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    4. ruchki dvernye

      2018-07-29 / Kuala Lumpur
    5. Finansy

      2017-12-28 / Vladimir
    6. Legal support in court for natural persons, individual entrepreneurs and the organizations (legal entities)
      Our law firm will render to interested persons legal aid in the form of free legal consultation by phone and also on a contractual basis on representation of interests of citizens and businessmen on civil and administrative cases, carrying out the legal analysis of a situation and documents, drawing up and the directionclaims, claims for collecting money and percent for use of someone else's money, to restoration of the rights of the consumer and compensation of moral harm, including on credit legal relationship of borrowers in banks, on disputes with other credit, insurance, medical, educational institutions, administrative claimsabout contest of decisions of state agencies and gosuchredeniye, deystviy of bezdeystviye of their employees, officials, solutions of a migratsionna of bodies on not permission of entry into the Russian Federation, cancellation of norms in normative legal acts, complaints on cases of administrative offenses, including the appeal of the resolution of court on deportation from the Russian Federation forviolation of the migration legislation, traffic regulations, on others construction (to disputes with builders and over civil turnkey contracts), to housing, land, family disputes in courts of law of all instances, arbitration courts, the help in drawing up reasonable statements, letters, complaints and offers projects in municipaland administrative, other executive bodies of the government, development of charters of legal entities (commercial and non-profit organizations) of any organizatsiolnno-legal form according to RCEAP and according to the current legislation in the shortest possible time, legal support of contractual work of any complexity, legal audit of the enterprise of the businessman onsubject of risks in the contractual, corporate and administrative relations on production and in various spheres of production and services.
      2017-08-04 / Moskva
    7. Dear Grigory Nikolaevich Trotsenko! Thank you for a lot of work and ceremonies which you with me have carried out. Thanks for your unique work. After your ceremonies and rituals my life I have cardinally changed
      Dear Grigory Nikolaevich Trotsenko! Thank you for a lot of work and ceremonies which you with me have carried out. Thanks for your unique work. After your ceremonies and rituals my life has cardinally changed as I both wanted and dreamed. I have safely moved inone of the best and most beautiful cities of the world and as that by itself has turned out that I have met the half and has married the person with whom we are happy, has got highly paid job. I want to express you huge gratitude for everything that youhave made for me, you the person who can be trusted completely. And following your hints by means of Taro and clairvoyance, everything develops on a chain and only up fortunately. Dear Grigory Nikolaevich Trotsenko, I to you it is sincere from all the happysoul I wish good health, long years of life, light people and happiness of your Mother which has given birth to such person as you – who knows the answer to any question and which has exit from any situation. And God grant to find you everythingand with your help to change people with light soul the destiny. Dasha Kuznetsova from Sankt-Petersburg. I was always interested in magic of the voodoo. Comments on the magician Grigory Nikolayevichi Trotsenko have impressed me, and I have decided to order from him a love spell on the ex-husband.The result hasn't kept itself waiting. It is amazing! Thank you huge for your help, I Will address still. Ry Valiyeev from Kazan. I express huge gratitude to the healer Blagodar for disentangling of very difficult situation by means of clairvoyance with which others couldn't copeas many winners of fight of ekstrasen in Moscow!!!! Many thanks that for me at last everything was explained!! I Give the benefit to this wonderful wizard Grigory Nikolaevich Trotsenko!!!! Svetlana Ivanova from Tomsk. Always I considered that all magicians psychics and fortunetellers charlatans.Even I laughed at girlfriends who addressed such people. But here when has concerned me, I have understood. When the trouble comes, it is ready to be ready to do anything. You catches at any straw. Here and I when my husband has told that he has found to himself another,just I didn't know what to do. Here also I have decided to address magicians, to charm the husband and to eliminate the competitor. I have spent three months for swindlers from a show tnt. But when has seen the website of the magician and video Trotsenko Grigory Nikolaevich, at once I have understood that only itwill manage to help. And left! He in 5 days has returned me my darling. So I will tell one to you. Don't trust beautiful words, trust the heart. It has to you prompt who can entrust the destiny. Thank you GrigoryNikolaevich of Trotsenko. Elena Korchagina from Krasnoyarsk.
      2017-05-13 / Moskva
    8. Representative of your hotel in Moscow
      Representative of your boarding house, hotel, rest complex in Moscow and Moscow region. Involvement of direct buyers, advance on the Internet. Professionalism, extensive experience of work. Existence of office, office equipment and telecommunications. 24 hours. Evgeny 8-909-989-1777
      2017-03-05 / Gelendzhik
    9. Development of business plans, Carrying out market researches
      The agency of strategic and economic development – the consulting company specializing in services of financial consulting and carrying out market researches. Services:- development of business plans;- carrying out market researches of the markets.
