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    8. Nursing home in Dolgoprudny
      Action to 12/20/2017 Ц placement from 800 rubles. Dolgoletiye boarding house in Dolgoprudny Ц the private nursing home located in 10 km from Dolgoprudny intended for the elderly and aged people needing guardianship. Weekly lodgers of boarding house are examined by the doctor. Nurses havemedical education 24 hours a day also provide to lodgers leaving. In boarding house placement for any term is possible. The first a placement tribute Ц as a gift. At long-term placement Ц discounts. Special conditions for veterans. Address: Moscow region, Dolgoprudny, mdt. Sheremetyevsky,2nd Sovetsky Drive St., 2a
      2017-11-30 / Dolgoprudnyi`
    9. OTELIYa! complex equipment of hotels and hotels.
      LLC OTELIYa is the young, actively developing company in the market of providing hotel complexes, sanatoria and boarding houses all necessary. Our main principle: "It will be favorable to you to cooperate with us!"
      2017-11-18 / Sochi
    10. Droppers and pricks at you at home
      The procedural nurse with a long standing of work, at you I will put a dropper at home, pricks I will execute all appointments of the doctor. Quickly, precisely, without serious consequences.
      2017-11-16 / Krasnodar
    11. The cosmetologist in Lobnya
      The medical center "Privatklinik" provides a wide choice of services for inhabitants Lobnya in the field of esthetic cosmetology. High professional level of experts among whom there are doctors of higher category allows to achieve excellent results and to effectively solve various esthetic problems of clients. In no small measure promotes itexistence of the innovative equipment from the best producers and application modern the technician and techniques. In work experts use the medicines and cosmetics meeting the highest requirements to quality. "Privatklinik" suggests to use modern methods of rejuvenation. Various programs promoting weight reduction are developed andcorrections of a figure. Prices of procedures: Х The combined cleaning from 3 200 rub Х Mechanical cleaning from 3 000 rub Х Ultrasonic cleaning from 2 500 rub Х A peeling from 2 000 rub Х A mesotherapy from 2 500 rub Х Planimetric plasticity from 13 000 rub Х A bioepilationfrom 500 rub.
      2017-11-17 / Lobnya
      The incomplete dislocation of the Atlas meets at many people and is the main reason mnogiz diseases from a headache to different are long legs and numbness. Editing of the Atlas (a method atlasprofilaks) is a unique technology for correction of an incomplete dislocation of the first cervical vertebra of the Atlas. Thankingstatements of the Atlas on the correct situation the cause of such diseases as is removed: - scoliosis, lordoz, kifoz - the stroke cause - a headache, migraine - osteochondrosis - protrusions and hernias of a backbone - a slanting basin, different height (length) of legs is removed -the wryneck - numbness and weakness of hands and legs - tension of muscles of a back and neck the specialist Atlas from Moscow comes to Novosibirsk on November 10-12, 2017. Diagnostics and consultation are carried out free of charge. References and record by WhatsApp phone in Novosibirsk.
      2017-10-20 / Novosibirsk
    13. We will twirl a pile in clay, sand, peat, stones and even in garbage!
      Turning of self-carved piles in any conditions. One pile twists in 3-5 minutes. Turnkey installation with delivery from 700 rubles. Piles self-carved from 1000 rubles apiece. St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. Departure of the measurer free of charge. Call! Write! Visit the website!
      2017-10-06 / Sankt-Peterburg
    14. Doctor addiction psychiatrist
      Departure of the doctor of the addiction psychiatrist on the house, for knocking over of an abstinent state, a conclusion from hard drinking, removal of alcohol poisoning, knocking over of alcoholic psychosis, removal of withdrawal pains, a dropper from hard drinking. Full inspection (ECG, analyses) and survey at home.
      2017-10-04 / Moskva
    15. Nanohoney - clinic of laser treatment of varicosity, Irkutsk.
      Laser treatment of varicosity in Irkutsk. Non-invasive treatment of varicosity: endovenous laser coagulation, sclerotherapy. Consultations of the vascular surgeon and phlebologist. Treatment: varicose veins of veins, thrombophlebitises, trophic ulcers of legs. Modern equipment for treatment of a variko laser not expensively.
