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Список объявление в категории Недвижимость Бизнес, Партнерство / Коммерческая Недвижимость Продажа

  1. 2018-11-24 /

  2. 2018-11-09 /
  3. Prodaetsya pomeschenie 15.5 kv.m pod ofis - sklad

    2018-09-30 / Krasnodar
  4. Golubickaya prodaetsya uchastok

    2018-09-23 / Temryuk
  5. Prodaetsya trenazhernyi` zal s oborudovaniem 240kv.m. g. Sevastopol` ul. L`va Tolstogo

    2018-09-01 / Sevastopol`
  6. Prodam ofis

    2018-08-27 / Krasnoyarsk
  7. metalyuks triumf

    2018-08-19 / Mahilyow
  8. Zem. uchastki ot 20 tys. rub. za sotku

    2018-07-30 / Moskovskaya oblast`
  9. Srochno prodaetsya kommercheskoe pomeschenie v centre g. Ei`ska

    2018-05-07 / Vladikavkaz
  10. Multipurpose object for your business.
    Don't you know what to begin the business with? The ideas weight, and there is no platform for their realization? I to you suggest to begin with big, powerful, an object in the Resident of Chelyabinsk. Heard a phrase: "meets on clothes, sees off on mind?" Here and inbusiness, meet on office, and see off on goods. What do I offer you? - a complex from office and production rooms, with the thought-over system, with a large number of utility rooms, garage and warehouse economy and zd the deadlock. - convenientarrangement that the ochenye is a little important for successful trouble-free operation. - huge potential, at the correct management this place can become an essential source of income If given offers to you it is interesting, it is necessary just to write to me. I will provide all necessary information.Terms of sale are very loyal! So far others sit and argue that to the market the end, you will take the first steps to successful business! It is necessary to begin right now!
    2017-11-15 / CHelyabinsk
  11. I will sell the placement on Kesayev
    The room of free appointment to Kesayev is on sale. First floor. Separate entrance. The area is 34 sq.m. Good repair.
    2017-10-30 / Sevastopol`
  12. 10 honeycombs in Lyamin's center the building of 418 sq.m
    Urgently. The uninhabited one-storey building, of 418, 4 sq.m. with the site of 973 sq.m on Centralnaya St. of of Lyamin of the Surgut district. In a private property. Appointment: enterprise of a public catering. Year of construction of 1971. All communications. 1/2 buildings - cafe, 1/2 - warehouse.I will consider options of payment by installments, sale of a share or exchange
    2017-10-13 / Surgut
  13. The island in Ob 61 hectares
    Urgently. Land plot (agricultural appointment) of 400590 sq.m. The resolved type of use - peasant farm. Is near of Lyamino of the Surgut district, within the Tundra oil field. The island in Ob, is lower canals Naring. The island of 61 HECTARE, my central part - 40GA. It is possibleto use all 61 hectares. In property. On the island the coniferous forest. I will consider options of payment by installments, exchange, sale of a half of the site or I will hand over for long-term rent with registration, I will provide boom dock., payment by bank transfer for 160000 rub/year of I possese an island within theZalez` Tadrina nefti v Rossii. Jto - oblast`, 61 gektar, kogda 40 gektarov moi, i 21 gektar ne prinadlezit nikomu. Est` gustoi hvoinyi les na ostrove i horosei-qualuty doroge iz Surguta, samogo blizkogo ajroporta, kk mezdunarodnomu biznesu za 2650 dollarov v god
    2017-10-13 / Surgut
  14. Sale Warehouse, office space of 8885 sq.m
    The building under a warehouse, production, the logistic center, 3 floors, height of ceilings 6,5m, the railway deadlock, a bilateral ramp, the freight elevator of 5 tons, gas heating and solid propellant heating, the electric power of 2000 kW (increase is possible). Office rooms of 6 floors on 125 sq.m everyone, new is executedremont. Obsay plosad` 8885 kv.m. Cena 65 000 000 rublei. Torg. 8 968 594-42-48, Roman Vasil`evic
    2017-10-09 / Barnaul
  15. Sale under a warehouse, production the room of 8885 sq.m
    Production and warehouse, office space of 8885 sq.m Barnaul, Malakhova 2d/1. The building under a warehouse, production, the logistic center, 3 floors, height of ceilings 6,5m, the railway deadlock, a bilateral ramp, the freight elevator of 5 tons, the central communications gas and solid propellant heating. Office rooms of 6 floors on 125 sq.meveryone, new repair for 70% is executed. The first floor of warehouse (heated) is leased. the 2nd and 3rd floors cold on 2 600 sq.m everyone. The price is 65 000 000 rubles, the bargaining.
