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    Список объявление в категории Транспортные Услуги / Пассажирские Перевозки

    1. 2018-10-17 /

    2. 2018-10-12 /
    3. Delovye perelety v Kalinigrade

      2018-09-25 / Kaliningrad
    4. Voditel` s lichnoi` gazel`yu 13mest

      2018-09-22 / Slavyansk-na-Kubani
    5. Priglashaem K sotrudnichestvu vladel`cev transporta

      2018-05-26 / Pyatigorsk
    6. Passazhirskie perevozki YAlta - Dnepr

      2018-05-11 / YAlta
    7. Podklyuchenie k YAndeks.Taksi

      2018-04-02 / Izhevsk
    8. Passazhiropervozki

      2018-03-19 / Rostov-na-Donu
    9. Zakaz avtobusa v Har`kove

      2018-02-15 / Har`kov
    10. Arenda avtobusa po Har`kovu i Ukraine

      2018-02-09 / Har`kov
    11. Ezhednevnye avtobusnye rei`sy Har`kov - Kirillovka

      2018-01-30 / Har`kov
    12. Har`kov - Genichesk (Arabatska strelka) - Har`kov

      2018-01-24 / Har`kov
    13. The intercity ALEX taxi across the Irkutsk region
      The intercity ALEX taxi quickly, reliably, comfortably and safely (we will take away from the place of sending and we will deliver to the place of arrival of the client) stops on demand (we deliver parcels and registered letters and we will even transport pets) Bratsk - Irkutsk 5400 rub (the place of 1800 rub),Irkutsk - Bratsk 5400 rub, Bratsk - Ust-Ilimsk 4500 rub, Bratsk - Tulun 4000 rub, Bratsk - Nizhneudinsk 6500 rub, Bratsk - Taishet 8500 rub, Bratsk - Ust Kut 7000 rub, Bratsk - Krasnoyarsk 16000 rub, Irkutsk - Slyudyanka 2000rub, Irkutsk - Baykalsk 3000 rub, Irkutsk - Ulan-Ude 9500 rub Bratsk - Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky 5000 rub.
      2017-12-16 / Bratsk
    14. Trips to CHERY Tiggo across Tula, area and to other cities – 24 hours
      Trips to CHERY Tiggo, across Tula, area and also from Tula to other cities - round the clock, on removal up to 2000 km: both there, and back: Airports, Railway stations; on a wedding, celebrations, a funeral; on the holy sites, sources, monasteries; in sanatorium,rest houses, boarding houses, medical centers, clinics; trips on the museums, parks, historical places; on theaters, concert halls, circuses and so on. Payment when landing. Implementation of orders round the clock without days off, except holidays. Order taking – round the clock,except holidays
      2017-11-13 / Tula
    15. We invite drivers for work in Moscow on our cars
      We invite drivers for work in Moscow on our cars of KIA Rio or Hyundai Solaris (the 14th years aren't more senior, there is a mechanics and there is an automatic machine) in the taxi mode. Servicing, repair, gasoline and a sink at the expense of the COMPANY. For non-residentsthe place in the hostel/hostel is provided. Together with the car the working tablet the Android is provided. We work with our dispatching office and Yandex. We work at the line under the leadership of the Dispatcher. Schedules of work daily 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, watch (not less than 30 days).vdays work 20 hours 4 hours have a rest we HAVE no RENT and there is no PLAN At daily revenue of 8500 rubles the daily salary of the driver will make 2000 rubles. Everything that will be over 8500 rubles will 50/50 are distributed. Payment of salary at onceafter change. on average zp 2500-3500 receive for change the driver of ours of the companies today.
      2017-10-22 / Moskva
    16. Transfer in the airports of Moscow, the Bryansk-Moscow taxi on the comfortable SKODA station wagon
      Bryansk - Vnukovo; Bryansk - Domodedovo; Bryansk - Sheremetyevo; Trips to stations and a meeting from stations of Moscow (Kiev, Kazan, Leningrad, Kursk, Belarusian), and also the cities of Oryol, Smolensk..... The spacious inside of the station wagon disposes to long travel, andthe capacious luggage compartment will allow you to take with itself to the road the refrigerator or the washing machine :) Advantages of travel with us: - There are no excess fellow travelers, the car is lucky only you and your family; - Safe European cars; - Accurate driving withoutraces on the road; - The fixed price which is discussed in advance and doesn't change; - Stops at the request of passengers; - On a trip at night passengers can sleep comfortably on an air mattress (it is agreed with the driver); - The pre-order (the driver has a rest before flight); - Withoutsmoking in the car; - The car moves in time coordinated with you and brings to the necessary time to an entrance to the airport; - Attention and individual approach to each client. We work without days off.
