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    8. Apartment 2-roomed floor 5/9 floor. houses Yevpatoriya.
      I will sell the 2-roomed apartment in the Crimea Yevpatoriya, Chapayev St. - 7, the floor 5/18 the apartment, the 9-storey house, it is handed over in July, 2017. The total area of 66,3 sq.m., two isolated rooms 18,3 / 15,4 sq.m., kitchen of 11,7 sq.m., a balcony of 4 sq.m., ceiling height2,8 m separate bathroom. A condition of the apartment - from builders (a floor/coupler wall / plaster). The apartment has the spacious areas and convenient plannings which will allow to realize in them practically any design project. Walls and ceilings differ in a plain surface that simplifies and reduces the price of finishing works.In the apartment the double-circuit gas copper, individual gas heating, the gas stove is established, the electrical wiring in the apartment, counters on gas and water, windows – metalplastic (Germany), an entrance door armored SL – is carried out 1000. There is an elevator, the parking and the sports ground. Within walking distanceall necessary: school, kindergartens, playgrounds, shops, supermarkets, cafe, markets, bus and trolleybus stop. The bargaining is possible.
      2017-12-18 / Krasnodar
    9. I will sell the 2-roomed apartment the Renaissance credit
      The owner sells the 2-roomed apartment, the avenue of a name of the newspaper the Krasnoyarsk worker, 63, 5/5 block, 43,8/30/6, the balcony isn't glazed, gas, a state usual, wooden windows, deal floors, the bathroom combined in a tile, water pipes are replaced with polypropylene, metering devices, communicating rooms, the big storeroom, the apartment are installedvery warm and light, windows overlook the yard, a transport stop, shops, kindergarten and school within walking distance, one adult owner, in property more than five years, a net sale, the apartment empty, nobody is registered, there are no encumbrances and restrictions, will show in anytime, convenient for you, the price is 1 720 thousand rubles, without the bargaining.
      2017-12-08 / Krasnoyarsk
    10. I will sell 2kh-room the apartment by the sea
      I will sell 2 rooms, in Anapa, a hyper magnet, the 4th floor, 54 sq.m, the balcony is glazed, the individual. heating, own parking, 2500 thousand rubles, the mortgage Is possible. Owner Vozmozhen bargaining
      2017-12-06 / Krasnodar
    11. I will sell the apartment 2-k the apartment Naro-Fominsk of Svyazistov St.
      I will sell the apartment 2-k the apartment 49,1 of sq.m the House in the forest area the environmentally friendly dormitory area, the quiet place fresh air To the railway station of 7 min. transport, step availability of 30 min. the total area of the apartment of 49,1 sq.m, separate with/at the isolated rooms, twothe glazed loggias (6 m and 2 m) more than 3 years in property, direct sale. as a gift - a garage
      2017-11-19 / Naro-Fominsk
    12. CHEAP!! I sell the 2-roomed apartment
      The 2nd room apartment in 10 km from Krasnodar of USB Chetuk (opposite to the Krasnodar reservoir), with good repair is on sale. There is furniture kitchen, the bedroom, a hall all in an excellent state, with/at separate, a loggia. Also in the territory of the house there is a separate garage complex, together with the apartment1 garage is on sale (in apartment cost). The excellent place for those who were tired of city bustle, very quiet and cozy district, nearby the river, the lake, fishing
      2017-10-31 / Krasnodar
    13. The apartment in Kazan on Yershov
      The apartment of 2-roomed 55,2 sq.m, kitchen of 11,2 sq.m. high-quality prefinal finishing, in the new complex "Arth City" on Yershov St. near a complex the 21st century, the yard is completely fenced, the children's playground, the house, the territory in a circle of the house is completely fenced. It is handed over, the price is lower than the market, saleurgent.
      2017-10-27 / Kazan`
    14. Return 260 000 rubles from purchase of housing!!!
      Under the act of the Russian Federation, upon purchase of the apartment, house or land plot you can return yourself 13% of the sum spent for these purposes. That is, if you officially work or pay taxes, this information for YOU!!! Return 13% of the sumspent on: • acquisition or construction of housing (apartments, rooms, private house, or share in them); • acquisition of the land plot with the house located on him or for construction of the house; • percent on a mortgage loan for acquisition or construction of housing; • finishing/repair of housing (if itit has been acquired from the builder without finishing). You return the money even if you have built the house by own efforts!!! • development of project and budget documentation; • acquisition of construction and finishing materials; • works and services in construction and finishing (construction and repair crews); • expenses forconnection to networks electro-, water - and gas supply and the sewerage or creation of autonomous sources electro-, water - and gas supply and the sewerage. The maximum sum of a property tax deduction on purchase (construction) of housing and land plot from 2 000 000 rub, i.e. You receivefrom the state of 260 000 rub!!! And in case housing is got by spouses in marriage, then each of spouses can receive 260 000 rub. If housing is bought in a mortgage, then you will return from 3 000 000 rub, i.e. 390 more000 rub. Total: 260 000 390 000=650 000 rubles! A huge number of citizens of the Russian Federation already exercise the right and return the money and it is absolute norm of life! Consultation on a tax deduction is provided free of charge!
      2017-10-24 / Sevastopol`
    15. 2 to. kV European-quality repair
      The apartment in new Adygea of 3 km to Krasnodar, the new house excellent planning a huge loggia with entry into kitchen and the room, MPO, on the first floor shop a magnet, the house is behind MEGA Adygea, European-quality repair heat-insulated floors, became for itself, but on familyto circumstances I move
      2017-10-22 / YAblonovskii`
    16. Urgently I sell 2k. kV
      I will urgently sell 2 to. quarter in New Adygea behind MEGA Adygea, a row shop a magnet, transport at the price of the builder very urgently
      2017-10-21 / YAblonovskii`
    17. I will sell the two-room apartment luxury in the Crimea (the center of Feodosiya).
      I will sell the two-room apartment luxury in the center of Feodosiya in an excellent state and with design European-quality repair. The apartment is on sale with all furniture and household appliances (the conditioner, the refrigerator, washing and dishwashing machines, the home theater). Owner. Without percent and the commissions.
      2017-10-15 / Feodosiya
    18. I will sell the cozy apartment
      I will sell the apartment in the downtown on Sovetsk the avenue. Good shape, stretch ceiling. modern glazing of a balcony.
      2017-10-03 / Kemerovo
    19. The two-room apartment in the center of Kuschevskaya
      The 2nd room apartment of 45 sq.m, the 5th floor, look to the yard and on mail, in the center of St of Kuschevskaya is on sale
      2017-08-23 / Stanica Kuschevskaya
    20. I will sell the 2-roomed apartment, the Pskov Region, Gdov, Lenin St., 31A
      250 km. from St. Petersburg! Nearby Lake Chudskoye! The brick house, etazh2 (2), total area is 43.7 sq.m., rooms of 15.0 9.2 sq.m., separate, kitchen of 8.7 sq.m., a loggia of 3.2 sq.m., a bathroom separate. Light apartment. Windows on 2 parties. Good neighbors. 1 owner more than 5 years. Without intermediaries.The bargaining is appropriate
      2017-08-21 / Gdov, Pskovskaya obl.
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