the producer
      Lollipops wholesale from the producer. Sale from one box, Delivery across all Russia. Cockerels (on 50 gr.) 1 pieces of 18 rubles box (40 pieces) of 720 rubles. Hearts (on 70 gr.) 1 pieces of 25 rubles box (30 pieces) of 750 rubles.Curls Big (on 100 gr) 1 piece of 35 rubles a box (25 pieces) 875r Arbuziki (70 gr) 1 piece of 35 rubles a box (30 pieces) of 1050 rubles. Smilies (50 gr.) 1 pieces of 28 rubles box (50 pieces) of 1400 rubles.Also there are spirals, fir-trees and other New Year's lollipops. List of all ledencov:sahar, treacle, citric acid, fragrance, dye. Proizvodstvo:rossiya, St. Petersburg. Very tasty, different flowers) there Are wholesale and small wholesale prices, receive particulars at the manager.
      2017-11-29 / Sankt-Peterburg
    12. We offer legs, pads chicken
      We offer legs, pads chicken to the Central Bank in quantity from 40 ton., and more, in a company package, or a monolith to packing on 10-12kg., the weight of one pad from 40-50gr. Shipment condition: shipment at own expense. photo on demand. Russia, South Ural, Chelyabinsk Russia, SouthernUral, nomer telefona v godah Celybinske 8 (351) 795-59-66 Pocty sot.8-951-447-99-41, 8-963-073-51-39 ilbaev 39. Starsii ruteniy. Il`baev yandex. Russkii. Skaip: - ilbaev 230270
      2017-11-09 / CHelyabinsk
    13. Oil, sunflower, not refined,
      Oil, sunflower, not refined, Oil, sunflower not refined a cold extraction, 1 grade., in bulk from 5 tons. on 47 rub for liter. Location: Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Region Russia, South Ural, Chelyabinsk 8(351) 795-59-66, honeycombs. 8-951-447-99-41, 8-963-073-51-39,, Skype: ilbaev230270
      2017-11-09 / CHelyabinsk
    14. We realize granulated sugar beet
      We realize granulated sugar beet Granulated sugar beet in accordance with GOST. In bags of polypropylene 50 kg, production of the sugar plants (Russia). Shipment carriage norms from 68 tons. Shipment machine norms, a minimum from 20 tons. Payment by bank transfer. LLC AlbatrosRossiy, Yznyi Ural, g. Celybinsk 8 (351) 795-59-66, sud. 8-951-447-99-41, 8-9 63-073-51-39,, Skype: ilbaev230270
      2017-11-09 / CHelyabinsk
    15. We offer fruit and vegetable preservation
      We offer fruit and vegetable preservation by the Main activity of our enterprise sale of such production as natural fruit juice, vegetable juice, tomato paste, drinks, compotes, jam, jams, vegetable preservation in wide assortment is. All turned-out products are certified in the Crimean center of standardizationand metrology. We invite to cooperation of the company which carry out sale of goods wholesale and retail, and want to earn more money from each sale without increase in the price of goods. We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation. January, 2016. Russia,Yznyi Ural, g. Celybinsk 8 (351) 795-59-66, sud. 8-951-447-99-41, 8-9 63-073-51-39,, Skype: ilbaev230270
      2017-11-09 / CHelyabinsk
    16. We realize, pork, in half carcasses
      We realize, pork, in half carcasses Pork in half carcasses. The wholesale at us begins from 5 tons. Payment as cash on the place, and by bank transfer is possible. LLC Albatros Russia, South Ural, Ph. to Chelyabinsk 8(351) 795-59-66, honeycombs. 8-951-447-99-41,, Skaip: ilbaev230270
      2017-11-09 / CHelyabinsk
    17. The frozen vegetables on IQF technology on a straight line from the supplier.
      We carry out wholesale supply of the frozen vegetables: Solanaceous, bean, root crops and potatoes, berries, mushrooms. Production conforms to requirements: TR CU 021/2011 "About safety of food products", TR CU 022/2011" food products regarding her marking". Production is in the west of Moscow. Concerning delivery you call:8-915-138-99-11, 8-985-582-50-57. We will give the developed information on a product, we will quickly process the order.
      2017-11-05 / Moskva
    18. Gelatin wholesale deliveries
      We sell gelatin wholesale with delivery to any city of Russia, we are an official dealer of LLC Mozhelit across the Southern Federal District and Central federal district. The Belarusian gelatin has high quality that was already estimated by our regular customers, is certified, documents on production can be found on our website. Weare ready to deliver any consignment of the gelatin which is packed up or in bags to legal entities and individuals: to shops and retail chain stores, manufacturing enterprises, confectionery plants. Convenient forms of payment. Cost is from 5,5 dollars at the Central Bank rate for 1 kg on P-11 gelatin, to large buyers of a discount.Gelatin is packed into bags on 25 kg with the company hologram of Mozhelit.
      2017-10-18 / Moskva
    19. Wheat flour wholesale Certified by GOST P 52189-2003 from the PREMIUM producer of the Korotoyaksky elevator
      Wheat flour wholesale Certified from the PREMIUM producer of the Korotoyaksky elevator. Price 13,50rub/kg. Packing by bags of 50 kg / B. Shipment from the 20th tone. Documents of the Russian Federation. Delivery across Russia and the CIS. We work on 100% to an advance payment. The warehouse to be in the city of Krasnoyarsk, it is possible to take samplers on the analysis.
      2017-08-16 / Novosibirsk
    20. Cakes and cakes
      European mussovy cakes and cakes, open, berry, fruit cakes. Design of any complexity. The choice from 35 stuffings.
      2017-07-11 / Ryazan`
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