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  1. 2018-12-11 /

  2. 2018-10-18 /

  3. 2018-10-03 /
  4. Uslugi po uborke i vyezdnoi` himchistke.

    2018-08-19 / Minsk
  5. Privetstvuyu vseh!

    2018-06-22 /
  6. Otkachka kanalizacii, septikov, vygrebnyh yam

    2018-06-19 / Tver`
  7. Kliningovaya kompaniya

    2018-06-18 / Moskva
  8. Uborschik pomeschenii`

    2018-06-05 / Nizhnii` Novgorod
  9. Kompaniya JEkspert Klining - okazanie kliningovyh uslug v CHelyabinske

    2018-04-03 / CHelyabinsk
  10. Moi`ka fasadov i ostekleniya

    2018-03-25 / Sankt-Peterburg
  11. Uborki vseh vidov

    2018-03-25 / Sankt-Peterburg
  12. Uborka kvartir,domov.

    2018-03-01 / Moskva

    2018-03-01 / Moskva
  14. Uborka ofisa, kvartiry, kottedzha ,doma.Himchistka.Klining.

    2017-12-26 / Minsk
  15. Cleaning of houses. Quickly. For a long time. Qualitatively.
    In the clean and cozy house married couples quarrel less often, and children grow quiet and cheerful. Energy of purity and an order is transferred to all inhabitants and awakes in them the best feelings. removal of dust; cleaning of a floor covering; washing of a bathroom; establishing orderin kitchen. Professional, safe chemistry of an elite segment. Qualitatively we guarantee 100%. 10 years of experience in a services sector on a cleaning. We work at any time convenient for you. Free consultation of the expert. Modern, effective remedies. Cleaning of houses, in Moscow andMoscow region.
    2017-11-06 / Moskva
  16. Cleaning of apartments. Qualitatively. Quickly. Purely for a long time.
    Do you like or don't love to clean up the apartment, and all the same it is necessary – where to disappear, to live in dust and in dirt?! We vacuum and wash the floor, we wipe plinths we Wipe dust from all available surfaces we Wipe mirrors and lampsWe wipe doors, door handles and switches. In kitchen: we take out garbage we clean all available surfaces from dust and fat we wipe the top and lower facades of kitchen we wipe a sink, the mixer, a table-top and a plate we wipe household appliances. In the bedroom and a drawing room: we putclothes we change bed linen and we make a bed we vacuum a sofa we wipe the equipment with a special napkin. In a bathroom and a toilet: we take out garbage we wash a shower cabin and a bathroom we clean a sink, a toilet bowl and a bidet we clean mixers. In a corridor: we wipe an entrance door from twothe parties we correct things and footwear. Long-term experience and the best performers. Results of the done works always conform to requirements of our clients. A quality assurance at the professional level. Cleaning by ecologically safe means. Means don't bear harm for allergic persons andpregnant women. The pleasant prices will surprise you. Cleaning of apartments, purity for pleasure.
    2017-11-06 / Moskva
  17. Cleaning of apartments, Dry-cleaner of furniture, carpets. Pskov
    All types of works in the field of a cleaning. Professional cleaning of apartments, offices, rooms, cottages on a single and constant basis. General and postconstruction cleaning. Sink of windows, show-windows, loggias, balconies, facades. Cleaning of a tile. Cleaning of carpets, oriental carpets, carpet and carpets. On big squares it is usedkovromoyechny and polomoyechny cars. Rotor blur of floors. Cleaning after the fire. Cleaning of baby carriages. Dry-cleaner of mattresses, sofas, chairs, chairs and other upholstered furniture. Removal of smells, difficult spots, stains, fatty pollution. Qualitatively. The lowest prices!
    2017-10-15 / Pskov
  18. Snow export Kirovsky district
    Snow export Kirovsky district. Our Development STK has on hand own vehicle fleet of the equipment for the fastest cleaning of territories of snow with export and professional crew for cleaning of a roof from ice and icicles. More than 7 years we clean roads,the yards, house adjoining territories, parkings, territories of the enterprises and firms from snow and ice. We sign the contract for cleaning and export of snow for a season of 2017-2018. Call and do the order right now!
    2017-08-11 / Sankt-Peterburg
  19. Cleaning of rooms after repair Voronezh
    Cleaning of rooms after repair Voronezh. Our firm has wide experience in cleaning services in Voronezh and nearby regions. Professional detergents and equipment. Employees professionals of the business! If you need to tide up territories or rooms respecting all rules quickly andqualitatively, you call in our Sistema company. Visit our official site and order!
    2017-06-26 / Voronezh
  20. The express removal of a smell In the apartment, the house and a car!
    Deodorization by ozone – the environmentally friendly technology of purification of air and surfaces based on use of a powerful oxidizer - ozone. This technology, helps us easily and quickly, to remove any unpleasant smell. Advantages of use of ozone: After processing by ozone, indoors it isn't requiredto tide up, and it isn't necessary to wash the dishes. All surfaces and objects indoors, will be completely disinfected! After processing no unpleasant smells and harmful chemical compounds will remain ozone, indoors! Ozone for 100% destroys saprofit (pincers of house dust)! Ozonization -one decision for five problems: elimination of unpleasant smells, disinfection, disinsection, deratization and destruction a mold dispute, only for one processing by ozone! We apply powerful industrial ozonizers in which operating time, it is forbidden to be in the room! After an ozonation and airing, airindoors will become absolutely pure, and useful to people, animal and house plants. Ozone doesn't leave marks on your walls, carpets and furniture! Approaches for: Removal of a smell of smoke, ashes Ozonization after repair of the room Removal of a smell of cat's urine Removal of varioussmells Ozone Disinfection of the apartment Ozone, after death Pre-sale processing of the apartment - OZONE Processing from a mold (fungus), mold a dispute ozone the Average time of the procedure is 2 hours
    2017-05-30 / Korolyov
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