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—писок объ€вление в категории —троительные материалы / ’имические продукты

  1. 2018-08-12 /
  2. Kraska dlya ureza kozhi lyuboi` cvet Italiya

    2018-06-05 / Moskva

  3. 2018-06-01 /
  4. Karbamid, MAR, sera po Ukraine, CIF, FOB, DAP.

    2018-05-12 / Har`kov

  5. 2018-03-05 /

  6. 2018-03-05 /

  7. 2018-03-05 /

  8. 2018-03-05 /
  9. We make SOZH
    LLC SPETSAVTOMAT realizes and makes Emulsola and the Lubricant Cooling Liquids (LCL) applied in processes of metal working and production of concrete goods. Production, necessary for you, will be quickly delivered in any point of the country and out of her limits. The offered production, we Realize services: EmulsolEGT; Emulsol EKB-1; Emulsol EKB-1 * (for concrete goods); Emulsol EX-And (for concrete goods). Emulsol of T; SOZH MR-1; SOZH MR-7; SOZH MR-99; SOZH MR-3; Lubricant technological SP-3; Sulfofrezol; Phone: 7 800-222-14-28
    2017-12-15 / Rostov-na-Donu
  10. We will buy polyethylene primary and secondary
    The Riteks production company will buy wholesale primary and the PVD, PND secondary polyethylene, polycarbonate, polypropylene and PVC. And also production wastes. Shipment at own expense from your city. Receiving payment after delivery cash or non-cash payment.
    2017-11-03 / Naberezhnye CHelny
  11. We will buy rubbers and chemical additives
    The Riteks production company will buy wholesale chemical additives and GOST rubbers and stale (from the State reserve (Rosrezerv), the stock balance in any kind processed): BQ of 1675 (butyl rubber), HBK 139, BBK 232, SKD-2, BNKS (nitrile rubber), SKN, SKI-3 (isoprene rubber), SKEPT (EPDM rubber),SKMS-30, ARKM-15 (styrene rubber), RSS, SVR (natural rubber), Sulfenamid, Altaks, bleached, etc. Shipment at own expense from your city. Receiving payment after delivery cash or non-cash payment.
    2017-11-03 / Naberezhnye CHelny
  12. We will buy ftoroplast f4, f4k20 plugs, a core, a circle, plates, a film, powder
    On a constant basis we will buy: plugs ftoroplastovy f4, f4k20 from 50 mm high. a ftoroplastovy film f4 to, jo, io, jn, in. Ftoroplastovy powder f4 pn. ftoroplastovy core, circle, plates, tube f-4d, fum tape f4, tape sklf-4d. other electroinsulating materials: lakotkan`,fiber glass fabric, steklolenta, electrocardboard, textolite, steklotekstolit. asbolent. plexiglas. we will buy the power cable. rolled titanium. across Russia. from storage, stock balance, from among illiquid assets, unclaimed material. send the sizes, photos, quantities to the address: of ph. 89177378473
    2017-10-24 / Rossiya
  13. LLC Remmers Trading House - construction chemistry
    The Remmers company ("Remmers") Ц the leading German producer of construction chemistry and one of the advanced global manufacturers. More than 1600 types of materials which unite in six main groups: Х Waterproofing of building constructions / sanitation of a laying Х Protection facades / Restoration Х Protection and care of monumentsХ The systems of coverings of a floor Х Protection of wood Х Finishing processing of wood falls development of a complex of services for partners in the market Within the scope of priorities of the company, specialists in design, application, builders and partners in the sphere of trade. Remmers Baustofftechnik has 300 qualified representatives and specialists in technicalto questions in Germany and also provides dense network of consultants on places. Logistic capacities promote to provide the round-the-clock availability of the required material on each construction object.
    2017-09-28 / Moskva
  14. Polymeric raw materials
