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Список объявление в категории Мебель и интерьер / Интерьер и предметы обихода

  1. Zakaz kuhni lyubyh razmerov

    2018-09-16 / Moskovskii`
  2. Zerkala dlya doma i salona

    2018-08-20 / Moskva
  3. Maska inter`ernaya, iz dorogogo dereva

    2018-06-16 / Belorechensk
  4. Predlagaem tovary dlya domashnego inter`era

    2018-05-21 / Moskva
  5. Nastoyaschii` sherstyanoi` pled s dlinnym vorsom

    2018-03-11 / Novosibirsk
  6. SHtory pvh dlya besedok i verand

    2018-02-03 / Slavyansk-na-Kubani
  7. Prodaem shikarnye vazy dlya inter`era po nizkoi` cene

    2018-01-06 / Moskva
  8. JElektrokaminy, bio kaminy, drovyanye kaminy, gazovye kaminy

    2018-01-03 / Moskva
  9. Fluffy Artificial Christmas trees with Cones
    Fluffy Artificial Christmas trees From 950 rubles. Delivery Today. Payment to the Courier When Receiving. Are certified: are safe for children and animals. We will deliver today! Pay with cash or the card to the courier Girlyanda as a gift! Pine Snow Queen our favourite– magnificent and magnificent! Magnificent beauty! With advantage will fit into your interior! - The real cones - Length of needles of 5 cm - hoarfrost Imitation - Simple assembly. - Steady support. - Packing: box,pimply film - Service life: up to 10 years of 60 cm - 950 rubles of 90 cm - 1 190 rubles of 120 cm - 1 740 rubles of 180 cm - 3 590 rubles of 210 cm -4 790 rubles of 240 cm are 5 270 rubles. You call from 9:00 - 23:00 Applications are accepted round the clock.
    2017-12-14 / Moskva
  10. Fir-trees rozn / wholesale (green/white) delivery
    Hello! New Year and EACH of us WANTS AND CAN decorate the house with the green beauty soon. Unfortunately, in many cities including ours (Irkutsk) in the markets is sold BY ARTIFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREES not of the best quality, but fir-trees,which expose in shops are much more expensive, than it actually. I and EACH inhabitant don't want, both to buy low qualitative goods, and to overpay for him! ************************************ As a result, long looking for suitable option, has been foundthe checked person in Moscow who can provide artificial Christmas trees of ANY SIZES at WHOLESALE PRICE. ************************************ Prices of the most popular STANDARD model: 60 cm - 300 rubles of 90 cm - 400 rubles of 120 cm - 950 rubles 150see - 1350 rubles of 180 cm - 1750 rubles of 210 cm - 2150 rubles of 240 cm - 2550 rubles of 270 cm - 3990 rubles of 300 cm - 5990 rubles. Particulars about other RECEIVE models by phone! ************************************!!! ATTENTION!!! The offer works only till NOVEMBER 25 and if till this time we gather 200 orders for one name through the WHOLE COUNTRY, then YOU RECEIVE an artificial Christmas tree of excellent quality AT the PRICE of LARGE WHOLESALE (the prices LOWER, than are specified), that isYou SAVE twice the MONEY. ************************************** As a result YOU RECEIVE: qualitative and inexpensive goods big economy of the money fast delivery excellent decoration of an interior in the house **************************************************** the Organizing contributiononly 20% of each fir-tree ****************************************!!! About New Year remained slightly therefore RECEIVE particulars RIGHT NOW: call, write SMS, in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and receive answers to all your questions! ***************************************** I wish productive day and positive mood :-)******************************************
    2017-11-16 / Irkutsk
  11. Gift for friends, on a wedding, anniversary.
    Collect a word in ours online the designer of photoword and present to the friends or the family: HAPPINESS, DREAM, NAME, SUMMER and Lyubov. Delivery across all Ukraine the Price of 1 letter: 135 UAH
    2017-11-12 / Kiev
  12. Services in construction, engineering, dressing of interiors and improvement of territories
    The Waterfall company provides services in design, design, construction, engineering, dressing of interiors and improvement of territories, creation of products from fibreglass and a polimerbeton. Our company is manufacturers of decorative products from fibreglass and a polimerbeton. Today our experts have developed and introduced a wide rulerproducts from new progressive materials of any natural elements imitating invoices (stones, trees and so forth) which have resistance to atmospheric actions, durability don't absorb various fats and moisture. This property allows to use artificial material for creation over steady surfaces in anyactive zones of use. For example such products as: - artificial trees and palm trees of the big and huge sizes; - any historical and national stylizations of parks, winter gardens, aquaparks, theme parks, amusement parks, pools. - products for landscaping; - rocky compositions,falls, grottoes, fountains, caves, rock gardens, Alpine hills. - small architectural forms, boulders for closing of the equipment on a landscape. Also we conduct full maintenance from the beginning of project works, works on design, production of a decor and engineering support before "turnkey" putting into operation. We carry outguarantee and post guarantee maintenance.
    2017-08-25 / Serpuhov
  13. Glasses and mirrors to order
    Cutting of glasses and mirrors by the individual sizes of the customer. Processing: grinding, polishing, drilling, prikleyka of fastenings, stained-glass windows. Delivery around the city.
    2017-08-17 / Kaliningrad
  14. False ceilings Moscow