      2017-08-24 / Bryansk
    17. Passenger traffic by the minibus
      Passenger traffic: Capacity is 6 passengers baggage of the Trip on Trip border on rest (to the sea, Lago-Naki, recreation facilities, etc.). Transportation of builders on objects (a capacious luggage carrier) - seats removable Delivery of workers to the place of work, etc. by your order. Responsible, skilled driver.
      2017-06-26 / Rostov-na-Donu
    18. Long-distance taxi from Rostov-on-Don
      The comfortable taxi will meet you at the airport. and bus stations will also bring you and your relatives to any city of RO, Krasnodar and Stavropol Krai and to the cities of Russia! The trip price - contractual or on a taximeter, flexible system of discounts! Stopsat ways and expectation till 1 o'clock for you - it is free! At your service the new comfortable car - the OPEL ACTPAj, the sedan, 1.4turbo, with the automatic transmission in the maximum complete set of COSMO and Nissan Almera 2014, Foltsvagen Polo, KIA Rio, Kia Optima! Separate climate control, conditioner, fine music and! polite skilled drivers will make your trip comfortable and safe! Ring any time of day, convenient for you, - and you won't regret! In Gelendzhik - the help in placement in privatehotels near the sea! If necessary - we provide reporting documents for journey. A payment form - Sberbankonlayn or cash. All drivers have the license!
      2017-05-24 / Rostov-na-Donu
    19. Drivers in a taxi are required
      City Merging of Taxi services! We invite drivers on the privately owned vehicle, and also on cars of other services! We connect drivers to the most favorable programs of a taxi!!! Yandex. Taxi, GetTaxi, Taxi-TT. Every day at 9-00 till 21-00 to the address: Shevchenko St. 33 (2nd floor), ph. 30-20-20 BOrenburg we transport the largest volume of clients! Steadily large volume of orders, low dispatching commission, free schedule of work, combination with any kind of activity. We guarantee the high income, lack of priorities and penalties and a monthly fee, payment non-cash every week. In totalthat it is necessary for you the privately owned vehicle, the smartphone and huge desire to earn! We completely will provide you to all with a neobkhodimym:instruktion on work with the program, the round-the-clock support of those and phones of dispatching office. You plan the schedule of work, you can work once a week, or everyoneday as it is convenient to you. A cash and non-cash form of calculation, transparent conditions of calculation of payment, weekly and INTEREST-FREE withdrawal of funds from the account, the Help in registration of PERMISSION (License) for implementation of activity in Min Trance of the Orenburg region, assistance in selection of the car for rent, absencecompulsory orders, the decision on adoption of orders is made by the driver WITHOUT BLOCKING AND PENALTIES! You call, come... and YOU will be able to earn in day of the address!
      2017-05-12 / Orenburg
    20. The airport of Simferopol (we will meet, we will bring)
      Expectation at the airport of Simferopol free of charge Baggage FREE OF CHARGE Children's chair FREE OF CHARGE of the Foreign car with the conditioner Transport completely conforms to all requirements of comfort If your time of the order coincides with other client, then we will suggest you to save and be grouped onto trip and only from your consent. For a comfortable trip of big group of passengers it is possible to issue the order for the minibus. The VIP across the Crimea. it is no more than 10 hours, it is no more than 300 km —-----an automobile car (to the 4th persons) of-6 000 thousand rubles — the minibus 10 000one thousand rubles. We guarantees quality and efficiency of the services. Our dispatchers will help you to issue the order (you are worth calling or writing and answering couple of questions) They will coordinate you, her expectations and number of POLITE will make a machine number, roomthe driver (who if necessary, will help you with everything) can be made the order for the car for a trip from the Crimea to Ukraine, and from Ukraine to the Crimea.
      2017-04-23 / Evpatoriya
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