    We suggest you to get: Х Polyethylene of Low Pressure: 22-12, 277, 76-17, 276, 460, 273, 033/58, 026/51, 68, 69, 293, 6148, 6948, 11-9, 11-285 0320, 318, 118, 5118, 4FE 69, 3OT 49, 153-10K Х Polyethylene of High Pressure: 158, 153, 108, 115- Polipropilen 030, 01030, 01270, 01250, 02003, 02015, 01130, 020 - Polistirol 525, 825, 585 - ABS plastiki 0809, 0809-PR, 1010-31, 1106-30, 2020-30, 2020-31, 2020-32, 2020-60, 2802-30, 2802-31, Disan 0809M, ABS-S, ABS-TB, ABS- 30, ABS-TB- 31 - Sjvilen: 118, 115, 113123 Х PVC: 6359, S-7058M, PSV-L, EP 660 HSSg-3, Sg-5, sg-8, Sg-7, Ls-300, ls-130s, ls-100, ls-080s, ls-070, P-700,800,1000,1300,1700 Х SAN plastic, Х Polyethyleneterephthalate, Х Polyformaldehyde, Х Dioktilftalat, Х SBS, Х PVC plastic compounds, Х Polyamides, ХAdditives for polymers, Х Dyes for polymers, Х Polycarbonate. And also chemical raw materials and nutritional supplements. With respect and hope for mutually beneficial relations the LLC ROSSPOLIMER company
    2017-07-06 / Moskva
  15. I offer Polyurethane
    Sdelannyi Termobrosok S. p. a. Italiy. V barrelyh v 25 kilogrammah ee mycaniy C 53/65 v prisutstvii 22 muzlana.
    2017-06-09 / Smolensk
  16. R-646 solvent
    The LLC HIMSTEKS company realizes Solvent 646 (quality of GOST). Colourless or slightly yellowish uniform transparent liquid without the visible weighed particles is applied to dilution of nitropaints, nitroenamels, nitrofillings of general purpose, including automobile. Transportation: motor transport. We will carry out delivery to your warehouse
    2017-05-15 / Sterlitamak
  17. The wonderful house for dolls
    The doll lodge is a dream of any girl! A tremendous lodge for dolls! In the house six rooms (the hall, a bathroom, a bedroom, a hall, kitchen, the nursery). A lodge very big by the size (760h450h290 mm). Thickness of walls is 3 mm. Height of each floor is 21 cm. Weight is 2,6 kg. Blinds inset with a lodge! The doll lodge and furniture can be painted with paints and are decorated by various materials: fabric, plastic, wall-paper, etc. Process of assembly and dressing will carry away all family! Production is certified. The price is 1400 rubles
    2017-04-08 /
  18. Natural coffee beans from the producer!
    Natural coffee beans from 110 rub from the best plantations of South and Central America, Africa etc. Always only fresh (daily) roasting of coffee! Free shipping in day of the order across Yekaterinburg with 10: 00 to 24: 00. To the issued orderportion of coffee at choice as a gift! To the chosen coffee you can also order sweets! And if you hadn't accepted quality we immediately will return the spent means!
    2017-03-09 / Ekaterinburg
  19. An excellent opportunity to receive chloric lime (bleaching powder) of own production at record-breaking low price
    You have an excellent opportunity to receive chloric lime (bleaching powder) of own production at record-breaking low price. Our company is only the manufacturer of chloric lime across Russia. We pack up goods in bags on 20 kg and on 21 kg (1,5 kg*14 packages). We are engaged in realizationchloric lime from 1 container. Also always available chlorine-containing means; Chloroamine B, Calcium Hypochlorite, Hypochlorite of Sodium of brand A, B at very low prices. We are engaged in transportation across all Russia by companies "business lines", "WHALE", and also individual and passing motor transport.
    2017-03-04 / Moskva
  20. The silica gel which is packed up (3 g 5 g 10 g 20 g 25 g itd.)
    Silica gel is a substance which well absorbs moisture. Many throw out them at once, without suspecting that silica gel will find a lot of applications in life. With his help, for example, it is possible: 1. To dry footwear 2. To clean a smell of dampness 3. To keep seeds 4. To clean condensate oncamera 5 lenses. To keep table silver 6. To dry up the mobile phone 7. To reduce fogging of a windshield 8. To dry up flowers for a dry bouquet 9. To prolong service life of an edge of the razor U us there is a mass of options of packing! You call on all questions interesting you.
    2017-02-17 / Lipeck
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