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Список объявление в категории Недвижимость Частная / Квартиры Продажа Трёхкомнатные

  1. 2018-12-01 /

  2. 2018-10-28 /
  3. Prodaetsya 3h kom. kvartira 58kv.m., ul. Generala Ostryakova 27

    2018-08-30 / Sevastopol`
  4. Prodam 3-komnatnuyu Sverdlovskii` rai`on

    2018-08-27 / Krasnoyarsk
  5. Prodam 3-h komnatnuyu kvartiru v gorode Ust`-Labinske, Krasnodarskii` krai`

    2018-05-18 / Krasnodar
  6. Trehkomnatnaya kvartira na Oficerskoi` (Avrora)

    2018-05-16 / Krasnodar
  7. 3-h komnatnaya kvartira -prodazha

    2018-04-02 / Belorechensk
  8. Prodam 3-k. kvartiru

    2018-03-01 / Vyaz`ma
  9. Bol`say i uytnay kvartira na beregu laskovogo mory
    The two-level apartment in elite a compound on the bank of the Red Sea. The first floor has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a drawing room, kitchen and a balcony. The second - the bedroom, kitchen, a bathroom and a big terrace with arbors, chaise lounges, a barbecue and tp. The area of each floor is 120 as meters.The sea in the yard, protection, a parking, infrastructure. The apartment with repair, furniture and household appliances. Exchange and long-term rent is possible.
    2017-11-09 / Hurgada
  10. The light and warm apartment in Oktyabrsky district is on sale
    I will sell the 3-roomed apartment (secondary) in Oktyabrsky district on the 5th floor in the 9-storey brick house to the address of Suvorov 12, with a total area of 61 sq.m. Plastic windows. Separate bathroom. There is a loggia (is glazed). The apartment of the improved planning. Re-planning is legalized. Capital repairs are executed, demand cosmetic. Isboiler. The bargaining is possible. Documents are ready.
    2017-10-11 / Tomsk
  11. The smart 3-roomed apartment, is on sale with furniture
    The owner, I sell the apartment with smart capital repairs, photos correspond!!! (and also all conducting, all pipes, sewerage: have been completely replaced) Two isolated rooms, the big hall is connected to kitchen, the storeroom, a balcony. There is an opportunity, there was only desire and not bigfinance for a good extension (there is already a roof) Total area will be with her nearly 100 sq.m. Two good Split systems, one quite is enough for all apartment. Smart kitchen! A bathroom with a jacuzzi. The quiet court with the playground. Agents/realtors don't disturb,don't spend either my nor time! Do you want to show someone? - please. I don't sign the contract with anybody.
    2017-08-30 / Krasnodar
  12. The apartment in Krasnodar!
    3-roomed apartment 76/50/8 brick. I have used up. the center, 2/4, all communications central, social infrastructure within walking distance (shops, schools, for gardens, transport, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS), European-quality repair, a ceiling of 3 m, a balcony
    2017-08-15 / YAlta
  13. Prodam 3-h komnatnuy kvartiru v sele Vasil`kovo Rostovskogo raiona Yroslavskoi oblasti
    I will sell the 3-roomed apartment in the village of Vasilkovo of the Rostov district of the Yaroslavl region 1/3 floor panel houses in good shape, a clean entrance, the loggia is glazed, a bathroom separate, the apartment not angular, very warm, on two sides of the house. There is a central heating, cold and hot water.The village is in the environmentally friendly area, there is a school, a kindergarten, medical aid station, shops, the asphalted road, in 20 km from Rostov
    2017-07-14 / Gorod
  14. Urgently I sell 3-roomed
    I sell the 3-roomed apartment around Bar. The area is 70 sq.m. The rooms isolated the balcony glazed. 2230000 rub. To the real buyer bargaining. We consider exchange on one-room with your surcharge
    2017-07-09 / Armavir
  15. The excellent 3-roomed apartment is on sale
    The excellent 3-roomed apartment of Stalin planning, with reinforced concrete overlappings, light, spacious is on sale!!! Total area kvartiry:62.1m; Inhabited ploshchad:41.2 m; Komnaty:16.1m; 13.1 m; 12 m; 2 balconies, versatile. High ceilings-3m, sound wooden floors. In the apartment windows are replaced with metalplastic, new pipes, an excellent modern metal new door!!!Pure, well-groomed entrance, broad ladder marches. Neighbors at an entrance accurate decent people. Cozy quiet court, playgrounds, parking spaces. The developed infrastructure, within walking distance shops, det.sada, schools, medical uchrezhdeniya.ostanovka of public transport. Number of an ulitsy:shurukhin, Degtyarev.
    2017-06-21 / Volgograd
  16. I will sell the 4th lump on Ould Zatonskoy
    I will sell 4kh a lump the apartment the apartment remade in 3kh a lump kitchen studio big spacious, the PVC windows of the battery are changed for radiators, on a floor a laminate of a wall are leveled, on a ceiling stretch ceilings and dot illumination, in a bathroom on a floor and walls are laid out by a tile, the Pure entrance good neighbors, everything is locatedwithin walking distance shops garden, school.
    2017-06-13 / Krasnoyarsk
  17. I SELL 3-K APARTMENT in Sevastopol
    The 3-roomed apartment is on sale. 5th floor of 5 floor houses. The roof is tent. Czech. Rooms are separate: 12, 20.2, 9.2. The bathroom is separate. Tile. Kitchen working wall tile. The geyser is the Italian. Counters on gas and water. The balcony and a loggia are glazed. Internet. Satellite television. Heatingcentral. Refuse chute. On-door speakerphone. Nearby large market, hospital complex, stops of public transport. Journey to any point of the city is available. All documents are processed. Sale through AN Dobromir.
    2017-06-23 / Sevastopol`
  18. click here

    2017-05-31 / Yako
  19. Proday 3-h zapytyh. kvartiru CMR ul.Stavropol`skay 177 2650tys.rub
    The three-room apartment 59,2 of sq.m on the first floor of five floor houses, floors a parquet, windows wooden, a door entrance metal, Split system new is on sale. In a bathroom a tile. Gas, central heating, apartment warm. Windows come to two parties (approaches under commerce). The area with the developed infrastructure, schools, gardens, supermarkets,market, banks, KUBSU, transport. Pure sale, owner. 2650 thousand rubles.
    2017-05-29 / Krasnodar
  20. I sell 3 rooms the apartment. Bryansk, Duca Street, 37
    The real comfort begins with neighbors but not the concierge. The 3-roomed apartment in the brick house of a business class is on sale. • There is no problem where to leave the car for the night - the closed domestic territory with a zone of the parking is under video surveillance. • Forget about traffic jams - all necessary in5 minutes of walking. Besides the excellent traffic intersection will allow you to reach any district of the city in only a few minutes. • Strong brick walls will protect your rest from excess noise. Or meet friends and relatives without being afraid to disturb neighbors. • The concierge isn't necessary– at an entrance of only 6 apartments. Benevolent decent neighbors will meet you every morning by a friendly greeting. • The cozy loggia leaves to the quiet green court with the playground by the way there is a children's developing center. • Thick walls will be presented to you warmly in the winter, andthe installed conditioner a cool in the summer. • As it will be pleasant to gather all family in a huge erkerny drawing room. Buy the apartment at the favorable price and receive kitchen with the built-in equipment worth 140 000 rubles as a gift. The offer is valid till July 1 or so far the ownerI haven't moved. Register in display today, your apartment tomorrow, someone can buy another.
    2017-05-27 / Bryansk
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