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  1. 2018-12-14 /

  2. 2018-10-17 /
  3. OOO `Torgovo-promyshlennaya kompaniya `Pentan`

    2018-07-23 / Krasnodar
  4. JEmal` KE 36-5005/2

    2018-06-05 / Rostov-na-Donu
  5. [ICO] NEUROMACHINE 260 NRM tokens worth $10 FREE !!

    2018-04-30 / (Lviv|Kiev|Kharkiv}

    2018-04-05 / Krasnodar
  7. Ground microcalcite-marble
    Microcalcite of the MK brand, the highest quality with observance of all details of production. Choice of whiteness of 86-98%, High quality of a product and its storage, Big range of application, Fraction from 1 to 500 microns. The hydrophobic Mikrokaltsita brands for PVC. Motor transport, railroad.
    2017-12-08 / Podol`sk
  8. Profi_line producer
    Miksistema Profilayn perfectly is suitable for carrying out repair of a car. The Profi_Line system contains all necessary materials (from fillings to varnishes) for implementation of a full cycle of coloring of the car.
    2017-08-17 / Odincovo
  9. I didn't think that everything is so simple.
    Pancake it is simple something, have cool thought up.
    2017-04-13 / Moskva
  10. Unique production from the Reflection company
    The Reflection company is engaged in production and realization of the shining paint, pigments (phosphor) matting pastes and liquids for mirrors and glasses and also production under the order of pictures, souvenirs, etc. All our production is certified in Russia, and also Certificates <ezopasnost are valid onall territory of the EU. We cooperate with the large organizations, and also with individuals.
    2016-11-14 / Novosibirsk
  11. CUMIXAN COLOR UV - soil-enamel on a polyurethane basis (protective LKM)
    Operation term according to the conclusion Khotkovo 10 years.
    2016-06-24 / Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovskaya oblast`)
  12. CUMIXAN Pro EPOXY - soil-paint anticorrosive.
    as a priming, intermediate or finishing coat, and also as single-layer system, at operation in the conditions of the surrounding atmosphere or immersion in liquid. It can be used for qualitatively prepared surfaces from carbonaceous steel, and also surfaces with the coverings which were in operation.and also the reinforced concrete building constructions operated: Х in the sea atmosphere of categories of placement of OM1-OM3 in accordance with GOST 15150; Х in the industrial atmosphere of average and strong aggression of gases with a normal and high zone of humidity; Х in sea and river water, industrial settling and sewageat contact with alkaline and sour detergents; Х at contact with the lowest alcohols, mineral oils and aliphatic solvents. Х at contact with oil, gasoline and wide scale of chemicals; It is recommended for use as an independent covering, and in systems of coveringswith anti-fouling CUMIXAN, CUMIXAN BIO and CUMIXAN ECO enamels, with protective and decorative CUMIXAN COLOR and CUMIXAN COLOR UV enamels, and also a wide range the pokryvnykh of layers of enamels and varnishes.
    2016-06-24 / Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovskaya oblast`)
  13. Polygraphy from the Exclusive Graphics company
    Our company is engaged in production of paper packages from Efalin. We can develop the design model for the press on your package. Any kind of circulation is possible. We specializiruemy on performance of different types of printing services. For more detailed information visit our site: You call by telephone: 7(812)640-87-20, 7(965)0965344 Write on it is possible to Find us to the address: St. Petersburg, Kazan, 5
    2016-06-01 / Sankt-Peterburg
  14. Sale and putting decorative plaster and paint
    Sale and putting decorative plasters and paints with various effects Ц silks, marble, a velvet, travertine, concrete. Decorative registration of columns and stucco molding. Help in the choice of material and color. Possibility of training in drawing builders at an object.
    2016-10-07 / Alma-Aty
  15. Paints, enamels wholesale from the producer with delivery across Russia
    The Akvateks company is engaged in production of paints and varnishes for internal and exterior finish: enamels, acrylic paints, soil. Delivery across all Russia. Our production: Enamels: - PF-115, PF-266, HV-124, HV-785, HV-16, NTs-132, Primer KO-174: - GF-021, HS-010, VD-AK (The impregnation strengthening) of Paintacrylic on a water basis: - VD-AK 111 (for facades) - VD-AK 211 (washing, interior, for walls and ceilings) - Enamel acrylic white And also: - MA-15 minium - Oksol Drying oil - Solvent 646 - White spirit - Kuzbasslak Advantage BT-577:Х We make paint more than 15 years! Х Delivery across all Russia Х Existence of own production allows to receive the highest quality for reasonable prices! Х Production is strict in accordance with GOST Х Only high-quality import and domestic raw materials Х Kolerovka according to catalogs, and also on the customer's sample Х Fast performanceorder: of 1 day Х Any volumes: from 1 kg to tens of tons Х A convenient location: within the city, in Dzerzhinsky district
    2016-05-22 / Novosibirsk
  16. Grunt Betonokontakt DiMark LUX Cena. vedro 12 kg
    Soil of Betonokontakt DiMark LUX Price. bucket of 12 kg of 670,80 rub. It is intended for internal and external works for preliminary processing of the smooth, poorly absorbing moisture bases from monolithic concrete, concrete beams, a brick, gypsum cardboard, old plastersAfter drawing a primer on an old ceramic tile and creations of a rough surface gluing of a tile on a tile is possible. Betonokontakt is some kind of waterproofing material Ц when drying it forms a waterproof film. The primer is applied on the basis for one pass, a uniform layer, athelp of a brush or roller. The primer dries within 3 - 4 hours then it is possible to perform further works. The fresh remains of a primer easily are removed water. The dried-up primer can be removed only mechanically or by means of solvent.
    2016-05-08 / Ufa
  17. Kraska Tikkurila ustoicivo
    I will sell Tikkurila Luja paint (semi-gloss white, is tinted, washing, walls, a ceiling) packing - 9 l. Available 12 buckets (new, not opened). Production Finland. The special akrilatny paint containing the antimould component protecting a surface. It is intended for coloring concrete, the zashpatlevannykh, brick, cardboard, wooden surfaces, plaster,wood and fiber boards indoors. Paint can be applied to coloring of the surfaces painted by earlier alkidny paint. Excellent resistance to washing, maintains more than 20 000 passes by a brush. It is steady to strong washing and to disinfectants, applied in hospitals. It is applied to coloring of wallsand ceilings in damp rooms and in premises of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions, in rooms from which surfaces resistance to washing and wear, for example, lobbies, staircases, corridors and chambers of hospitals, and also other surfaces which are exposed to big loading is required. It is approved for coloringpremises of the enterprises of the food industry (Law on the food of Finland 23/2006). Very economic expense, it is possible to dilute. Cash, clearing settlement. Cost is specified for 1 bucket. On all volume - a discount.
    2016-04-13 / Kamensk-Ural`skii`
  18. Production and sale of flexographic production