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    1. Strahovanie tehniki nedorogo

      2018-08-23 / Moskva
    2. Hotjelhot. Prosche, chem vy dumaete! Dostupnee, chem vy ozhidaete!

      2018-07-26 / London
    3. Montazh parketa Moskva .

      2018-03-02 / Moskva
    4. Sale and purchase of gold, silver, other precious metals Ц it is favorable and convenient
      The jewelry company "Zlatiya" in the Russian market and during this time has strongly strengthened about 20 years in it the positions. The powerful team of professionals and long-term experience have made the business and now to you is to whom to entrust sale of the gold. At the Zlatiya companythe specialty not only on buying up and sale of gold and other metals, the range of her services is much broader: Х production of individual jewelry under the order in a jewelry workshop and also charms and souvenirs; Х repair of products of any level of complexity with a quality assurance; Хprofessional cleaning of jewelry by the modern methods allowing to remove as much as possible time traces (ultrasound); Х sale of scrap, the affined gold and silver at low cost; Х at us it is possible to hand over any products from gold and silver: jewelry, coins, gold crowns, etc. Fordelivery of products precious materials at us won't be left by a lot of time, we will spend not enough time for assessment and calculation of cost, besides the arrangement of firm at the Paveletskaya subway doesn't assume big costs of the road. An operating mode six days inweek (Monday through Saturday) it is created especially for convenience of buyers.
      2017-10-17 / Moskva
    5. Shop of accessories and accessories for creation of jewelry the hands. Goods for creativity and needlework.
      MASTIRINA shop. In our shop you can get accessories and accessories for production of jewelry and jewelry the hands, and also accompanying goods for creativity, needlework, beadwork, work with beads and natural stones. In our shop you will be able to look at everythingand to touch. We have practically all in open access. For today - our main range: BEADS: half beads, cabochons, stamped, acrylic, cut, decorative, pearl on threads (Preciosa), lampworking (lampwork) metallized, BEADS: PRECIOSA, Charlotte PRECIOSA, PRECIOSA Bugles, Cabin of PRECIOSA, oblong PRECIOSA, PRECIOSA twin, smallPRECIOSA (13/0,14/0), PRECIOSA dropsa, farfal` PRECIOSA, TOHO beads (Japan), Hong Kong Beads (China) RHINESTONES CZECH: glue and attached ACCESSORIES: beads, preparations for clips, preparations for rings, locks, connectors, hoops, adapters, pins (pins), dividers, connecting ringlets, toggla, clasps (locks for handbags), filigree, chains, earrings wires,cords, terminations. And ALSO: felt, foamiran, thermoglue and thermoguns, a cord decorative, a fishing line, diamond painting, rhinestones on a grid (empty), a satin ribbon, a satin ribbon with lurex, a silk ribbon, brocade (color), lace, rims (plastic, metal), scrunchies, a basis for hairpins.
      2017-08-11 / - - -
    6. Ee parni povoracivayt moego osla i polucayt moi vklycay v moem rtu
      Ee parni povoracivayt moego osla i dobiraytsy, moi vklycay v moem rtu Piset moemu profily anal`noi devocke 94 Kopii svyz` i prikleivaet ego v brauzer:
      2017-06-29 / Mosta
    7. Merchandiser Anapa of Astrakhanskaya St.
      At present in our company, LLC NST, vacancy of the merchandiser with the place of work in the Family Magnet hypermarket in Anapa, Astrakhanskaya St. is open. Requirements: - medical book (possibility of her production); - good knowledge of the personal computer (Excel, e-mail). Duties:- the calculation of goods in the trading floor according to planogrammy; - tracking of existence of goods, placement of price tags; - preparation of photoreports and sending them by e-mail on the equipment. Conditions: - 5/2, from 8:00 to 17:30 h, days off: Sunday, Monday;- oplacivaemay stazirovka, ofic. oformlenie; - p/p 18 000 rub. (na ruki, uze za vycetom nalogov) kompensaciy zatrat na med. knigu.
