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    7. Studiya, 23 m², 5/14 jet.
      OWNER. I will sell the studio apartment in Anapa. Area "Nut Grove", beach High coast. Number of school, kindergarten, stop. The developed infrastructure. Near the sea, a row the park the Nut Grove. Finishing is prefair, walls plaster. Windows of plasticity, a balcony it is glazed. To the sea of 10 minutes. Builder of Ltd company"KT "the cascade and To".
      2017-12-11 / Anapa
    8. Buy and live
      I will sell the 1-roomed apartment, 42,5 sq.m, the room 21, 5, kitchen 8. The new system, is made repair, the South. Or I will hand over without furniture.
      2017-12-11 / ZHeleznodorozhnyi`
    9. Studio in the center
      Studio in the downtown of Barnaul. For students or couple without children. Equipped. Packed.
      2017-11-19 / 1 000
    10. I will sell a low-family on Khrustalyov
      The low-family on Hustalev 4/5 floor is on sale. Total area is 25 sq.m. Inhabited state. Partially repair.
      2017-10-30 / Sevastopol`
    11. I sell 1 to. quarter.
      The apartment of 3 km from Krasnodar 17 sq.m.
      2017-10-22 / YAblonovskii`
    12. 1-k kvartira, 47 m², 5/10 jet.
      Direct sale from the owner. One owner, I will prepare all documents in 1 day. The excellent one-room apartment, in one of the most convenient and equipped districts of the city of Ryazan is on sale: Dashkovo-Pesochnya. A state from builders, the house is leased by 11.2016 g - a unique opportunity to be convinced of that,that there were no cracks and a mold for the whole year. Not angular, the warmed facade of 100 mm. The individual heating (a copper is ready for all 100%) allowing you during a winter season is essential to save: about 2000 rub monthly - Unless it not a miracle! The best locationhouses. You will always save and to eat perfectly because within walking distance the Globe and Tape hypermarkets. Problems with repair, and, above all favorable repair, won't be, a number of "Lerua" - the biggest shop of building materials in the city. You can easily go round traffic jams,to leave on couple of days to Moscow, nearby Northern District. Have wanted to have a rest with children? 5 minutes and you already go to Solotchu, or Aquapark. You love and appreciate health, FitProfi fitness club in 10 minutes of walking! You and your child will beto save a lot of time, school No. 50 and 2 of the most excellent of kindergarten (No. 4 and No. 112) in 10-15 minutes from the house, you won't need to worry, distance the shortest and without any buses, changes, minibuses. The pedestrian zone in 10 minutes from the house on foot.Within walking distance the bus-stop – it is convenient to reach any point in the city. Are located a row: In a step dostkupost (5-10 minutes on foot): - The Globe hypermarket (10 - 13 minutes on foot) - Hypermarket the Tape (10 minutes on foot) -Fitness FitProfi centers - Grocery stores (A fontanel in the yard) - Family club of the Nested doll (development of the child is in this house) - Sberbank branch on the Soviet Army - Drugstore (Care) - Shop 5 - the Pearl Kindergarten No. 4 - Kindergarten No. 112- School No. 50 - Cafe, bars, restaurants Nearby around the city (1-2 stops or 10 min. by car): - The 11th hospital, Dashkovo-Pesochny the market - the Ice Arena (he is Olympic: sections of hockey, figure skating and also large events of stars are heldplatform and sport) the Yard standard, as well as any other in a modern new building - the playground the parking Direct sale, a request to call till 20-00.
      2017-10-14 / Ryazan`
    13. Tomsk: I will sell Two 1k - apartments - studio on Melnichnaya St., 47
      I will sell two apartments-studio 24, 1 of sq.m and 24, 2 sq.m on 9 and 11 floors in the brick house new building of 2017 in the downtown of Tomsk on the embankment of the Tom River. Without finishing (the coupler, plaster - is). The developed infrastructure: school, it is, shops, proximity to stopping complexes of public transport. There are no registered persons and minor owners. Without intermediaries. Bargaining.