    Our company "World of Ceilings" is engaged in production and installation of the ceilings most of different function. Our regular customers are the designers, architects who are engaged in registration of offices and premises. Also many construction organizations get wholesale our ceilings in Moscow. We carry out a full complexturnkey services. Here departure of the measurer on an object, production, delivery and installation of false ceilings enters. On all our products we give a guarantee 1 year. On our website there is a section with actions where it is possible to buy very favourably a stretch ceiling in Moscow.Our managers are always ready to help you to choose ceilings in Moscow.
    2017-08-13 / Moskva
  15. Bed linen at the price of the producer
    The producer of bed linen and overalls from Ivanovo suggests you to receive production, worthy on quality and the price: bedding sets from 535 rub, pillowcases from 30r, sheets from 100r, blanket covers from 195r, pillows from 60r, blankets from 100r, mattresses from 200r, towelswafer and a semi-flax from 18r, diapers from 30 rubles. The price = quality, is cheaper only cheese with mice!
    2017-07-21 / Ivanovo
  16. Mattresses and beds for hotels
    Mattresses wadded wholesale - the main activity of our company. You want to buy a mattress cheap? You need mattresses for workers, builders, hostels? - We deliver orders in the most short time. The ready sets consisting a mattress, a blanket, a pillow and a bedding set— the favorable decision for builders, shift workers, workers and security guards Buying a ready bedding set for workers — it is rather simple to spread them on a bed
    2017-06-25 / Rostov-na-Donu
  17. Wooden garden swing directly from the producer
    Not colored garden swing of Sandie And - excellent option for those who want to receive excellent goods at the good price. Big convenient armrest. A reliable design on couplers. Reusable dismantling and assembly. A rigid roof from polycarbonate. Folding bench. Smooth adjustment of an inclination of a back, smoothadjustment of height and inclination of sitting of a bench. You can independently paint a swing the most suitable color. A good opportunity to spend day off with children behind the general occupation and to allow them to prove as the designer or the master. People creative can create individualcoloring, having mixed colors or combining shades. It is delivered in 4 packings with a gross weight of 75 kg., volume is 0,36 cbm. Packing No. 1 a bench accessories Sh76khg13khv177 see the weight of 29 kg., volume is 0,175 cbm. Packing No. 2 of a rack of framework Sh18khg12khv201 see the weight of 17 kg.,volume is 0,043 cbm. Packing No. 3 of a cross-piece of a framework and armrests Sh18khg16khv201 see the weight of 20 kg., volume is 0,058 cbm. Packing No. 4 roof Sh79khg5khv213 see the weight of 9 kg., volume is 0,084 cbm. Type of a swing: 3-seater Suspension: chain steel galvanized D5 Fasteners (hardware):galvanized steel Amount of sitting of a bench: Sh175khg50 see the bench back Sizes: Sh175khv62,5 see the bench Sizes in the spread-out state: Sh175khg121 see overall dimensions: Sh210khg151khv197 see dimensional width - 210 cm dimensional depth - 151 cm dimensional height - 197 cm. Roof: rigidroof from brown polycarbonate. material: solid pine framework size: 150h40 mm. processing: akvateks soil with the UV filter 2 layers.
    2017-06-20 / Moskva
  18. Photoframework, metrics, a decor, words from a tree.
    Photoframework, metrics, a decor, words from a tree. We take orders of Watsapp, Viber, Telegram Free shipping across Russia.
    2017-05-31 / Moskva
  19. In our Viknostil company you can buy blinds at the favorable price
    - the Zebra - Vertical - Horizontal - Section - the Roman curtains - the Japanese panels We offer accordion pleats the favorable prices of blinds in Sevastopol thanks to which you will be able to acquire any of above-mentioned types of a sun-protection covering. In our Viknostil company you canto buy blinds at the favorable price! Our company successfully works nearly 20 years at the market of sun-protection systems. We offer our clients only the most modern and hi-tech products which conform to the European requirements of quality. Why it is worth buying blinds from us? We useonly the best materials at production of blinds. Our blinds are completed with high-quality mechanisms which guarantee long operational term. We guarantee reasonable prices for blinds, and also we give pleasant bonuses to our regular customers. You can order blinds of any complexity which will be made andare delivered in the most bystry terms according to your individual sketch.
    2017-05-29 / Sevastopol`
  20. Scene clothes for theaters and assembly halls.
    If the theater, in the standard opinion, begins with a hanger, then it proceeds, certainly, a scene, her registration. Even the smallest scene needs clothes. The clothes of a scene are one of the main attributes of the scenic platform and an important decorative part of an interior of all auditorium.The main requirements which are imposed to scene clothes – quality, a practicality, beauty and reasonable price. Irrespective of the size, the scene has to justify the loud name and to look as appropriate. Therefore we are ready "to dress" a scene of any scale. Our experts will hold all necessary consultations,will give help in the fabric choice, will make the necessary calculations. We provide all complex of services in installation of finished goods and mechanisms for fastening of elements of clothes of a scene. We guarantee the highest quality with observance of terms of the performed works.
    2017-05-19 / Har`kov
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