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    1. 2018-11-16 /
    2. Materinskii` kapital do 3h let

      2018-04-13 / Korenovsk
    3. HR-brending Podbor kadrov

      2018-02-26 / Kazan`
    4. Psihologicheskaya pomosch` dlya lyudei` nahodyaschihsya na grani

      2018-02-04 / YAlta
    5. Materinskii` kapital do 3h let rebenku nedorogo KPK Svoi` Dom s garantiei` odobreniya PFR

      2018-01-31 / Korenovsk
    6. Astrolog Numerolog Hiromant

      2018-01-27 / CHelyabinsk
    7. Finansovaya konsul`taciya

      2017-12-30 / YAroslavl`
    8. Otnosheniya

      2017-12-28 / Vladimir
    9. Anapa. Treatment of an allergy, bronchial asthma, pollinoz. Psychotherapy.
      reliable result. Productively.
      2017-10-01 /
    10. Trebuetsy medsestra (medsestra)
      The nurse (Nurse) for work on the contract in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark as a part of the humanitarian mission of the International Red Cross and OSCE (OSCE) is required. Work on the contract with ID-Card registration. Knowledge of English or German is welcomed.
      2017-05-25 / Ukraina
    11. Private visits to the psychologist
      Individual consultations at the psychologist will help you to adjust private life, to find self-confidence, to find favourite and highly paid work, to change the relations with close people, to get new friends. Personal meetings in a cozy office in the center of Volgograd. Preliminary record. Evening and output time.Olga.
      2017-03-24 / Volgograd
    12. Calculation of fire risk of an object!
      To you representatives of fire inspectorate plan to glance? And you have no guarantees that they will find nothing? Means, it is time to create reliable fire-prevention system! Audit of fire risks is necessary for performance of this task. The Magnus Group company suggests to book fire audit(independent assessment of fire risk) which will allow: • To bring the company out of checks of the State Firefighter Nadzora. • To prove the available derogations from norms. • To get rid of need to invest huge amounts of money in reduction of system of fire safety in a sootvetkstviye with requirements of the Federal Law No. 123.• To avoid administrative responsibility and payment of penalties. As a result you save serious means and obtain "iron" guarantees that your fire system will work without failures. Contact us to get free advice: By phone - 8 800777 16 92
      2017-03-03 / Voronezh
    13. Second nationality, permanent residence, residence permit
      LLC REALITI – A permanent residence and the residence permit in Europe. Business Immigration and Emigration to Europe. Second nationality. Immigration programs. The real estate and business in Europe.
      2017-03-01 / Moskva
    14. The consultant on phone
      Requirements: Appropriate level of communication, literacy, skill to communicate, goodwill during the work with clients. Experience with clients is welcomed Conditions: - Work in the stable and dynamically developing organization. - Worthy level of compensation - the Schedule of work 5/2 is possible 4/3Duties: answers to calls, consultation of clients, providing in work with clients of efficiency, responsibility and competence.
      2017-02-10 / YAlta
    15. Clairvoyant. Foreteller.
      I will tell the fortunes. Verna of darling, I will eliminate the competitor. I will save from any damage and a damnation. I will clean karmic and hereditary programs, I will return male power. I will remove a wreath of a celibacy and I will help to find the second half. I will attract success in business (a powerful financial ceremony "GOLDEN FLEECE" on attractionmoney, career development, success in work). Protection against financial loss. A mascot on attraction of good luck and financial wellbeing. I will solve any vital problem. I will put powerful protection. I work at the personal address and at distance.
      2017-01-17 / Moskva
    16. Those. survey of a car
      Those. survey. Any region of Russia. Official registration. Issue of the Diagnostic map (Those. survey is undergone). Quickly. Documents for registration: 1. Owner's type (legal entity or individual) 2. PTS or SRTS, for the Legal entity – the name SPINNING TOPS 3. Type brakesystems (gidrav., mehan., pneumo., combined) 4. Model of tires (brand of tires) 5. Special marks (for what the car is used) whether the gas equipment is installed. Payment of 800 rub for automobile cars and 1300 rub for cargo. Other prices are considered in an individual order. Exceptspecial-purpose equipment, trams and trolleybuses. Documents are accepted personally, or on e-mail address. The diagnostic card is issued personally in hands, or on the specified mail. At execution of the CMTPL, or other documents where the recreation center can be required, it is possible to look at data on the EAISTO portal,or to show the card received at us.
      2017-01-02 / Moskva
    17. The help in conducting accounting
      Skilled experts will help with conducting accounting, tax accounting, to competently fill in reports and declarations in IFTS, the Social Insurance Fund, RPF and others state. bodies. Perhaps remote maintaining and maintenance of accounting, tax accounting of the organizations.
      2016-12-29 / Smolensk
    18. Chiromantist. Consultations of the chiromantist online
      Hereditary chiromantist. Services of the chiromantist. Andrey Lomaysky world famous Magician and hereditary chiromantist. Among clients - persons of world value (members of the government, large businessmen, politicians, stars of cinema and show business). The invited expert in teleprojects: Psychic Challenge "Other", the House 2 Conducting in the heading UnknownKnowledge on the Car of Radio, participated in TV drafts of various programs in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia. · diagnostics of positive and negative signs on a hand which influence your life now or can influence in the future. Correction of a situation in business,health, relations; · correction of monetary wellbeing, good luck and luck; · help in acceptance of an optimal variant of the solution of problems and way of development; · removal of obstacles and blocks, opening of ways to new opportunities; · elimination of negative impact and strengthening of action of positive signs; Personalreception on the OKhelps portal! I will answer all your questions, making use of the richest knowledge and experience which were passed on to me by my ancestors. It isn't necessary to wait long for changes in your life any more! Changes here! individual consultation, support and maintenance
      2016-12-27 / Moskva
    19. The license of a taxi on a vykatka (free of charge) Moscow
      We do permissions, licenses for transport transportations in the taxi mode. It is possible to obtain the License for a taxi in our company within a week. It isn't necessary to paste over and receive SP. Our managers will make everything for you. At connection to our company of a taxi we do the licensefree of charge. Call!!! From 10:30 till 19:00
      2016-11-24 / Moskva
    20. Bot's telegrams of autosales with WEB an admin panel
      Instant mailing of messages to all users of the boat Addition 5 of numbers QIWI for receiving payment Installation of a limit for each purse of Qiwi Viewing how many rubles are received on each number Inclusion/shutdown of the Boat Communication of Telegrams: @OneMax99
      2016-11-22 / Moskva
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