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    5. French and English languages teacher tutor teacher
      I teach English and French, I consider the most important for language acquisition understanding of the system of language. On occupations I give a priority to development of colloquial skills, acquaintance to culture and mentality of the country. For this purpose at lessons songs, movies, literature in French and English are used (independences on the pupil's level). So interestingly it isn't simple to learn language, and at once to apply knowledge, feeling like a few French or the real English gentleman. Methods of work are individual and depend on the purpose facing the pupil. Ph. (0773) 71-21-61
      2017-12-20 / Moskva
    6. Training in labor protection and professional development
      LLC Bitreyd - the company which is professionally engaged in the organization of process of training for professional development of experts of the different directions and level of training. 8 years in the market of the narrow educational sphere are a serious experience. The training center Bitreyd suggests to be trained on labor protectionand also to receive: the admission on electrical safety the certificate on earthwork the certificate of PTM the admission on height the admission to the thermal Undergo Short-term Professional Development installations on - to construction - to engineering researches -to design - ecology - professional development of the Ministry of Emergency Situations - to the address with hazardous waste - the certificate on fire safety (72 h). The technological department of the Bitreyd company offers for the organizations: - magazines on labor protection and safety measures- the magazine on fire safety - magazines for conducting construction activity - the general magazines of works (RD, KS, Construction Norms and Regulations, IGASN) Blanca of certificates for independent filling with the internal commission: - on electrical safety - fire technically to a minimum -to labor protection - to thermal installations
      2017-12-11 / Moskva
    7. The English and French languages the tutor, the teacher the teacher in Bishkek
      Preparation for DELF (A1, A2, B1, B2 Levels), help with study. Preparation for trip abroad. Various techniques of teaching, audition, development of informal conversation and understanding, grammatical aspects of language, increase in a lexicon. Use of various manuals (both Russians, and frantsuzskikhthe English), audio and video of materials, tests for check of the acquired material. Departure on the house is possible.
      2017-12-10 / Bishkek
    8. To buy crusts of the assembler, the burner to get a job that
      It is possible to buy from us crusts (welders, electricians, assemblers, insulation workers, roofers, joiners, carpenters, plasterers, fitters, concreters, bricklayers, mechanics - plumbers, painters, the mechanic - the repairman), not for serious check, of course, and for employment.
      2017-12-04 / Moskva
    9. Preparation for the Unified State Examination in informatics
      The skilled teacher will assist school students in preparation for the Unified State Examination in mathematics
      2017-12-03 / Smolensk
    10. Online training for doctors - the radiologist
      Who will suit this distance learning: radiologist; managing (chief) of structural division (department, office, laboratory, an office, group and another) the medical organization - the radiologist Objem: 144th joint stock company of hour Final document: certificate Price: 25 000 rub Online courses without leaving the house in convenientformat. Testing on the termination and issue of documents (by mail Russia).
      2017-11-13 / Astrahan`
    11. Speech pathologist, teacher, services, cheap
      The speech pathologist, the teacher, services, it is inexpensive 1. individual correctional occupations with preschool children 2. preparation for school, including children with an arrest of development 3. payment hourly Russia, Chelyabinsk, district of the Northwest, Olga Sergeyevna 8-951-772-43-68, 8-963-438-38-34
      2017-11-09 / CHelyabinsk
    12. Driving school. Reasonable prices - high quality
      Kind to you day! I am an administrator "Nova of driving school". We start an action! Training cost - 13 500 rubles! In this sum all inclusive: - the theory, - practice, - fuel and lubricants (gasoline), - the autodrome - and full maintenance inGAI. At us is: - 6 offices in all districts of the city; - payment by installments - the first a contribution from 500 rubles! The term of training is 2,5-3 months. After signing of the contract you at once start occupations.
