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    2. Sdam proizvodstvenno - skladskoe pomeschenie

      2018-05-07 / Vyberite gorod...

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    7. Cozy guest houses in Uglich on Volga.
      Guest houses on Volga. Vacation spot soul and body. To meet New Year at a fireplace by family, friends in the clean, quiet area near Uglich. Houses are located on the bank of the picturesque area of the Volga River. Are equipped water - and heat supply. Fireplaces, game tables Thanks to WI-FI remainin touch also you share to impressions on social networks. Bring together friends and the family, house 8 capacity - 18 people. Reserving today it is possible to order the range of services: exit bartender, excursions, skating, horses, etc. In the Russian bath vitality to be filled and filledhealth. The equipped mangalny will help to create a fragrant and surprising dinner on coals, revealing the master of meat dishes. The road to the house runs in picturesque places and will take a couple of hours. Clean air will fill with health and will give a charge of forces. Phone to be overflowed with photos of landscapes Come onrest also receive splash in emotions and a positive on vacation. Yaroslavl Region, Uglich. Ph. 89106646001 addresses: Yaroslavl Region, Uglich ul, spassky, 6. Price: 4500th days.
      2017-12-20 / Uglich
    8. The room for Business.
      The room is in place briskly through passage, in two meters cash desk of Miskhor bus station, 15 m the bus-stop, across the road, the medical case of sanatorium Miskhor. Windows are big, ceilings 3,6m, the hall 71m. a sq. utility room a bathroom of 6 sq.m, the first floor of a window on the road, a separate entrance. light15 kw water. the Internet is fiber-optical, repair, lighting, are distributing under security systems. Lattices, rolleta.
      2017-12-15 / YAlta
    9. Rent of a show-window together with the place in Shopping Center BUM
      The show-window in shopping center BOOM is leased. Address of the subway Bratislavskvya St. Pererva house 43 korp 1. The show-window is used for sale of giroskuter, in this show-window 8 giroskuter are located
      2017-11-11 / Moskva
    10. Rent New Year's fair
      The Yalta Intourist hotel Invites owners of business to participate in a New Year's fair in the territory of the largest resort center of the Crimea. Date of a fair from 12/1/2017 to 1/15/2018. Conditions, the cost of participation and the offer on ph. 8 978 1450117 Gulnara Takzhe We offer rent:- rooms under cafe and restaurants - trade galleries - island squares at hotel territories - rooms of free appointment - the beach line
      2017-10-24 / YAlta
    11. The room of public catering in hotel
      The space 190kvm under cafe on the first floor of Aurelia hotel complex to the address Sevastopol of heroes of Brest, 57 is leased. Two separate exits, all counters of account, two bathrooms. The cafe is given without furniture and the equipment. Ready bar counter, kitchen extract, kitchen sinks, renovation. Cooperationwith hotel surely. Also within walking distance two hotel complexes, medical clinics, center of health and beauty.
      2017-10-20 / Sevastopol`
    12. I lease offices
      Office room of 33,8 sq.m. on the 2nd floor of the office building is offered for work. The building is in the Avtozavodsky district on Vasnetsov St. the house 20. Nearby the Northern stadium, to a stop of 3 min. on foot. In the building the Internet (2 operators), IP-telephony, heatingcentralized, the round-the-clock protection, the on-door speakerphone, a bathroom on the floor. LED lighting at offices and in a corridor. Repair and improvement the room are set off in cost. A rate of 380 rub for sq.m. (all inclusive)
      2017-10-04 / Nizhnii` Novgorod
    13. The room for rent under medcentr/torgovly/svobodnoe
      The space of free appointment with a total area of 293.7 sq.m., in our opinion, which is ideal under the medical center / shop / public catering, any appointment is leased. The room is located on the second floor of the two-storeyed uninhabited building in the new residential district of new Moscow ZhK "Pryma park" to the address: Moscow, Shcherbinka, Baryshevskygrove, 14 ~ 7 from MKAD, ~ 15 min. from the Buninskaya Avenue metro station and the railway station Shcherbinka. Two separate entrances, one ladder completely, the second - together with neighbors. Ideal planning under the medical center, shop, cafe and other appointment(see the scheme, it is possible to make any planning), ceilings of 3,4 m, ventilation, the fire alarm system, all communications, electricity of 25 kW. Panoramic glazing. In own windows it is possible to place any advertizing. On the first floor the Pyaterochka shop is located, all traffic of inhabitants passes through this building.The residential district is built up with monolithic and brick houses comfort class and by this moment is almost completely populated (about 90%). In the residential district ~ 12 thousand solvent population
      2017-09-20 / SCHerbinka
    14. I will lease office of 40 m on Angarsk
      40 m, SAO, P-m Razumovskaya, Angarskaya St., 22, 40 of thousand rubles of month, 1/17-et are given., 2 entrances, conditioners, lattices, z. doors, densely populated area, opposite magician. Five, t. 8-926-210-66-93 (stars. after 16:00), Sergey
