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  4. Ustanovka sistemy videonablyudeniya.

    2018-08-02 / G. Ramenskoe, ul.Mihalevicha, d.51 ofis 20.
  5. Ohranno-pozharnaya GSM signalizaciya dlya ofisa v Permi.

    2018-07-23 / Perm`
  6. Forma vody smotret` v moskve Gogol`. Vii` smotret` v habarovske UD

    2018-04-30 / Mount Lookout
  7. Trebuyutsya licenzirovannye ohranniki v CHOP dlya raboty v g. Podol`sk Moskovskaya oblast`.

    2018-03-14 / Podol`sk
  8. CHastnyi` detektiv v Krasnodarskom krae,Adygee

    2018-02-28 / Kurganinsk
  9. Professional security services. Optimum ratio price/quality
    We have various price offers both on physical protection, and on services of installation and service of technical means of safety on the protected objects. The factors influencing the cost of services in physical protection of objects are: Х quantity of posts of protection on the protected object Х the scheduleworks of posts Х type of the protected object Х the number of security guards on a post Х technical reinforcement of an object Х existence or lack of technical means of safety on the protected object Х period of validity of the contract for rendering services in protection of objects Х individual requirements to security guards from the customerХ additional conditions Х the location of the protected object Anyway we have provided individual approach to each client, our experts will manage to pick up for your enterprise an optimal variant of services on mutually advantageous conditions. And free of charge will give consultations on safety
    2017-11-27 / Kirov
  10. Video surveillance in Volgograd, solar batteries
    Installation of systems of video surveillance, IP video surveillance. Solar batteries. We make service of systems of video surveillance and solar batteries across Volgograd and the Volgograd region.
    2017-10-08 / Volgograd
  11. Services of the private detective in Rostov-on-Don.
    The private detective Kaymanovich Alexander Borisovich, the license No. 68 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Rostov region from 4/9/2007 of year, renders a wide range of detective services, both in the Rostov region and the Southern Federal District, and in all territory of the Russian Federation. To natural persons: personalsafety, collection of information about natural persons, the solution of personal and family problems, assistance to lawyers, transactions with the real estate, search of missing persons, search of debtors and swindlers, investigation of civil and criminal offenses, observation, video and photographing, other services connected with your safety. Legalas the individual entrepreneur and obtained the license for implementation of private detective activity in the order established by the present Law. Check certificates at private detectives, or you risk to use services of the persons who are illegally engaged in detective activity.
    2017-10-06 / Rostov-na-Donu
    We offer installation of systems of video surveillance, of different function and are ready to pick up the decision for any object. we have both analog and ip of system of video surveillance. transparent prices and high-quality equipment. the wide experience in this sphere allows to perform works quickly andqualitatively. departure of the expert, consultation and assessment free of charge.
    2017-08-17 / Taganrog
  13. Ohrana
    The security guard in the item is required. The agronomist, it is possible without license. Protection of agricultural machinery. Schedule of work from 20:00 till 08:00. The salary is high. Perhaps official employment.
    2017-07-01 / Dinskaya
  14. Security guards, men and women are required
    The security company LLC PSF Shchit-Garant makes set of men and women, for rendering services in protection of general education educational institutions in Obninsk. Conditions: Schedule of watches daily allowance 2/4; 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5. The salary depends on the chosen schedule of work of the security guard andmakes a reservation at an interview. To address at any time without lunch, and days off by phone: 8 (920) 090-05-85. Contact person: Sergey Valeryevich.
    2017-04-24 / Obninsk
  15. Installation of video and audio of on-door speakerphones
    Installation of video and audio of on-door speakerphones, automatic equipment for gate, control and management systems for access (from simplified and available at the price (intercom), to the systems allowing to organize the accounting of working hours of employees, to order an order of movement of people on an object). Departure of the expert for carrying out measurements andsurvey of an object (around the city free of charge). We perform works in Anapa and the Anapa district.
    2017-04-07 / Anapa
  16. Rendering security services
    Our enterprise renders high-quality and rather inexpensive security services of any kind of complexity. We don't pursue big money, neglecting at the same time quality. We have an individual approach to each client and quality on the first place. We in the market since 2012. Andalready have managed to acquire to themselves a certain positive reputation. Our prices are anti-recessionary therefore you will be pleasantly surprised, having signed the contract on protection with us. We are ready for long effective cooperation
    2017-01-26 / Moskva
  17. Video surveillance, systems of alarm systems, automatic gate.
    The Krymtekhservice company makes a full complex of services in introduction of security systems of any degree of complexity (sale of the equipment, installation and service of security systems) y We project and we install security systems on the basis of all range of the equipment (both domestic, and import) certified to application onterritories of Russia.
    2017-04-24 / Sevastopol`
  18. Detective agency
    it is the highly skilled team of experts consisting of the professional staff of intelligence agencies of Russia who will help you to get rid of your fears and will give help in difficult situations. These are experts of the business who professionally search for the gone people. If necessary the staff of the agency will establish external observation,if you had had a feeling of concern for yourself and the family if you are threatened or watch you. The private detective will make observation of an object whom you suspect, will monitor his communications, will make a video and pictures, will identify the person who can threaten you,remaining at the same time unnoticed, will also take the measures necessary for your safety.
    2017-01-14 / Habarovsk
  19. Protection of construction objects
    Rendering security services on construction objects, objects of country construction, housing estates, gardenings. The service in protection is made in the territory of the Russian Federation. Protection is carried out by the licensed employees. Experience and the organizations of protection of construction objects is available.
    2016-12-20 / Sankt-Peterburg
  20. Installation of fire-prevention systems cheap in Moscow and MO. Project free of charge.
    complex of the services "turnkey" or separate types of works. Material and technical resources: modern tool, mechanisms, transport. We have the license of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Admissions of SRO. Our experience more than 10 years. Low prices. High quality. We work for "gossip hotline". Are perfectly familiar and use the equipment Ц the Race car(BOLID), Rielta, Boundary, Argus-Spektr, Irset, Plazma-T (Octopus-2, Sprut-NS, Sprut-KS), Eternis, Epotos, Inter-M, JEDIA, etc. Systems: The automatic fire alarm system FPÖ of the Warning system and management evakuatsiyey-SOUE All vyda of systems of active fire extinguishing - AUPT of Systems of water fire extinguishing - AUVPT Ч sprinkler fire extinguishing systems;processing of wooden and metal designs, fire protection of a roof, fire protection of garrets. Honest pricing and quality assurance of works. We work according to the turnkey contract, we pay the VAT. Design Ц the FPÖ, SOUE, APPZ, AUPT, AUVPT, AUGPT, AUPPT, VPV, NPV, NANOSECOND, OPS, SKS, SKUD, HONEYCOMBS, SVN,DU Ц on condition of the conclusion of the "TURNKEY" turnkey contract (design, supply of equipment and materials, installation and installation) Ц FREE OF CHARGE! (Moscow and Moscow region). We take objects on THAT (maintenance) from 5000 rubles or from 40 rubles for unit/month.
    2016-10-21 / Moskva
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