      2017-11-03 / Samara
    13. Vacation with the book! Fast reading courses.
      Attention - VACATION! School students, don't miss an opportunity to gain new skill of training! The group of FAST READING for school students is GATHERED. (KALUGA, SMOLENSK) Quickly to read and understand read. You are young, active, ready to undertake anybusiness?! It is INTERESTING to you to LEARN the opportunities and to learn WHAT YOU are CAPABLE of?! Do you want to KEEP UP TO DATE?! Yes, at school don't teach it YET. But also on computers didn't learn 20 years agoto work. SELF-EDUCATION – here an exit. Besides to learn FAST READING, and at the same time to bring to a tonusny state MEMORY and ATTENTION – it is SIMPLE! Even if you any more not the school student, and even not the student. YOU CAN!! Well, and if to youit was lucky and you the school student are more senior than 12 years, register in a favourite circle, after this course - time will appear at last!
      2017-10-17 / Kaluga
    14. Effective classes in Russian and algebra
      Set of pupils on individual classes in Russian and algebra appears! I have the developed techniques of teaching modern Russian, preparation for reading and arithmetics of preschool children, acceleration of skills of reading and the general development at elementary school, the help in adaptation to educational processat any school age, preparation for examination (OGE, the USE) and offsets according to the program of any the sredsnespetsialnykh of institutions and schools. To study it is easy, pleasant, substantial, purposefully and effectively.
      2017-10-06 / Sankt-Peterburg
    15. Driving school of the All-Russian Society of Motorists. Categories A and B.
      We do everything depending on us to help you to learn safely and surely to drive the car (Category B) and the motorcycle (Category A)
      2017-10-05 / Krasnodar
    16. The tutor on Russian in Novorossiysk (2-11 classes)
      Additional classes on Russian with pupils of 2-11 classes. Preparation for OGE, USE. Experience - 20 years. Novorossiysk., Moscow, 4. 8-918-668-96-78.
      2017-10-04 / Novorossii`sk
    17. Mathematics. Preparation for USE/OGE courses "Indigolit"
      Only at us!!! It is harmoniously combined individual and group classes in training of the pupil for the USE and OGE. Skilled tutor. Group occupations have plus that the pupil has a real opportunity to estimate the level of training in comparison with other applicants, and moreit is responsible to approach training. But! On group occupations the pupil always has some gaps which at us are eliminated thanks to individual. Thus, the pupil receives fuller preparation. And it is already higher points, from here and more wide choiceat receipt in educational institutions. You come and be convinced. Occupations take place three times a week (two in group one individually). The price in a week. First occupation free.
      2017-09-29 / Sterlitamak
    18. Modern training of the child for school
      Every Wednesday and Friday from 16:00 till 18:00 - occupations on training of children for school. The program is made on the basis of modern techniques of training in the letter, reading, mathematics, to creative thinking and also development of skills of communication, a performance before a class and the painless relation to estimates.Payment is made once a month. Call and register!
      2017-09-30 / Penza
    19. To order the thesis in Bryansk
      1. The Diplom32 company will help to order the thesis in top-level Bryansk. Our company multifilial also has own staff of the diplomaed performers who to perform work of any complexity and on any specialties (pedagogics, psychology, economy, civil law, philology, biology). To order the thesis inBryansk diploma means what you is guaranteed receive positive assessment on protection, and the certifying commission will be with you satisfied. All works written in our company will undergo testing on originality in the system. The Diplom32 company also offers such service how to write the thesisin Bryansk and to issue a package for protection (the speech, the review, distributing material, the presentation) which will be executed according to your individual requirements. Requirements we can perform the thesis on yours in parts. We conduct personal work with each client before protection.
      2017-09-27 / Bryansk
    20. High-quality and timely performance of student's works
      We render the highly skilled help in performance of all types of studies of any complexity. For long-term experience the, individual approach to each client is developed. Disciplines on which works are performed: technical, humanitarian, legal, economic, business, business and many other things. We guarantee qualitative and timelyperformance of the works ordered by you and also free completions and bringing to protection. All works undergo testing for uniqueness.
      2017-09-24 / ROSTOV-NA-DONU
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