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  1. / 2015-10-28 /

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    3. Poterya potencial`nyh klientov iz za slabyh tekstov na sai`te.

      2018-09-22 / RњRѕSЃRєRІR°
    4. Uslugi v sfere nedvizhimosti

      2018-09-01 / Smolensk
    5. Ohrannaya i pozharnaya GSM signalizaciya

      2018-08-16 / Perm`
    6. Finansovaya kompaniya Cerih (Moskva) ischet regional`nyh partnerov

      2018-08-09 / Moskva
    7. CARGO iz Kitaya

      2018-06-12 / Moskva, Novgorodskaya, 28
    8. AWR Group - oborudovanie dlya pererabotki i utilizacii lyubyh othodov

      2018-06-06 / Moskva
    9. Professional`nye konsul`tacii po pererabotke, utilizacii othodov

      2018-06-05 / Moskva
    10. CHerenki iz berezy

      2018-05-26 / Hurgada
    11. Sodei`stvie v privlechenii investicii`, finansirovaniya

      2018-03-06 / YAroslavl`
    12. Goryachie klienty, lidogeneraciya

      2018-02-24 / Ekaterinburg
    13. Privlechenie klientov, klienty dlya biznesa

      2018-02-24 / Ekaterinburg
    14. Ischem predstavitelei` i partnerov

      2018-02-20 /
    15. CHastnyi` zai`m deneg pod zalog nedvizhimosti v Krasnodare

      2018-01-29 / Krasnodar
    16. Business on construction of wooden their houses of "the Double Bar"
      The Housebyuro company invites to cooperation of dealers! Our FRANCHISE COSTS 100 000 rubles. But it is SINGLE PAYMENT. There are no LUMP-SUM CONTRIBUTIONS AND the ROYALTY. At high-quality approach and implementation of recommendations of our company your monthly income will make 100-250 thousand rubles a month. We will helpTo you to adjust continuous inflow of clients and we will help with processes of sale and construction. Actually is a turnkey business with high income. Our CONDITIONS: 1) We WILL PUT QUALITATIVE MATERIAL EXACTLY IN TIME 2) we WILL HELP to START BUSINESS AND to LEARN to EARN MONEY 3)WE WILL GIVE MARKETING SUPPORT. YOU GET ACCESS TO BASES OF PROJECTS, 3D IMAGES, BOOKLETS AND SO FORTH 4) WE WILL HELP TO TRAIN PERSONNEL IN SALES 5) WE WILL HELP YOU TO SELL THE PRODUCT TO THE FINAL BUYER 6) WE WILL HELP TO BUILD PROCESSES IN THE ORGANIZATION 7) WE WILL HELP TO LEARN CORRECTLY AND TO UNMISTAKABLY CONSIDER ESTIMATES8) We WILL HELP WITH NECESSARY DOCUMENT FLOW 9) YOU RECEIVE FAVOURABLE TERMS OF DELIVERY of the MATERIALS 10) WILL HELP TRAIN PERSONNEL to CONSTRUCTION 11) we WILL GIVE TECHNICAL SUPPORT MONTHLY PROFIT – 100-200 THOUSAND RUBLES. Any firm or the business owner regardless of form of ownership can become oursregional partner. Working with our company, you gain the following advantages: High quality of production and services; Favourable conditions of cooperation: Availability of materials in a warehouse; Implementation of the order in short terms you can Obtain detailed information, having called by phones: 7 (919) 629-86-05 or 7 (843)250-55-25 or having sent the application for mail:
      2017-10-17 / Kazan`
    17. The librarian (on half of day)
      Requirements: Attentiveness, accuracy, skill to communicate. Training at the expense of the company, we will consider without experience, timely payment, career development, the individual schedule. Employment under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, Accounting of the movement of books, execution of applications and work with archival documents.
      2017-10-16 / Ufa
    18. HR manager, distant work
      We look for ambitious and positive for joint promotion of the online project on a franchize. Experience is welcomed, but isn't obligatory. Requirements: - of 18 years - free access in the Internet - recruiting - escort of new partners - desire to earn Conditions: - the free schedule - price-work payment - white income
      2017-10-10 / Saratov
    19. We look for the investor! Expansion of profitable business
      The team of webmasters and marketing specialists looks for partners (investors) for creation of Real estate agency and development of modern franchasing network. Our directions, it is objects of Moscow and the Moscow Region - a new building, the secondary, and country real estate. We work on the CPA model (payment for action,target call), with large builders, in September more than 10 000 target calls which were converted into 264 sales of apartments in new buildings have provided. Such, as: ZhK "Muscovite" of ZhK "LEGENDA" Minipolis of "Life Paint" of ZhK "Quarters 21/19" of ZhK "Mytishchi-shooting" of ZhK "Fruitful" ZhK"Mikhaylova 31" ZhK "Vavilova, 69" of ZhK "Petra Alekseeva" of ZhK "Beams" of ZhK "Aventin" the Residential district "New Pushkino" the Residential district "New Medvedkovo" of ZhK "Alpha Tsentavra" of ZhK "Imperial Capital" In this regard has arisen the idea creation of innovative Real estate agency and development of modern franchasing network.Advance of the agency and franchasing network the offer to partners of TARGET CLIENTS (in difference from other real estate agencies) will be the base for. Investments of 4 000 000 rubles are necessary for creation of the Agency and development of modern franchasing network. Payback period only 4month. All details are ready to discuss by phone or at a personal meeting. Park lane real estate agency
      2017-10-09 / Moskva
    20. 23rd International industrial Metall-Expo exhibition
      "Metall-Expo" in 18 years of carrying out I became the traditional and recognized platform for communication of representatives of the enterprises of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering, metal working and productions, adjacent to them, focused on rendering services for metallurgical production. Participation in an exhibition allows to come into new business contacts,to obtain information on the market and new technologies, to study business activity of competitors, to present new production and to develop price policy. We invite you to participate in the 23rd International industrial exhibition "Metall-Expo ' 2017"! Carrying out time; On November 14-17, 2017, venue: Moscow, ENEA, pavilion 75.
      2017-10-05 / Moskva
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    Home / Real Estate Business Partnership / Partnership and collaboration

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