      2017-09-06 / Moskva
    15. The uninhabited building of the general ploshchadyyu671kv is on sale. m in 234 km. from MKAD.
      Minskoye Highway. Smolensk Region. The uninhabited building (free appointment) with a total area of 671 sq.m., na70sotkakh settlements within the city of Vyazma, in 234 km is on sale. from MKAD. Brick, thickness sten50sm., height of ceilings 3.40 meters, roof slate. In 20 meters there passes the branch of natural gas. In the quiet district of the city, from the downtown of 4 km., from the Railway station of 5 km. In building bliz 30letnii lindens, all as the park.The price is 1 million 650 thousand rubles.
      2017-09-01 / Vyaz`ma
    16. Arenduite avtomoiki 2 a postov setevoi AZS. Russkii region, Leningradskoe, sosse 1 Liniy
      Rent of car wash on 2a a post at network gas station. The Moscow region, Leningradskoye Highway, 1ya the line, 8 km from MKAD. Rent of car wash, car of service, mounting. The Moscow region, Leningradskoye Highway, 1ya the line, removal from MKAD of 7-8 km. The room offered for rent is locatedin a complex of structures of network gas station. Planning of the room - 2 and tunnel, through a post (the 2nd a collar). In the neighbourhood with a complex the large inhabited massif a lot of floor building and the traffic intersection is located. The room offered for rent perfectly will approach under the organization of car wash, a service car, mounting, a post for the oil replacement express, and also rendering the services connected with a deteyling. Additional and very serious traffic of cars is provided by the car wash of self-service located in the neighbourhood. Lease term: A rate - 80 thousand rubles a month. A deposit -1 month of the rent. An agency fee - 1 month of the rent. Terms of rent vacation on repair - are discussed. Payment at rent signing of the contract: 1st month of rent deposit month of rent (80 thousand rubles) agency fee (80 thousand rubles)Preference - for tenants of Slavs. (Wish of the lessor) Details and additional photos on demand.
      2017-08-23 / Himki
    17. Rent of the open area, site on the very first line of Leningradskoye Highway.
      Rent of the open area, site on the very first line of Leningradskoye Highway. Practically any options of use are considered. For example - under a car salon, an exhibition sale of any of a car of the equipment, including under an exhibition of the cargo, commercial, construction equipment, sale of building materials, an exhibition of fellings, houses,ban, pallets and so on. Any options of use except, car wash and garbage. The site - on the very first line the highway, direct visibility, excellent access roads and advertizing opportunities. Leningradskoye Highway, 10 km from MKAD. The site is fenced, a covering -asphalt crumb and partially concrete. There is a room for protection placement. Electricity, lighting. The first line, 2400 sq.m, 70 000 rub, is possible rent by parts, a possibility of installation easily - the built trade pavilion, a hangar, canopies, containers and so on. Rent from the owner, without the commission.
      2017-08-23 / Himki
    18. Office room in the center Saratov is leased.
      Spaces of the mixed planning from 20 to 400 sq.m are leased. Rent of all floor or rent of certain rooms is possible. Modern repair. Separate entrance, bathroom, water supply system, electricity, parking, Internet. Nearby Theatre Square, retail networks, drugstore, park Lipki and many other things. Stops of public transportwithin walking distance. Hurry the prices are reduced until the end of August!
      2017-08-18 / Moskva
    19. Proday 2-h komnatnuy kvartiru v Moskve v novom dome na Rogozskom Vala
      I sell in Moscow the 2-roomed apartment with a general area of 71,8 sq.m in the house of a business class of ZhK "The House on Rogozhsky to the Shaft". Kitchen 14,4, inhabited 33,7 hall 12, utility room 3,6. 2 bathrooms. Loggia. Interroom partitions, full preparation for final repair of wite are builtbox, on a floor a coupler, on walls plaster. The protected territory. OTIS elevators. Underground parking. All infrastructure of the Region of Tagansky within walking distance. Subway Ilyich's Area is 7 minutes on foot. The house is leased.
      2017-08-14 / Moskva
    20. We hand over for long term the room of 14 sq.m in the center at the subway Sports
      We hand over for long term the room of 14 sq.m in the five-room apartment, a window to the quiet court, not a well. To one woman, student. Quiet apartment. the 2nd floor, a high ceiling (4,15 m), a mezzanine - a berth (with an orthopedic mattress, the space for the TV). Neighbors are 5 people, pensioners,family, apartment quiet, silent. Near the Sports subway of 5-7 minutes on foot. With furniture, the TV and the refrigerator, the mini-washing machine, the Internet (at additional expense, it is inexpensive), 10000 rub/month. From municipal to pay only the electric power. In more detail at the address.
      2017-08-13 / Peterburg
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