      2017-10-14 / Tomsk
    14. I will sell 1k - the apartment - studio on D. Klyuchevskaya St., 16A
      I will sell the cozy studio apartment of 26 sq.m on the 4th floor 14 jt. the brick house in the area with the developed infrastructure: in the house shops, nearby the modern children's playground, stops of public transport, a spacious land parking, Kinomaks movie theater. Plastic windows, the Balcony it is glazed, factory steelentrance door. In the apartment there are no registered persons and minor owners. Sale of furniture and household appliances in the apartment - cheap or as a gift on condition of sale for 1700 000 rub is possible. The apartment is ready to accommodation. The mortgage without surcharges is possible. Seller: OwnerThe reasonable bargaining without furniture and household appliances.
      2017-10-14 / Tomsk
    15. Prodaetsy Kvartira na beregu Azovskogo mory v g.Eske
      Urgently! The 1-roomed apartment of Plekhanov St. 9, to the sea of 5 min. on foot is on sale., cozy yard, playground, market. The general ploshchad32m2; inhabited 15 sq.m; kitchen of 7 sq.m; dignity. knot. it is combined, the balcony is glazed, repair. with furniture. Come and live, the 5th floor, the 5-storey brick house. Owner
      2017-10-06 / Ei`sk
    16. Proday 1 zapytoi 40m ul Rahmaninova s remontom i mebel`y
      Prikubansky district, 2/5k, with/at sovm. a tile, autonomous heating, / z from the room, in kitchen the built-in furniture, the refrigerator, an angular sofa, in a hall the built-in case, excellent repair, sv-in and the inventory new, the developed infrastructure shops, services, playgrounds, athletic fields, a parking, transport nearby. Is on sale in connection with
      2017-10-02 / Krasnodar
    17. 1 to. quarter. Borodino Fort. KMR
      I will sell 1 lump. apartment, ZhK "Borodino Fort", Borodinskaya St. 10.PMR. 7/12 monol. / brick, house of a business class, area 48m2.bez balcony of 41,5/20/11 sq.m. of sou / sovm. it isn't glazed, windows mpo, mt. door. Prefinal finishing. The house is leased. The certificate on hands. Panoramic view of the Kuban reservoir. In the yard of the house - the playground, the parking guest andunderground. The good place for life. Windows to the yard. Within walking distance school, it is put. garden, supermarket, magnet, tabris, grocery market, transport.
      2017-09-29 / Krasnodar
    18. The real estate on a pocket
      The one-room apartment of hotel type, 23,3 sq.m, 1/5, a brick is on sale. Vavilov's corner and Railway, silent center.
      2017-09-28 / Saratov
    19. I will sell 1 room the isolated apartment
      I will sell 1 room the isolated apartment, New houses, Slinko St., 1, the angular, 6,6/27,4/42,7, 5 floor of 5 floor houses, without repair, the roof doesn't flow, ph. 068-738-39-80
      2017-09-19 / Har`kov
    20. The 1st apartment to Mytishchi, the Moscow Region, Rozhdestvenskaya St. of 7 is on sale
      The one-room, cozy, light apartment in the center Mytishchi, Rozhdestvenskaya St., 7 is on sale. The total area of the apartment – 42,9. The living room – 18,4, kitchen 9,2, a hall – 8,7. Windows double-glazed windows. A beautiful view from a window of the room and a loggia. An exit to a loggia from kitchen.Floors in the room and a hall qualitative laminate "American Oak". All doors in the apartment new. Always clean entrance and yard of the house. Two elevators. The protected territory with video surveillance. Available land and underground parkings. In the yard arranged well, the playground. Within walking distanceall infrastructure: children's and adult policlinics, school, for a garden, a gymnasium, shops, banks, the fitness center. 5 minutes to big Shopping Center Krasny kit, 7 min. - to the station Mytishchi, the satellite to m Komsomol – 20 min. the minibus 25 min. to m of ENEA and m.Medvedky. By the car 7 min. to Moscow. Convenient entries and departures into the city. One adult owner. Overall cost in DKP. Expeditious display.
      2017-08-21 / Mytischi
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