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    Список объявление в категории Полиграфия и Печать / Книги

    1. 2018-11-26 /

    2. 2018-10-17 /
    3. sdelat` sai`t

      2018-08-28 / Jurmala
    4. Pogruzhenie fil`m 2017 v ryazani Tonya protiv vseh smotret` fil`m v novosibirske FL

      2018-04-30 / Mount Lookout
    5. Vypusknye fotoknigi, fotoknigi dlya detskogo sada i shkoly, vypusknye fotoal`bomy

      2018-02-10 / Orenburg
    6. Books from a private collection
      Prodaite knigi vokrug konecnoi biblioteki s platnoi vydacei knig na dom: Uvolennye Detektivy, belletristika. Pocti 5000 knig
      2017-11-25 / YAlta
    7. The book about revolution for politicians and scientists
      In anniversary year of revolution the book "Vector Theory of Social Revolution" (the 400th page 38 of schedules and drawings) is written, and I prepare the volume for the edition in September, 2017. In this book: the detailed analysis of events in Russia in 1917 and in1985-1998; the historical comparative analysis of peaceful revolutions in the different countries; new definition of social revolution as movements of the state in space of the political ideas on the vector directed from the simple, archaic ideas to more difficult, progressive; and other subjects connected with the new doctrine socialrevolutions. Owing to the specifics the book won't come to retail trade. Extends to interested persons. Record is carried out on the website there Are special offers for political parties and the organizations. Pay attention to it.
      2017-08-10 / Sankt-Peterburg
    8. Book Harry Potter and damned child
      There have passed nineteen years... Harry Potter to be always difficult. Here and now to him, excessively busy in the Ministry of Magic, to the husband and the father of three children of school age, it is necessary hardly. And so far Harry tries to fight against the past which in the past to remaindoesn't want at all, his younger son Albus battles against freight of family inheritance which was never pleasant to him. The past and the present ominously intertwine, and to the father and the son there is obvious a hard truth: the gloom sometimes comes from the most unexpected places. Jack's playThorn "Harry Potter and the damned child" it is created on the basis of a modern history from J. K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorn. It is the eighth story about Harry Potter and the first official scenic statement. The special rehearsal edition of the scenario - continuation of a travel of Harry Potter, his friendsand families - left along with the play premiere in the London West End on July 30, 2016 and at once became the best-seller. Producers of scenic statement "Harry Potter and damned child" Sonia Friedman Productions, Colin Calender and Harry Potter Theatrical Productions companies
      2017-01-19 / Piter
    9. Spiritual literature free of charge
      "The sacred Gospel" (6) and other orthodox literature (books, brochures, magazines, newspapers, etc.) blagotvoritelno to everyone – inhabitants and guests of of Engels (Pokrovsk) and Saratov. Applications from the organizations, institutions and educational institutions are accepted – give a gift to the colleagues, pupilsor to relatives. Submit applications beforehand – the quantity of Orthodox literature is limited; in more detail on: (in the material "Spiritual and Other Literature"). "Gospel" is published on blessing of the Patriarch Kirill – a large print, mygk. cover; on blessing of the Patriarch Alexy II – a font for visually impaired, TV.cover (for veterans, pensioners, etc.).
      2016-12-27 / JEngel`s
    10. I will sell the new photobook about the Crimea of "the coordinate of Miracles" avt the Captain Voronin
      I will sell the new photobook about the Crimea of "the coordinate of miracles" avt the Captain Voronin a format 30h30 the weight of 2500 kg 500str the impudent-Russian price of 1800 rub
      2016-11-22 / Sevastopol`
    11. !!! NOVELTY!!! (discount) individual FAIRY TALES of missile defense of YOUR CHILDREN and adults!!! The most original gift on birthday, New year, a wedding, anniversary!
      The publishing company "Skazkipro" makes to order the personalized gift books with fairy tales where the main character - your child or you are!? The personalized BOOKS ABOUT YOU in one copy, in a firm cover with a photo. Individual FAIRY TALES of missile defense of YOUR CHILDRENand adults!!! The most original gift on birthday, New year, a wedding, anniversary!? The child, the adult, young couple or a family will become the main characters.? It is the MOST PERSONAL GIFT which will become the most favourite!? For receiving the DISCOUNT- 50% at the order use the reference: It is done with loving care:)