      2017-04-18 / Anapa
    8. Jewelry at low prices
      Uvelir Shop offers a wide choice of the best jewelry and costume jewelry from around the world. Low prices, high quality of jewelry and costume jewelry: earrings, necklaces, rings, suspension brackets, bracelets and foot bracelets, and also beautiful men's and women watch. Beautiful giftto the soulmate for reasonable price.
      2017-03-28 / Sankt-Peterburg
    9. Private Label Custom Made Swiss Watches (Free shipping worldwide)
      Castnay marka Izgotovlennye na zakaz sveicarskie Casy (Besplatnay dostavka po vsemu miru) Casy Ribordi Izgotovlennye na zakaz sveicarskie casy. Vase Imy na Diskah Izgotovlennyh na zakaz sveicarskih Casov Zan-Lu Ribordi. Personalizirovannye i Nastroennye sveicarskie Sdelannye Casy. Brending korporativnoi i castnoi marki idizain. Imy na Diskah, Graviruysih na Casah Obratnyi slucai. Almaz inkrustiroval tamozennye sveicarskie Casy dly muzcin i zensin. Osvobodite mezdunarodnuy dostavku.
      2017-03-26 / Moskva
    10. Decoration of handwork
      Author's jewelry, decoration of handwork, stylish jewelry, a gift for the woman, jewelry with natural stones, festive jewelry, evening jewelry, a necklace with natural stones, natural stones, a beads with ljmpvork, earrings with ljmpvork, a bracelet with ljmpvork, earrings brushes, earrings clusters, long earrings, evening earrings, a beadswith natural stones, sotuar with natural stones, a bracelet with natural stones, a multirow bracelet, a long beads.
      2017-03-13 / Obninsk
    11. Watch of Geneva for New year! Fine and distinguished gift!
      Buy the elegant and distinguished Geneva women watch. Buy for the darlings as a gift, present mood and beauty. Delivery across the Russian Federation. Delivery to the CIS countries. Discounts, actions. All quality hours from qualitative materials, with exact observance of the original. Hours of different flowers.Hurry to buy!!!
      2016-12-30 / YAkutsk
    12. Cable couplings, jacks, stockings, rollers, UZK and tool
      LLC Elteks Delayem of delivery! In total for electric installation and cable work. The cable thermoseated couplings for any cable and section of KVTP KNTP STP, Raykhem - Polt, Polj, Gust, GusJ, Some, Epkt, Traj, etc., adaptersRiks, etc. The tool and sets for cutting, removal of isolation from a cable of the sewed polyethylene Ц SI-40, SI-90, SI 70, SI 150, SI 50, IPS-2, IPS-3, SPPE 70-400, NSPS, HAUPA, PCB 40, KSP-90, SPIK-40, the Raychem tool (Nexans, GPH) IT 1000-17, IT 1000-24, Velikobritaniy-M20, Velikobritaniy-M30, SWZ23, Z-nabor 51426, KM/SEK 25/120, KM/SEK 70/400, KM/SEK 120/500, instrument ALROC - CPM-PE-1, KARTA V MINUTU PE-2, KARTA V MINUTU PE-3, karta v minutu PE-4, KARTA V MINUTU PE-4 SP i dr, KSP-40,KSP-50, PCB 65, PCB 90, PCB 150, KCM 25/120, KMC 70/400, KMC 120/500, FBS (Intercable Italy), etc. The NIR sets Ц SPE - 01 (02,03) Cable fittings, adapters, the tool Euromold, GPH, TycoElectronics Raychem. Equipment for rewind and laying, cable broach, cable screw and hydraulic jacks of recreation center-5tonn. DK-10, DG-5, DKG 10, DKG 20, etc. Cable rollers direct and angular, under an edge of the hatch, etc. Cable stockings for a broachcable standard, demountable, threefold, supporting, transit, for the power line. Machines and racks for rewind, unwinding, winding of a wire and a cable, bays, for the electroassembly enterprises and electro-shops. Measuring instruments of length of a wire and cable. Independent traction kabestanovy winches petroland diesel for a broach of a cable and the VULTURE Ц LTA-1, LTA-3, LTA-5, LTA - 8 tons. The