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    4. Karbamid, MAR, sera po Ukraine i na jeksport.

      2018-05-03 / Har`kov
    5. SHubert smotret` v taganroge Pogruzhenie irkutsk VH

      2018-04-29 / Mount Lookout

    6. 2018-03-29 /

    7. 2018-03-29 /

    8. 2018-03-17 /

    9. 2018-01-21 /

    10. 2018-01-17 /

    11. 2017-12-23 /
    12. Mandariny Gruziya v Moskve na sklade

      2017-12-20 / Moskva
    13. Chernozem, pocvosmes`, peat, sand, crushed stone, elimination
      I will sell the chernozem, pocvosmes`, peat, sand, crushed stone, elimination. Delivery by the dump truck. Services of the excavator, planning of sites, disembarkation of lawns, autowatering. Quickly, quickly. The prices will pleasantly surprise you.
      2017-11-07 / YAlta
    14. BAU-A absorbent carbon
      Recommendations to use of the BAU-U absorbent carbon • water treatment (municipal water supply, industrial sewage, pools); • in the food industry for cleaning of alcoholic drinks of fusel oils; • in brewing, winemaking and also in technology of preparation of strongdrinks of long endurance (cognac, whisky and so forth); • in the mining and metallurgical industry for extraction of gold and other metals from solutions and pulps; • in filters for water purification from chlorine and impurity; • at productioncigarettes with the coal filter; • cleaning of industrial drains; • purification of alcohol of fusel oils
      2017-10-13 / Stavropol`
    15. Activated coconut coal
      Scopes of the activated coconut coal: water treatment; cleaning of drinking water and foodstuff; equipment of small-sized filters and filters of a dochistka; cleaning of alcoholic beverage products, low alcohol and carbonated drinks, clarification of wines; purification of steam condensate and boiler waters; cleaning of industrial drains
      2017-10-13 / Stavropol`
    16. Abiga-Pik fungicide (bottle of 1,25 kg)
      Copper-bearing contact fungicide of a broad spectrum of activity. Active ingredient: oxychloride of copper of 400 g/l Fungicide of contact action, is intended for fight against a complex of mushroom and bacterial diseases on vegetable, commercial, fruit, decorative and flower crops, a grapevine, herbs and forest plantings the Mechanismactions: At impact on disputes of carriers of diseases oxychloride of copper emits active copper which inhibits their germination and breath. Active copper suppresses a set of vital proteins at a dispute of pathogens that allows oxychloride of copper not to cause strong resistance in them. Precautionary measures:Medicine has: 3rd class of danger (moderately dangerous substance). Medicine not fitotoksicen when using in strict accordance with the developed recommendations, his use doesn't influence a crop rotation. Medicine maloopasen for bees (the 3rd class of danger). To carry out processing of plants at frivolity to 5–6 m/s,restriction of summer of bees of 6-12 hours. It is allowed use of medicine in a sanitary zone of fishery reservoirs. Period of storage: 3 years from the date of production, specified on packing
      2017-09-19 / Voskresensk
    17. Y ocisays` na Ukraine moceviny jksportirovaniy, iona ammoniy, nanosu na kartu sul`fat.
      On Ukraine, for export the Carbamide, sulfate of ammonium, MAP, sulfur lump, granulated, DAP, nitroammophos, ammophos, the NPK brands 4:16:16 PM, NPKS 4:16:16 PM 8s, NPKS 6:18:18 PM, NPK 7:19:19 PM, NPKS 8:20:20 PM, ammonia. Reasonable prices, delivery by a car and carriage norms. Packaging: a bag on 50 kg.,500, 1000 kg., embankment. For export. Terms of delivery of CIF ASWP (any safe port of the world), FOB. We will execute any volume. Origin: Ukraine, Russia, USA, etc.
      2017-09-18 / Har`kov
    18. The new motor-block of the Master pro 840 is on sale
      Characteristics: - the engine-7 of hp - a reducer aluminum - width of processing-840 of mm - a wheel 4h8 - on 4 rows of mills - an opportunity to connect the rotor mower, an okuchnik, a plow, a kartofelekopatel, the cart and the seeder.
      2017-08-29 / Leningradskaya
    19. ANV-engineering
      The primary activity of the company belongs to the "Construction and Repair — Installation of Pre-fabricated Constructions and Buildings" segment. Services are made in the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod Region in Nizhny Novgorod. Below contact information is provided.
      2017-07-25 / Novgorod
    20. Vegetable and fertile soil with delivery
      We take orders for any volumes – from 5 to 500 cubes a day. The prices of soil and peat – from 670 rubles. At the wholesale order from 100 cubes – an individual discount! Hurry to buy qualitative soil for the most reasonable price! Preparethe lawn or kitchen garden by summer! Address: 141800, Moskovskaya Street, Dmitrov, Moskovskaya St., 29
      2017-05-13 / Dmitrov
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