      2017-10-03 / Irkutsk
    16. Magic White and traditional medicine from Vladimir and the Lords
      And whether really you are happy? And if not absolutely...? To become on the present happy, healthy, favourite, rich you will be helped by professional magicians from the people Vladimir and the Lord which will carry out to you diagnostics and removal of any damage, a malefice, damnations, bad luck, a wreath of a celibacy, love spells, zombiing,sharing and other charms with statement of protection. Correction of a karma, change of destiny. Removal of the negative programs connected with date and time of the birth, other negative programs. Attraction of success, financial wellbeing, love, restoration and harmonization of the family, love, friendly, business, related relations, viewing of compatibility of partnersfor business and marriage. Ceremonies on female and maiden appeal, extension of youth and longevity, children's and teenage obedience, study, work, career, trade, property sale and a car. Disposal of addictions, correction of behavior, character, as internally, and without the knowledge of the patient,on a photo. Healing, the spiritual and power help at various diseases of internals, musculoskeletal, nervous system, skin, infertility, stutter, hernias, an ugly face, enuresis, fears, a depression, complexes. There are positive results on cancer and schizophrenia. Spiritual and psychological assistance lost relatives, relatives, friends, housepets, work, business, property. Individual production of protective amulets and mascots on good luck, money, love with use of ancient magic spells. Power cleaning of rooms: inhabited, trade, office, production, livestock and other, land plots, the equipment, vehicles with departure to any region. Definitionlevel of your magic abilities, individual training. In the work we use prayers, national plots, ceremonies of White magic, Space energy - without sin. Only according to your desire and to voluntary consent - a rozgoterapiya. Classical improving and lymphatic drainage massage. Unique ceremonies "Mercury" -opening of the monetary channel, Venus - opening of the channel of love, "Star" - opening of the channel of symmetry and beauty. Safe cancellation of the contract with a devil, correction of other errors of your past. Affordable prices. To women - discounts! Reception in Belgorod, Lipetsk, Chaplygin, Tambov, settlement the Proletarian of the Novgorod region,regular service with departure on the house in Morshansk, Ryazan, Moscow, Voronezh, Kursk; the individual call on the house can be made to any region of Russia. For inhabitants of strongly remote regions and the abroad remote work on a photo is possible. Our phones: 8-909-231-27-27 - Tambov andarea, 8-961-01-02-584 - Ryazan and area; 8-910-739-04-84, 8(4742)39-04-84 - Lipetsk and area, 8-905-644-94-74 - Voronezh and area, 8-910-737-25-03, 8(4722)37-25-03 - Belgorod and area, 8-960-684-17-63 - Kursk and area, 8-967-239-58-77 - Moscow and area. To residents of Krasnodar, Stavropol Krai, Rostov, Volgograd, Astrakhan,The Saratov, Penza, Samara, Novgorod, Leningrad, Tver, Tula, Oryol regions and all other regions I recommend to address by ph.: 8-909-231-27-27 - Vladimir, 8-920-543-51-01 - the Lord, the city of Chaplygin. And on weekdays, both on holidays, and on Sundays - call right now! And goodthe mood won't leave more you!
      2017-09-23 / Vse goroda Rossii
    17. Certification of the test equipment primary, periodicheky, repeated in accordance with GOST
      Certification of the test equipment, provides definition of metrological characteristics for the purpose of detection of their compliance to requirements to state standards at production, delivered under contracts for the state needs, including for needs of the sphere of defense and safety. JSC Testpribor among the first inthe order established by the legislation of Russia has acquired the right for work on certification in compliance with GOST PB 0008-002 and GOST P 8.568. The true state standards belong to the system of ensuring unity of measurement at implementation of the state defensive order. Within work on certificationthe equipment, we provide the following services: - metrological and legal maintenance of questions of certification of IO; - development of the program and technique of certification of IO; - conducting metrological examination of the developed normative documents; - carrying out primary, repeated or periodic certification of IO onterritories of the customer on the existing normative documents; - issue of the certificate granting the right to use IO at assessment of compliance of defensive production (GOST PB 0008-002; GOST P 8.568). Primary certification of the test equipment Primary certification of the test equipment is carried out for the purpose of confirmation of an opportunityreproduction of the influencing factors and (or) modes of functioning of a subject to test, and also rejections of characteristics of test conditions from rated values. During primary certification the list of characteristics of the test equipment which check at periodic certification of equipment, and also methods, means is defined andher results are made out in the form of the protocol. Repeated certification of the test equipment Repeated certification to be carried out during the moving, modernization, putting into operation after long storage or repair of the test equipment. As a rule, repeated certification to be carried out in volume of primary. Certification of any test equipment it is requiredto carry out in the place of his operation. The positive expert opinion grants the right for carrying out service in primary, periodic and repeated certification of this kind of the equipment as: the camera of heat cold and moisture, a thermopressure chamber, generators of electrostatic categories, anechoic and screened cameras, complexes for reproduction of conductivehindrances, stands shock and vibration, and also many other things.
      2017-09-19 / Moskva
    18. Dry-cleaner in Dzerzhinsk the Minsk Region.
      Dry-cleaner in Dzerzhinsk the Minsk Region, in Minsk. Sofa dry-cleaner, Dry-cleaner of sofas at home, Dry-cleaner of upholstered furniture at home, Dry-cleaner of carpets. A dry-cleaner with departure. We will clean your upholstered furniture in Dzerzhinsk, Fanipole, Minsk with use of the professional equipment from difficult removedspots, from dust pincers and products of their activity, from an unpleasant smell, dust and dirt. In more detail on: himcistka-divanov.bel
      2017-09-16 / Dzerzhinsk
    19. Services of the electrician in Kazan
      Services of the professional electrician. Installation of chandeliers, lamps of all types, replacement of sockets and switches. Replacement, repair of an electrical wiring. Installation and replacement of automatic machines of protection, OUZO, DIF-automatic machines. Adequate prices. Guarantee for works and materials.
      2017-09-16 / Kazan`
    20. Consultation of the psychologist. Psychologist online.
      Services of the psychologist. Psychological consultation online. Receive the help of the psychologist of on-line. Choose, suitable you, psychological services of the psychologist, psychotherapist or register in online psychotherapy. To register in consultation of the psychologist, please, contact me any in the way, comfortable for you. Free first consultation! Paymentfor result!
      2017-09-14 / Moskva
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