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    8. Ecolife NSP - all for your health and beauty
      We bring to your attention more than one thousand natural medicines, vitamins and minerals for your health and beauty. All production has passed clinical tests and has all necessary certificates of quality.
      2017-11-18 / Moskva
    9. Bra of the big size
      The sizes from D to G, large volumes, beautiful design, high quality and comfort - all this description approaches bras of PLAYTEX (USA) and BALI (USA). It is possible to get a convenient and correct bra in Flebomed salon shop to the address: Stroiteley 11a 8-919-895-95-48 Operating mode: daily from 10:00 - 19:00
      2017-11-09 / Volgodonsk
    10. Natural fruit fruit candy with a vegetable betulin
      Fruit candy plates from natural juice and fruit or berry puree, on the basis of a vegetable betulin from birch bark - birch bark. Thanks to natural properties of a betulin, a fruit candy - the tasty antiviral and cold remedy increasing immunity. Tasty delicacy of three tastes: apple, apple and cherry and apple and pear
      2017-11-03 / Belgorod
    11. The program of weight loss from the Tiens company
      Do you seek to lose extra kilos, but you don't want to exhaust yourself in the gym? Do you keep to the exhausting diets, but you don't feel effect? Then our course especially for you! In only one month you will be able to dump up to 5-7 kg! In the program of a courseenters: Chitosan – catches and softly brings fats out of an organism. To accept on 1 capsule. Anti-lipidic tea – cleans an organism from fat, normalizes a metabolism, brings slags and toxins out of an organism. To make 1 bag of tea in 1.5 liters of water– it is volume for all day. For fixing of result it is possible to add a spirulina which contains a large amount of protein. She lowers the level of cholesterol and lipids and also normalizes a metabolism. To accept on one capsule 2-3 times a day.
      2017-08-07 / Barnaul
    12. Children's calcium of Tyansha
      Calcium is important for a children's organism, plays a major role in formation and development of a bone tissue, participates in implementation of processes of nervous excitability, muscular contraction and fibrillation. It is recommended in quality: – the complex power supply for the children's growth and development;– additional source of calcium; – preventions of neuromuscular excitability; – prevention of rickets. Functions: is an additional source of calcium, zinc, iron, vitamins and amino acids which participate in ensuring growth and development of bones, the storage of b, and also interfere with developing of rickets, vital regulate manyfunctions of an organism. Structure: powdered whole milk, powder of bone calcium, izomal`tooligosaharid, powder of vegetable fat (coconut oil), egg powder, vitamins A, D, S, iron, zinc, taurine, maltodextrin. Dosage: children are 4–6 years old on 1/2 bags (5 g) once a day, to children
      2017-07-03 / Irkutsk
    13. Internet "Bystry Way to Success" magazine
      On pages of our magazine you will meet articles about how quickly to achieve success practically in any activity. Regularly there are all new and new articles on achievement of success.
      2017-05-18 / Http://
    14. I will sell cheap Tibetan rinchena gold pills
      I sell rincheni, Tibetan gold pills? The production of the Indian clinic, Men Tsi Khang, Dharamsala? Powerful means to cure hundreds of diseases. The overwhelming number of components in the compositions of Tibetan medicines of vegetable origin (up to 98-99%). The rest - additives of natural minerals, salts, metals, precious and semiprecious stones that have been specially cleansed of toxins. In Tibetan medicines, components of artificial (non-natural) origin are never used. In the process of collecting and preparing medical formulations, special mystical sound formulas (Mantras and prayers) are repeated. ?? Are sold individually or in a package (10 pcs.) ?? Examples of rinchen: ?? 1. A great precious pill of black gold - Rinchen Drangjor Rilnag Chenmo (Dranjor) ?? 2. Precious pill "Great accumulation - Rinchen Mangjor Chenmo" (Manjor) ?? 3. Great Iron Rinchen - Rinchen Seljed Chakril Chenmo (Chakril) You can order additional pills (according to the questionnaire in accordance with your features and diseases). ? Possible delivery to other cities and countries.? With questions and for details, please contact by email
      2017-05-09 / Moskva
    15. Biological calcium
      Functions of calcium in an organism: - Calcium is a part of each cage of an organism since transfers oxygen and nutrients on all body - Calcium provides transfer of nervous impulses, work of a head and spinal cord, memory, rhythm of warm reductions, a tone of blood vessels, reductionmuscles including warm - One of fibrillation factors - Reduces cholesterol level, promotes lowering of arterial pressure. - Increases protective forces of an organism. - Promotes maintenance of a healthy condition of skin, reduction of quantity of free radicals - Provides with energy men's sexualcages. The lack of calcium of an organism causes more than 150 diseases (osteoporosis, an allergy, rickets, cardiac vascular diseases, a delay of mental and physical development, infertility, formation of stones, etc.). Biological calcium contains ions of calcium, a squirrel, zinc, phosphorus, D3 vitamin, i.e. 17 minerals and vitamins therefore hethe Company is acquired for 98-99% releases several types of biocalcium: All-strengthening For endocrine glands Chewing – for a mouth Children's – it can be accepted since the birth Brain – for a head and spinal cord.
