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  1. 2018-11-12 /
  2. Glyancevye natyazhnye potolki

    2018-09-18 / Rostov-na-Donu
  3. Nastoyaschii` perevorot – poisk zhil`ya v hotjelhot

    2018-07-26 / London
    Stretch ceilings - became even more available! stretch ceilings are established to any rooms in very short terms - of one day! stretch ceilings it is reliable protection of your apartment or office against flooding and a fungus! departure of the measurer at any convenient time for YOU and it is perfectfree of charge! having used services of our company of "AVGUST-STROY 2012" you obtain a lifelong guarantee! also you can get any lighting for stretch ceilings from us! we wait for your calls! your AUGUSTUS - the SYSTEM of 2012!!!
    2017-10-07 / Korolev
  5. Stretch ceilings village New Pokrovsk
    Stretch ceilings in the village New Pokrovsk and the blizlezhayshikh settlements from 250 rub for sq.m. Durable and practical. Production Germany and Belgium. Wide choice of shades. Free departure for measurement. On all questions to address by phone 7 918 9666 214
    2017-07-30 / Novopokrovskaya
  6. Stretch ceilings in Luhansk, LPR
    Stretch ceilings in Luhansk. A wide choice of color palettes, ceilings with a photo printing. From 300 rub of sq.m. Repair of stretch ceilings, water plums. A guarantee for installation 2 years, on cloths of 5 years. Consultation and measurer's call free of charge! You call from 8:00 till 22:00.
    2017-07-27 / Lugansk
    Stretch ceilings Excellent quality, GUARANTEES, CERTIFICATES. To PENSIONERS of a discount to 50%zhdem your call! Polite managers will always help to be defined and will qualitatively consult! The price is specified for a ceiling in san.uzet
    2017-03-03 / Saratov
  8. DON'T ORDER stretch ceilings
    Stretch ceilings at the honest price! If you need a qualitative stretch ceiling at reasonable price — call us! We work directly from the PVC European manufacturers of a film therefore are ready to offer the best prices. We have got used to work honestly therefore we have no additional marginsfor a profile, for a fixture and so forth is the trick increasing the total cost which customers often come across. We have always all films available demonstration catalogs. We establish stretch ceilings of any complexity (multilevel, with a photo printing, mansard, soaringetc.). We are recommended to relatives! Guarantee. Contract. Certificates. We work across Rostov and area.
    2017-02-15 / Rostov-na-Donu
  9. Stretch ceilings cheap and qualitatively
    STRETCH CEILINGS cheap and qualitatively (material Germany). Action of-50%! Two-level ceilings. Ceilings with the drawing. LED lamps as a gift!
    2017-01-26 / Moskva
  10. Stretch ceilings from the Praymus company
    The faultless European quality checked by time! Choosing Praymus, you receive: - individual approach; - the most reasonable prices in the market; - perfect quality; - Efficiency of works; - safe installation; - guarantee and service; - flexible system of discounts and favorable offers; -the certified production. We work only with the equipment certified, undergone a number of testing! At installation explosion-proof polymeric and composite cylinders are used! At your choice the cloths of the leading producers which don't have a smell after installation, certified and environmentally friendly will be presented: - Germany; - France; -Belgium. Wide color gamut in about tens of shades and textures. Seamless installation, numerous options of installation of lighting and illuminations, and also: - multi-level executions; - photo printing; - device of suspended and hinged lighting; - repair of cuts; - repair after a zataplivaniye. You callright now and our experts will make removal of the sizes and consultation in the same day absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!!!
    2016-12-26 / Rostov-na-Donu
  11. Color stretch ceilings
    Tension color PVC ceiling production Belgium. Width: to 500 cm Colour: the article of SD 911 Original registration of a ceiling which will be urgent in rooms of any size; embodiment of any design decisions; saturated color of the image not subject to burning out; long operational term; faultlessoperational properties. All offers in our shop on Avito and on our websites the Ceiling with a quality assurance the Ceiling has the certificate of conformity we Work under the contract! We work quickly, but it is accurate. Cooperating with us you will be satisfied with quality andresult!
    2016-12-09 / Sochi
  12. Opaque stretch ceiling
    Tension PVC ceiling production Belgium. Opaque. Width: to 500 cm Colour: the article of SD 905 Are suitable for those who choose classics. Look as ideally leveled and painted ceiling; Don't glare, don't reflect objects and windows;Simplicity in leaving and availability of the price; The Maximum width of opaque PVC of cloths without seam of 5,5 meters. All offers in our shop on Avito and on our websites the Ceiling the Ceiling, environmentally friendly with a quality assurance, has the certificate of conformityWe work under the contract! We work quickly, but it is accurate. Cooperating with us you will be satisfied with quality and result!
    2016-12-09 / Sochi
  13. Creative Studio Potolki-Stolitsy
    Stretch ceilings in only 24 hours from the moment of the conclusion of the contract until installation. Hurry!
    2016-12-05 / Himki
  14. Fire-prevention ceiling of Grilyato
    Production and sale of fire-prevention galvanized ceilings of the Yermak Trademark offers production of own production: - Grilyato; - A suspension for a false ceiling; - The corner is perimetralny; Production is in the city of Yekaterinburg territorially in a convenient outcome. Production is equipped with the modern and productive equipment whichallows to make in the shortest possible time for you production. Color scale wide. There is an extensive network of dealers whose employees will allow you to see high quality of our production in the city. If the dealer in your city is absent, on your wish can be sentsamples of our production that will allow you to make is realized the choice. Plant of fire-prevention ceilings Yermak of 7-343-2166506 7-343-2160439
    2016-10-31 / Kostroma
  15. Sale and installation of false ceilings
    Ceiling decisions number 1 Sale and installation of false ceilings for commercial rooms across all Russia. Shipment from warehouses in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. Free calculation and development of project/design of a ceiling of any complexity. Experience more than 6 years. Tens of executed projects andtons of the shipped stream! We realize ceilings for any types of rooms. Call and receive particulars!
    2016-10-29 / Moskva
  16. Stretch ceilings on super conditions
    Stretch ceilings of the European quality on super conditions! You multiply the square at 320 rub and at once learn the cost of the order! Additional works as a gift! Other conditions on phone! Call us right now!
    2016-10-25 / Rostov-na-Donu
  17. Stretch ceilings in Rostov-on-Don
    We offer you stretch ceilings from the producer of any complexity - multilevel, soaring, perforation, a photo printing, etc. Quickly! Qualitatively! Cheap! Measurement and consultation FREE OF CHARGE! Departure on measurement in any time, convenient for you. Wide choice of flowers and invoices.
    2016-10-22 / Rostov-na-Donu
  18. Stretch ceilings in one day.
    The Sky-Lux company to care for the clients. Therefore at the order of stretch ceilings we offer a wide choice of objects of lighting (lamps, chandeliers, LED tapes). Now in order that have established you ceilings qualitatively and in time you don't need to order stretch ceiling