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Список объявление в категории Грузовые Автомобили / КАМАЗ

  1. obivka i remont dverei`

    2018-07-29 / Geneva
  2. derevyannye dveri katalog ceny foto

    2018-07-26 / Zagreb
  3. REPAYMENT of SPECIAL EQUIPMENT across all Russian Federation in any state.
    REPAYMENT of SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Excavators, loaders, manipulators, tow trucks, tractors, bulldozer, truck cranes, municipal technology, agricultural machinery, Construction equipment, Equipment for logging, drilling rigs., REPAYMENT CARGO AND COMMERCIAL: truck tractors, trucks, trailers easy commercial, buses, avtodoma, REPAYMENT of SPECIAL EQUIPMENT, TRUCKS, EASY COMMERCIALTRANSPORT, CARS FROM the ORGANIZATIONS., REPAYMENT MOTOR-AND OTHERS: Motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, buggy, karting, motor-all-terrain vehicles ATVs, amphibian all-terrain vehicles, motor boats, boats and yachts, hydrocycles. Water transport., CARS
    2017-11-29 / Moskva
  4. KAMAZ 4310 from preservation of MO Russian Federation
    I will sell: KAMAZ 4310 of 1985 / in, 740 dv (10.1 l 210 hp the diesel), not euro, 16500 run, without documents! / pod`ymnost` 6 000 kg the Box Mechanical cabin Type 3-seater without sleeping Wheel the Price branch 6x6 is in over 620 thousand rubles. KAMAZon the run, from preservation of MO!
    2017-10-02 / Dzerzhinsk
  5. Kamaz 65115 samosval
    I will sell KamAZ 65115, the dump truck, 2011, euro-3, the 15th tonic, long base, the factory, 1 owner, the Kamensk engine 285l.s, the zf-9 check point, the europanel, a pneumoseat, a prestarting heater, a state excellent, new brake overlays, new plugs of the balance weight, at survey!!!
    2016-12-30 / Naberezhnye CHelny
  6. Work on edge on KAMAZ
    The driver on KAMAZ on edge, urgently is required! to oboashchatsya by phone 89284445112
    2016-11-09 / Bryuhoveckaya
  7. Sale of Euro 2, KamAZ 65115, 2007
    The organization sells 65115 2007 G.V.' KAMAZ (3 pieces), the fuel equipment Bosch. the price 780000 r - 850000 rub/piece Maz 5516 2007 the price is 750000 rub. Cars after a cap. repair of the engine Cars are to Shakhty
    2016-09-15 / SHahty
  8. Avtobetononasos
    The KAMAZ-53215O concrete pump 58150A is on sale 2004
    2016-09-07 / Tula
  9. Cargo transportation export of construction debris
    Cargo transportation export of construction debris
    2016-08-15 / Pavlovskaya
  10. KAMAZ 43118 with the manipulator, new
    KAMAZ 43118 onboard about the crane the manipulator, 6h6, new, dvs KamAZ of 260 h.p., (TNVD-YaZDA) KPP-154; dvs KamAZ of 300 h.p., the ZF9 check point, at will we install the manipulator: DongYang, Soosan, Unic, Palfinger, Inman, Hiab, Fassi in two days on any chassis Kamaz.Kamskyplant of special equipment. Naberezhnye Chelny Delivery across the Russian Federation. From other regions send SMS to phone with the word KAMAZ, or on an e-mail I will call back to all across the Russian Federation, I will answer all your questions.
    2016-08-02 / Orenburg
  11. On sale new engine KamAZ 65111 KamAZ of 740.30 euros 2
    LLC Kamsky Avtomobilny Centre V to sale new Dvs KamAZ 44108 KamAZ 740.30, Euro - 2, 260 H.p. Pump Yaroslavl! A complete set full with the hinged equipment, with a starter, coupling assembled. Production of PJSC KAMAZ, plant of Engines, Kamaz-Diesel. KamAZ of 740.30-260 turboFax/ph.: 7-9I7-29I-62-O5, 8-8OO-5OO-ZO-2O (call free), 7 (8552) ZI-4I-7Z multichannel
    2016-07-15 / Naberezhnye CHelny
  12. We sell new Dvs KamAZ of 740.30 euros 2
    LLC Kamsky Avtomobilny Centre Realizuyem new Dvs KamAZ 740.30, Euro - 2, 260 L.S. Tnvd Yaroslavsky! Completeness full with the hinged equipment, with a starter! Coupling assembled as a gift! JSC KAMAZ, plant of Engines, Kamaz-Diesel is made. Fax/ph.: free line: 8-8OO-5OO-ZO-2O, 7(8552) ZI-4I-7Z is multichannel, 7-9I7-29I-62-O5
    2016-07-15 / Naberezhnye CHelny
  13. To buy the KamAZ check point on Maz, Delivery all regions
    LLC Kamsky Avtomobilny Centre, Delivery all regions, the KamAZ Check point for Maz Izgotovim of the Urals Check point we Make the High-speed Urals Check point for connection with the MAZ engine adapted for DVS YaMZ under joining on cars Maz KPP 152 Kamaz are established, how on the chassis Maz,and KamAZ of all modifications we Sell a divider case KamAZ with a coupling case Yamz for installation of a box of gear shifting KamAZ with the unit Yamz, a shaft of high-speed 027 Faxes/ph.: free line: 8-8OO-5OO-ZO-2O, 7 (8552) ZI-4I-7Z multichannel, 7-9I7-29I-62-O5
    2016-07-08 / Naberezhnye CHelny