tool for carrying out cable and electric installation work - a press hydraulic PG 70, PG-120, PG-300, PG-400 and dr Cable sector scissors for cutting armored andsimple NS-14, NS-45, NS-50 cable of Bs, NS-70 BS, NS-75BS, NS-80 BS, NS-90 BS, NANOSECOND 100 BS, NANOSECOND 110 BS, NANOSECOND-130 BS., etc. Scissors are hydraulic. Electrohydraulic cable scissors. The tool for perforation of sheet metal. Equipment for processing of copperand aluminum current carrying tires. Shinogiba, shinoreza, shinodyra. Manual, foot, electro and petrol-hydraulic a pomp, pumps and stations for collaboration with the hydrotool. Dielectric ladders, step-ladders, a stage, stools - SSV, CCC, LSP, LSPR, LSPD, LSPRD, SSD, SVD, PI, LSPSOetc. for electric installation work. The tool for a broach and cutting HOARSED. A dielectric electroreplacement hand tool up to 1000 Century. Means of an electrical protection - a bar, grounding, indexes of tension, etc. Electroconductive lubricants Ц EPS-98, EPS 150 and dr UZK 11/150, UZK11/200 UZK 11/300 on carts also pass UZK 3,4,6,9 by 5,10,15.30.50,80,100 of m, a remkomplekta and a stekloprutka for UZK. Electronic devices for the electroassembly organizations and electrolaboratories The thermoseated color tubes HERE from 2/1 to 120/55 mm red, yellow, green, blue, flavovirent. Gluethe thermoseated tubes. Accessories to cable couplings. The electroreplacement powder tool - a press powder software 240, devices of remote piercing of a cable powder DPK, UDPK, PRDU, PPK, UPKP, PPK-10, PPK-35, UMPK, etc. Tips aluminum and copperunder pressure testing of TA,TM,TML,TAM,AM from 16 to 240 sq. mm, sleeves of HECTARE, hypermarket, GML, GVKP from 16 to 240 sq. mm, tips of bolted universal NB-0,1,2,3,4,5,6, NP, ND, NV (1,2,4,6 sryvny bolts), connectors bolted universal SB-0,1,2,3,4,5,6 (with 1,2,4,6sryvny bolts), OGT-1,2,3 kappa. The thermoseated repair cuffs for a cable. Torches propane for installation of cable couplings. Tool kits for electricians, construction electricians, cable welders, assemblers of cable couplings, sets for installation HOARSED, etc. The thermoseated TUM telephone couplings - To, etc. CableKPRKO 20 adapters on 240 sq. mm and 90-120 sq. mm Sale inexpensive Split of systems and their installation.
      2016-12-05 / Krasnodar
    13. I sell branded watch, cheap, in an otdichny state
      We bring to your attention the small range of branded hours at wholesale price. One of the most popular online stores of hours before approach of new year and an exit of a new ruler releases a warehouse, and completely sells a line of popular branded hours at wholesale price, remained only a littlemodels. To make the order very simply, on the website of shop it is necessary to specify only the phone number and as to address you to the call center operator. Within 2 minutes you will be called back by the first released operator and will issue the order. And in several daysyou receive desirable item which can be sent to any of the existing ways. Payment is made only after receiving and check of goods by the customer. If that won't arrange, you can refuse at any time, and the goods awake are sent back to a warehouse.The guarantee for all range of goods works 1 year after receiving.
      2016-11-27 / Moskva
    14. Wooden costume jewelry Ryazan
      Wholesale of wooden costume jewelry. Earrings, bracelets, a beads from: Oak; Hornbeam; Ash-tree; Mulberries; Acacias; Beech; Cherries; Sweet cherries; Peach. We will be glad to your applications. Delivery on all regions of Russia. Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol.Olga.