    2017-10-06 / Barnaul
  16. I will sell the land plot under ecotourism
    I will sell: Imushchestvenno - a land complex on the river. The South Chkalovsky district of the Nizhny Novgorod Region (earlier the territory of boarding house "Weeds") Structure of a property complex (all objects included in structure of a complex belong to the legal entity on the property right, are registered in EGRP and GKN): - landsite (cadastral No. 52:13:0120101:67; category of lands: the earth of especially protected territories and objects; the allowed use: for placement of boarding house; area of sq.m.); Note: The general technical condition of all objects in a type of their long period not of use – unsatisfactory. Land is of valuethe site in a forest belt, own sandy beach with concrete bank protection, good logistics (60 km of of N. Novgorod). Ideally for the organization of base of ecorest (fishing, etc.). The real estate objects located on the land plot: A boiler room the Cinema hall (with change houses) Treatment facilities the Bath laundry Pump and sewerthe station the Panel board house the Main central utilities presented on the land plot is a power supply, the sewerage, water supply. The price is 11 million 655 thousand 110 rubles. Questions, the scheme and an arrangement of an object, on demand we will send to the address of your e-mail!
    2017-10-02 / Nizhnii` Novgorod
  17. I will sell office room Nizhny Novgorod
    Characteristics of the building on B. Pokrovskaya:. 603000, N. Novgorod, Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Gotovnost St. to the beginning of finishing works - It is ready How to reach by the public transitem - All types Minina Rayon Square of the city - the Nizhny Novgorod Monumentstories and cultures of regional value "K. G. House" owner (physical. or yrid. the person) - the Legal entity Building Type (OSZ, a part of the building) - the Part of the building 2-3 floors the Number of floors the cellar = 2-3 floors reconstruction of 4-5 floorsTotal area - 2622,94 sq.m. (Useful 2103,13 sq.m) the Offered area (the general, poetazhno) = 2103,13 sq.m (including the built-on 4-5 floors of 975,58 sq.m) Type of the offered room - office Existence of the parking - 7 parkingplaces in the yard the Area of the land plot under the building and adjacent, the property right to the earth - 1007 sq.m, property the general, share Height between overlappings - 3400 mm quantity of entrances - 1 Year of construction - 1907The resolved load of overlapping - 450 kg the Price of sale of the room - 330 million rub the Offered scheme of the transaction - Repayment of shares in LLC Edinovremennaya power - 8 kW Is a possibility of advertizing, signs... Planning,on demand, we will send on your e-mail address!
    2017-09-16 / Nizhnii` Novgorod
  18. I will sell: site with a total area of 14 honeycombs.
    I will sell: site with a total area of 14 honeycombs. Arrangement: Krasnodar Krai, Krasnodar, Sormovskaya Street 7, 2 entrances/departures – L. Chaykina Sormovskaya/st. St. Communications: water supply, power supply, sewerage. Category of the earth – industrial lands, the allowed use – industrial lands. It is registered under the ownership. The area z / at can be increased - from14 to 32
    2017-08-11 / Krasnodar
  19. Lodge summer wooden and panel board
    SALE! Lodge summer wooden and panel board second-hand (hozblok, shed). Length is 3,2 m, width is 2,4 m, height is 2,7 m, With 2 soft beds, 2 bedside tables. Convenient, compact. Shipment at own expense or delivery.
    2017-07-19 / Moskva
  20. Prodam Bazuotdyha na Cernomorskom poberez`e prestiznogo kurortnogo raiona goroda Anapa - v centre unikal`nogo poselka Vityzevo.
    I will sell Bazuotdykh on the Black Sea coast of prestigious Kurortny district of the city of Anapa - in the center of the unique settlement of Vityazevo. Land plot with a total area of 0,9 hectares; the area of gardening is 0,55 hectares. Category - the earth of settlements (the earth of settlements). The recreation facility includes five capital hotelcases with a total capacity of 500 places (all numbers with conveniences) - three two-storeyed, the main four-storeyed case, three-storyed hotel. Sporting venues. Two-storeyed building of a health center. Two-storeyed office building. Shops. Dining rooms. Cafe. The dancing verandah equipped with sound and light appliances. Hozbloki's parking Park zonewith fountains.
    2017-07-17 / Anapa, Vityazevo
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