      2017-03-01 / Moskva
    10. Car insurance of the CMTPL, COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE, Checkup.
      Car insurance of the CMTPL, COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE, Checkup. Calculation of cost for phone: 8-918-978-33-07; 8-989-815-65-63. Slavyansk-na-Kubani of Kovtyukh St. of 29 the Operating mode with 9 to 18
      2017-02-20 / Slavyansk-na-Kubani
    11. Customs and broker services Luhansk
      Team of qualified specialists in the solution of questions of customs and broker services. We offer high-quality service: customs registration in across all territory of LPR, import and export of goods, and also other procedures. The customs broker is ready to perform work of any complexity. The list of the rendered services: - preparationdocuments for declaration of goods at customs; - filling of customs declarations; - preparation of documentation demanded at customs cleaning; - consultation on system of the coding of goods in TNVED; - calculation of customs payments; - declaration of goods in electronic form;- definition of need of additional documents (certificates, licenses); - representation of interests of clients during the work with customs authorities, introduction of customs payments, coordination of problematic issues, etc. Our purpose – formation of long-term, open partnership. We will be glad to cooperation withYou. Ph. (099) 123-37-79; Viber: 380991233779 E-mails:
      2017-02-15 / Lugansk
    12. Zapasnye casti dly avtomobily
      Zdravstvuite. Poidite v nas veb-sait ob avtozapcastyh. zdes` Vy naidete samyi bol`soi assortiment zapasnyh castei dly vseh populyrnyh avtomobil`nyh brendov. Avtozapcasti – Hotyt delat` pokupki vysokokacestvennye avtozapcasti & aksessuarybez stycki? Naidite cto Vasi avtomobil`nye potrebnosti v magazine onlain Spasibo.
      2017-02-03 / Lome
    13. The bank credit on the security of the real estate
      The help in receiving the credit the Bank credit FOR ANY PURPOSES (on the security of the real estate) 13-18,5% to 10 million rubles. - Owners of business — confirmation of the income under the questionnaire from your words! - Consideration of the application according to 2 documents. - We creditnatural persons, SP, Ltd company (age of 21-65 years). - We accept as a deposit the real estate of the third (relatives / not relatives) persons (age to 65 years). The owner of the apartment can be not employed. - The MORTGAGE from 10,9% (secondary housing from 12%) to 23 000000 rubles. - The BUSINESS LOAN from 17-20%, with state support — 7-8% to 35 000 000 rubles. We WORK WITH DIFFICULT CASES: - working informally; - small official salary; - existence of other credits; - badcredit history (the closed delays, no more than 2 months). We work 8 years!
      2016-11-14 / Sochi
      Car insurance of the CMTPL, COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE. Calculation of cost for phone: 8-918-952-80-71; 8-918-952-57-45. Our address: Kropotkin of Komsomolskaya St. of 192. An operating mode with 8 to 17
      2016-09-10 / Kropotkin
    15. Training on sales for sellers and managers (in Perm it is free)
      Really unique offer for you, if: • Your sellers are ineffective; • Sales volumes of your managers don't satisfy you; • Your trade personnel are demotivated and "as though sleep". You want that in your company the first-class sellers worked? Thento train trade personnel, as well as any other expert (the marketing specialist, the doctor, the engineer …), crucially! Trade personnel – heart of your business. That your company receives from high-quality training: • The guaranteed development even during falling of the market; • Overtaking of competitors;• Increase in sales by 15-20% in the first month after training; • Growth of overall performance of trade personnel; • Increase of motivation of sellers. In a situation of a large number of offers of various trainings and their considerable cost, huge routine of affairs, tenvarious burning problems in business, as to the head simply physically it is difficult to you to make a choice and not to be mistaken. With our unique offer you risk nothing. we will provide 3-hour corporate training on increase in sales free of charge. Call onto phone also obtain detailed information on carrying out free corporate training in your company.
      2016-07-14 / Perm`
    16. Assessment of cars for inheritance
      LLC ROSSKON. An assessment of cars for the introduction in inheritance. Balashikha, Shchyolkovo, Railway.
      2016-07-01 / Balashiha
    17. Services in a real estate assessment
      Services in a real estate assessment (accreditation in Sberbank, the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending, etc.), all types of property, a car after road accident; construction, transport, fire, etc. types of examinations. Professional experts, short terms.
      2016-05-30 / Rostov-na-Donu
    18. Control systems of business on the basis of CRM, ERP, WMS
      We develop and introduce control systems of small and medium business on the basis of CRM, ERP, WMS. Training and maintenance. - we reveal problems - we study processes - we develop and we agree on the plan of transformations / introductions - we introduce, we train, we control result we Will make your business clear andtransparent!!!
      2016-05-12 / CHelyabinsk
    19. I give help in preparation of documents for the state registration of Ltd company and SP
      I give help in preparation of documents for the state registration of Ltd company and SP. I am engaged only in registration! Without modification and elimination! For giving in tax authority are included in the package of documents: 1. Decision of the only founder (Protocol of general meeting of participants); 2. Statement (P11001 Form); 3. Charterorganizations; 4. The receipt for payment of the state duty by a bonus if necessary I can prepare the order on combination of positions of the CEO and the chief accountant (this document isn't necessary tax for registration of SPINNING TOPS, however it is useful in bank when opening the settlement account). In turnprepare within 1 working day. After you take away from me a set of documents, you need only to submit them to a window tax and to receive the receipt on documents acceptance. Further in 3 working days, in tax authority you can receiveconstituent documents of the registered legal entity.
      2016-04-28 / Sankt-Peterburg
    20. The FREE training seminar
      On March 30 at 12:00 in training center of Viktori. Tomsk there will pass FREE the Innovative system of strengthening of nails IBX system training a seminar In the program of a seminar: what is necessary for carrying out the IBX system procedure? the cost and profitability of technology of drawing the IBX system widespread mistakes and real responses of masters how to offer the new service IBX among clients to All participants of the training seminar the CERTIFICATE is issued! To register on seminar and it is possible to receive particulars at the administrator 22 80 15
      2016-03-11 / Tomsk
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