      2016-10-22 /
    12. I will sell the reference book on physical therapy
      I will sell the reference book on physical therapy under edition of the corresponding member of AMN of professor A. Obrosov Meditsina publishing house Moscow 1976.
      2016-09-13 / Alma-Aty
    13. To fans of books
      I will sell the subscription edition of "The world literature" of 200 volumes
      2016-03-20 / Kramatorsk
    14. "G" Orthodox prayer book
      Publishing house: The binding workshop to your attention is brought to "Best Gift" the tiny orthodox prayer book. Exclusive edition ______________________________________________________ edition place Moscow year of the edition 2011 language of the text Russian format 55h70 pages 287 isbn 978-5-7533-0482-7
      2016-02-24 / Moskva
    15. Unique hairdresses! Master's secrets!
      You want to become the first-class hairdresser, to learn to create stylish hairdresses? Abijah Malk's book - the excellent decision! 48 step-by-step instructions with recommendations. 255 pages. Magnificent printing execution. Learn secrets of the master of the highest category, increase the speed and quality of the work.
      2016-01-27 / Moskva
    16. Uchenik "REACTANT"
      YOUR FREE TEXTBOOK FROM HORS ACADEMY!!! Hello! The academy of "HORS" Makes to you a free gift, the Lethal, and cool textbook "REACTANT" In the textbook we give the accurate instruction, flowcharts, steps to start the project and to get profit on 3000 rub a day!
      2016-01-22 / Moskva
    17. House of Romanovs. Anniversary edition.
      Book Absolutely New!!! In unopened packing!!! Upon purchase of this gift edition you receive the Discount for any goods from our catalog. We will send the catalog on demand on yours I emeit. For more than three centuries tsars and emperors of this outstanding dynasty managed to createthe great empire which united a set of the countries and the people. Peter I, Catherine II, Alexander I, Alexander III – the whole world admired and trembled before these names. Thanks to sovereigns of House of Romanovs Russia was among the leading powers of the world. Anniversary edition "House of Romanovs. 400years" narrates about nice history of the Russian imperial house. As if live, governors of our country appear at the reader with the pleasures and grieves, expectations and cares. You learn how successors of a throne were brought up and trained as since the childhood trained them for great mission– to become in the head of state and it is fair, with wisdom and hardness to direct the country – the mother Russia. Each governor of a dynasty of Romanov appears at us not as the faceless character from the school textbook and as thinking, feeling not indifferent person. After revolutionary terror the houseRomanov survived and I remained up to now. In the book it is for the first time in detail told about destiny of representatives of an imperial surname after tragic events of 1917, and also unique photos from personal archive of heads of the Russian imperial house are published. And fine won't leave judgesindifferent the exclusive registration of the edition which doesn't have analogs in the modern book world. Excellent gift to the chief, politician, and also to any judge of the fine. Limited circulation! Shipment at own expense from St of the subway Pioneer!!! Delivery on your St of the subway pays off Individually!!! Call Nam Right now!!!
      2016-01-04 / Sankt-Peterburg
    18. Set from 2kh textbooks on studying of the Czech language for foreigners
      I will sell a set from two textbooks on studying of the Czech language for foreigners (A0-B1 level) 2 CD disks to textbooks. author: Karla Hronova, Josef Hron
      2015-12-01 / Ufa
    19. School of the fine arts
      School of the fine arts in 10 volumes. Publishing house Art, 1964.
      2015-11-05 / Smolensk
    20. Knigi
      We are glad to welcome you on the site of Svarozhich Internet publishing house. Our project is designed for fans of a fantasy in all its manifestations and the directions. First of all, our project is intended to give the chance to authors to earn by literary work, but not to grafomanstvovat at night intime, free from the main work. Works which you will be able to read only here, on our site will be uploaded to our website. After a while we will organize a subscription of persons interested to get works of authors in paper or electronic version of books.
      2015-10-28 /
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