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  1. / 2015-03-07 /

    Список объявление в категории Культура и искусство / обучение

    1. 2018-11-19 /
    2. Uteryan studencheskii` bilet na imya Timofeya Karpenko

      2018-09-13 / Krasnodar
    3. Tanceval`noe shou `Ty v tancah`

      2018-09-07 / Vyberite gorod...
    4. Uteryan studencheskii` bilet i zachyotnaya knizhka uchaschegosya KubGTU

      2018-09-06 / Krasnodar
    5. Tanceval`naya studiya RateMove provodit zanyatiya v utrennie chasy

      2018-09-04 / Vyberite gorod...
    6. Ischem avtorov-ispolnitelei` v nashu komandu

      2018-08-24 / Ufa
    7. Pomozhem reshit` testy/kontrol`nye/laboratornye/zadachi v YAroslavle.

      2018-08-03 / YAroslavl`
    8. Esli ty vdrug patriot, zahodi k nam v hotjelhot

      2018-07-26 / London
    9. Anglii`skii` (nemeckii`) yazyk (bazovyi`)

      2018-07-23 / YAlta
    10. Sekretar` ofis menedzher

      2018-07-23 / YAlta
    11. Kvalificirovannaya pomosch` studentam. Ne posrednik

      2018-07-16 / Sankt - Peterburg
    12. Repititor po Anglii`skomu yazyku

      2018-05-10 / Tashkent
    13. Uteryan diplom Gec M.P.

      2018-04-14 / Krasnodar
    14. To buy the term paper to order in Rostov to Dona
      We offer all students of the economic, humanitarian and legal directions services in high-quality and fast writing of term papers in Rostov to Dona. We will help you to hand over and protect successfully work, having saved your precious time for personal records and good rest. Having bigexperience of writing of works for the aid to students, we recommend to you to buy the term paper to order in Rostov to Dona by means of our website "rostov-diplom" on which all necessary information is provided for the customer. Fill out the online application and surely for fast feedback specify thecontact information (e-mail address and phone). We pay your attention to what in the application needs to be described most in detail what work is necessary for you and also all available methodical recommendations about writing course. taking into account individual requirements of teachingsubject. Working in many cities and regions of the country, we have gained popularity and trust from many students customers. We have all resources that your course has been protected in time and in the best way. You can buy the term paper to order as remotely, anddirectly at office. You choose that most of all suits you. Our address - Temernitskaya St. 44, office 601. Prices of work performance adequate, quite available to each student. Find the benefit in cooperation with successful people. We wait for your online applications.
      2017-09-21 / Rostov-na-Donu
    15. To order the paper in Ivanovo
      Dear student, you look for material for writing of the paper, but you can't find him in the Internet? Do you need the help of experts? Our company is glad to provide you the help for the order of the paper! Ivanovo Is reckoned helps students with implementation to order of papersand examinations! In our state competent experts in all humanitarian disciplines, with it as work: (anatomy, physical culture, rhetoric, history, psychology, pedagogics, music, sociology, Russian, etc.). The company of Ivanovo It is reckoned more than 10 provide services of writing of student's works alreadyyears! We are glad to you to help if work is necessary very urgently!! We work at the affordable prices, quality of work with guarantee as our performers. We sign the contract individually with each client. It is very easy to order control (paper) work now, thanks to the developed network of our offices (45 offices inregions of Russia). Having conducted survey, the mute of repeated appeals to our company, has shown that more than 95% of students order writing of works for the second time and advise us to companions. The authors working in our company observe all requirements of compliance assessment of your HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, during creation of the individual orderfor each client. We wait for you the student! Don't waste time, Call! To order the paper the good decision
      2017-09-11 / Ivanovo
    16. Set of entrants in the Czech gymnasiums and colleges is open
      Business Europe declares the educational center opening of set of entrants in the Czech private gymnasiums and colleges for 2018 - 2019 academic year. Only in September the essential discount of 600 euros is provided to each new client! For receipt Russian-speaking are acceptedentrants who to summer of 2018 will have the ended education of 9 classes in the country. Our educational center will help you with the choice and receipt in the chosen Czech gymnasium or college, will render services in studying of Czech, will prepare all necessaryfor the student's long-term Czech visa, and the residence permit in the Czech Republic will help to receive further documents, will provide for accommodation the place in the dormitory and also will supervise and help pupils during the whole first year of training. Details onour website: golden-praga ru
      2017-09-08 / moskva
      💥 Do you want to speak English fluently? 💡Then you come to us! Join the ABC-lingua Center for Foreign Languages ​​for group sessions and we will pick up a group for you by age and level! 💥 Do you have a complicated schedule, and you can not find a group of English? Do you want a quick and effective result? 💡Then we offer you the most effective method of learning English - individual training! DO NOT MISS THIS CHANCE 👈 We are looking forward to seeing you, call 📱 +79787749732, 📱 +79781205020 and sign up✍🏻 for groups на and for individual classes.
      2017-08-23 / Simferopol`
    18. To order the decision of an examination in Ivanovo
      Many students of applied specialties, such as programming, informatics aren't by hearsay familiar with such types of works as laboratory, a practical work, control. They demand huge work, attentiveness and assiduity. Performance of these types of works takes away huge amount of time, experiences and recalculations from the student.Now it is not a problem! Have a rest the student! Our experts are ready to execute everything for you! Costs to you only in time to address us! We perform student's works quickly and qualitatively, in the stipulated terms and time! We work at affordable low prices, we sign the contract witheach client. Having ordered work, you receive interesting materials, having studied which, you will be able to pass examination for excellent assessment at the university. Having addressed us, you will save time and forces which you will be able to spend then for more pleasant things! For regular customers the discount worksup to 15%. Don't waste time, dial our number, and itself have a rest! We wait for you! It is easy to order the decision of an examination now.
      2017-08-21 / Ivanovo
    19. The English tutor for children
      Training in English of preschool children and initial classes. Individually. Cheap. Departure on the house is possible.
      2017-08-15 / Temryuk
    20. To buy course in Omsk
      To hand over all academic year projects in time – business hard. Course consist from theoretical and prakticheskoychasty therefore to prepare course, it is necessary not only to study a large number of literature, but also to execute necessary calculations. Will cope with it not each pupil therefore it is recommended to order will be ablecourse in Omsk at professional authors. We offer performance of work on the fire fighting equipment, safety, heating engineers, radio technicians, to town planning, power and other disciplines.
      2017-06-27 / Omsk
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