      2016-11-21 / Ryazan`
    15. Casy G-sok
      Our company specializes many years in sale of watch of G-shock, we have accumulated extensive experience of work in the field and close ties with many suppliers are established. We have presented the huge choice of the most various and qualitative watch of G-shock at the lowest prices.You can make the order right now and the courier will deliver your order in the shortest possible time.
      2016-10-05 / Moskva
    16. SmartWatch U8 smartwatches
      Hours are made of plastic, the quite good thin case, rather budgetary model, advantage is the easy weight which makes 80 g. On hours rather easy management, with several keys what not to tell about U10L in which there was only one key.This model was made so easily and it is quickly possible to reach the menu, micro-usb nest sideways settles down, at the same time it is possible to use the USB charger. Look rather just on a hand therefore it is explained by their small price. U8 easily connect to the Android systems, IOS. The device very good, it has an external normal execution that it is possible to tell also about an internal stuffing. Technical characteristics Producer: CHR Technical characteristics Producer: CHR Processor Type: MTK6260-ARM7 the Frequency, MHz, isn't present data of OS: Own Compatibility OSwith OS: Android, iOS Display Diagonal: 1,54 inches Type: TFT Permission: 240h240 px Color: Yes. Way of the Bluetooth connection: 3.0. Way of the notification Vibration: yes Sound signal: da Uvedomlenija Calls: there is a SMS: there is E-mail: there are calendar Events: there are Social networks (Facebook,Twitter, other): there is a Capacity Accumulator, mAc: 450 Operating time, days: to 7 Physical parameters Dimensions, mm: 46x42x10 Weight: 44 Removable thong: there is a Colour of a case/thong: black/black In addition Protection against water, blows: there is no Management of a musical player: there is a Control of the camera: there is NFC:there are Colours red, white, black Delivery across Moscow FREE
      2016-09-29 / Moskva
    17. Children's watch - phone with GPS your children always under supervision
      Touch children's hours phones with a gps-tracker for tracking of location. Smart Baby Watch q80-90 are a novelty in the world of electronic gadgets which ensures safety of the child and tranquility of parents an Opportunity to trace location of the child online the Possibility of two-way telephone communication with the child as hoursperform function of phone Hours give the unique chance to hear what occurs around the child. The parent can is at any distance. Hours have the hot SOS button for bystry giving of a disturbing signal to parents the Notification of parents at the child's exit for the established zone Guarantee 1 yearOriginal hours with a full package of documents and we guarantee to 100% quality to our clients. Our plant is a participant of RoSH the European certificates of quality Production Are provided Goods always available Delivery across Russia by cash on delivery Russian Post Payment when receiving is completely Russified.You call or write order right now
      2016-08-24 / Kaliningrad
    18. Hours of Zurich Swiss.Shveytsarskoye quality.
      Hours of Zurich Swiss.Shveytsarskoye quality. The original - any copies! The case - hour steel the Thong - skin of the brown Glass color - sapphire Water tightness - 5 atm of Function - hours, minutes, seconds, date, function of a chronograph New.
      2016-07-28 / Armavir
    19. Cargo transportation from Turkey to Russia
      The transport and logistic company "Seba Trans" carries out any kinds of a cargo transportation from Turkey to Russia, and also transportation of full freights from all the region of Russia to Turkey. - Possibility of departure as full trucks and combined freights. Fast delivery in connection withdaily sending trucks from Turkey. - Predostovlvyaem a full package of documents on freight (the declaration, the invoice, the consignment note). We as the company Sebha the Trance provide to our clients low prices and an individual approach to each client and freight Thanksfor attention! We will be glad to cooperation.
      2016-07-25 / Moskva
    20. Company watch of Apple watch is sold
      New watch, have presented, but they aren't necessary. Company, all documents are, didn't carry, the Price in shops 26.000, I will sell for 15.000 to Call: 89201486207 - Anna
      2016-07-15 / YAroslavl`
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