      2017-02-07 / Vladimir
    16. Jlektromassaznyi TIENS-ZIZN` pribor
      Whether it is known to you that the hidden period of many diseases does helpless even the most modern diagnostic devices. For example, all know that it is almost impossible to reveal at an early, first stage oncology (THOUGH AT the FIRST STAGE she is CURABLE EVEN WITHOUT OPERATION). It became possible with the deviceTIENS-LIFE. Stimulating acupuncture points, intensifies blood circulation and circulation ci, increases activity of cages, reveals a problem in an organism at an early stage, improves the state of health prevention of diseases, immunity strengthening Carries out; stimulation of the autonomic nervous system; activization of exchange processes; increase in vital activity of cages; expansionvessels; removal of toxins; removal of hypostases; identification and treatment of diseases at the level of a cage; ease of management, absolute safety: all procedures are carried out on a hand. It is especially effective when the person tests - weakness; - syndrome of chronic fatigue; - deficiency of magnetic field insideorganism; - narrowing of vessels; - delay of a metabolism; - presenilation; - indispositions, pain of various nature; - breakdown.
      2017-02-07 / Vladimir
    17. Titanic magnetic bracelets
      The titan Titan is the metal which isn't making negative impact on the human body autonomic nervous system, doesn't cause an allergy and irritation on skin. Titan has high resistance to corrosion. He possesses high degree of durability and chemical stability, resistance to deformation and losscolors, doesn't demand special leaving. The titanic bracelet improves blood circulation, effectively takes off pain and fatigue, prevents negative impact of an adverse geomagnetic situation. A magnet In internals of the person (heart, a liver, a spleen, lungs, kidneys), and also in nervous system, muscles, blood. The main biological effects from carrying magnetic bracelets are: normalization of a metabolism (including promote weight loss); strengthening of immune system (due to maintenance of normal cellular composition of blood); normalization of a dream and mood; will limit influence of other people on your biofield to a minimum; stimulationthe haematogenic system (level of hemoglobin and erythrocytes at anemia rises); normalization of work of internals; regulation of level of lipids in blood (reduces probability of atherosclerosis); removal of sharp inflammatory processes (first of all bone and joints pains). Besides, the Bracelet is an excellent accessory whichemphasizes your status of the healthy, successful and happy person.
      2017-02-07 / Vladimir
    18. The device for normalization of arterial pressure
      The massager for normalization of arterial pressure is awarded by 8 international awards and a large number of diplomas for scientific and technical achievements in the field of medicine. Improving functions: - eliminates dizziness, a headache, stabilizes pressure; - improves blood circulation in a brain, stimulates work of a brain, improves memory; - restoresbiofield of the person; - prevention of diseases and recovery of work of heart and coronal arteries, reduction of term of rehabilitation after a stroke and a heart attack; - it is necessary to people at whom the disease is in the hidden, incubatory state; - it is very effective at early emergence of a gray hair and seboreyny lossthe hair, slows down development of a gray hair, and also can promote pigmentation of a gray hair; - prevention of baldness, stimulation of growth of hair; - kills a toothache, stomach pain, weakens joint pains, etc. pains; - has cosmetic effect. Device Hairbrush very muchit is convenient in application since has the small size (is located in a palm, he can be carried with himself). It is the home massager for the head, the person, a neck, a back and all body. The massager for the head, a neck, the person, a back and all body is absolutely harmless, it has no collateralactions. Using this device for health in any time, convenient for you, in any convenient place you will be able instantly to receive desirable result without the aid of strangers. Since 1992, this medical device has passed clinical tests in various medical institutions andwith success it is applied worldwide. Results of inspection of tens of thousands of patients using the device confirm that it is an effective remedy of treatment of a hypertension. The Ministry of Health of Russia, after the research in medical institutions the Central military clinical hospital of MO Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Sciences, thisthe device has been recommended for application in medical practice of medical institutions and individual treatment of hypertensive diseases. It is clinically proved that the device prevents development of a stroke and helps to cope with his consequences. He is also recommended for application at complex treatment of arthroses and arthritises,liver and kidneys, pancreas, diseases of digestive tract, broikhialny asthma, thrombophlebitises and varicosity. The hairbrush prevents a hair loss and improves their structure. The people suffering from eye pressure in a month can feel improvement, and in a week can already observe positive resultson sight correction. Promotes clarification of blood vessels, to improve the general health and to save from headaches. The Hairbrush massager has the double regulating effect. At elevated pressure works ponizhayushche, and with the lowered pressure normalizes it. Level of efficiency of use of the device for having a hypertension –more than 90%, for the people having headaches - 97%. The massager an electrostimulator household (Hairbrush) restores integrity of walls of arteries, eliminates spasms, destroys cholesteric deposits, reduces viscosity of blood and clears blood vessels.
      2017-02-07 / Vladimir
    19. Set in group of yoga to Mozhaisk is open.
      The yoga is: • physical health, • composure, • harmonious relationship with the world around, • a beautiful flexible body Age from 16 to.... years Additional information on phone: 8-909-909-79-57.
      2017-01-29 / Mozhai`sk
    20. We offer capsules to lose weight quickly, by 5 kg, these are capsules effective, responses
      The IBS capsules for quickly to lose weight we suggest to lose weight in 28 days without damage to your health, available a strong course in the gray and claret capsule, more weakly in the blue-white capsule these drugs have no analogs as on the present help will get rid from superfluous fattydeposits. Where excess weight automatically softly, continues to be burned without the exhausting diets and hunger strikes. Write the Range and the prices in our online store I want to lose weight by an email, capsules for, to lose weight without diets, by 25 kg, Xenical as will get rid, from a stomach,effective, a TT responses, responses, capsules, plus, bears, St. Carlos, super strong, banquet capsules, activ, the table of caloric content, dietary supplements, immunity, means, without diets, weight loss,
      2017-01-26 /
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