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    4. Apart-gostinica Barnaula s interaktivnym TV

      2018-06-06 / Barnaul

    5. 2018-03-02 /

    6. 2018-01-12 /
    7. Kharkiv - Kirillovka - Kharkiv
      Our company makes regular bus flights from Kharkiv in Kirillovka and back. Rest in Kirillovka for every taste is offered to your attention. The Kharkiv-Kirillovka bus the price Kharkiv - Kirillovka - 250 UAH of Kirillovk - Kharkiv -250 UAH Kharkiv - Kirillovka - Kharkiv - 500 UAH. Departure of buses from Kiev movie theater of the metro station. Marshal Zhukov.
      2017-11-28 / Har`kov
    8. Rest in Miskhore Willa "Pinery"
      The country house "Pinery" is located in a picturesque corner of the suburb of Yalta (13 km), being buried in verdure of sixty Crimean pines lechebno influencing respiratory system. The country house has one junior suite of 20 sq.m, five luxury of 40 sq.m and one 2-roomed apartments of 80 sq.m. Comfortable, modernnumbers with all conveniences. Cold and hot water round the clock. In the territory and in numbers free wi-fi. Action: at accommodation of 5 nights — the 6th as a gift! The action works at direct booking and accommodation at the period from 15.09.2017 to 25.12.2017
      2017-09-25 / YAlta
    9. Crimea, Olenevka, Guest house "Akvilon".
      We are on the first street from the sea. That is at the next distance. Our site has two exits: one on the central street, and another directly on water, on the estuary. Only ten steps, and you already on water. Very conveniently for surfersand kayter. In general this estuary just paradise for surfers and kayter, especially for beginners. The maximum depth is 1.7 meters. Completely safely. But at desire, it is possible of course and at the sea. Only one tack through the estuary, then about 50 meters of the pedestrian course through sandybraid and you in the high sea. At us also is excellent parusokhranilishche (70 sq.m) where you can store (free of charge) your sails, kayta and boards. Certainly we accept not only surfers and kayter. Our guest house is ideal also for familyrest. For this purpose we have all conditions namely: rooms big (30 and 38 sq.m), walls thick (40 cm), are spread with concrete plates, height of ceilings 2.7 meters. Full of a sound and thermal insulation. In each room there is a big isolated bathroom with a toilet,shower and sink for washing. We have hot and cold water always and without any restrictions. In each room there are a big TV and a receiver for reception of satellite TV channels. Conditioners and refrigerators in each room. At us also is completelythe equipped summer kitchen (20kv.m) with the gas stove and a spacious verandah (50 sq.m) where you can prepare for yourself, or you can use services of 2 private cafes which are at distance of 20 meters from us. So you will have no problems with food.On the site tens of fruit trees grow: cherries, plums, apricots, almonds, mulberry. Real orchard. And in this garden watch windows and there are doors everyone rooms. And the most important as we have very big site (66 hundred parts) andwe hand over very few numbers (no more than 5) at us always quietly and peaceful. You will feel at us as at own dacha in a garden. You can put cars directly opposite to the room (free of charge). Wi-fi is free! Number on one(32kv.metra)-1000 rub (in July and August of-1500 rub). The double room (32 sq.m) of-1500 rub (in July and August of-2000 rub). Number for three (the 38th sq.m)-2000 rub (in July and August of-2500 rub)The suite (100 sq.m) - 4000 rub. Our phones in the Crimea 7-978-0358015 7-978-0357895 our e-mail address Attention an action! For all those who wants to have a rest on the bank of the Black Sea inour hotel and to spend cheerfully time who doesn't like to be fried under the sun all day long who loves sport and would like to try that that new, we offer our action of training in a kayt which will begin since June and will last till August2016. Course cost - 25000 rub. Is included in the price: training, all necessary equipment equipment. For occupation kayty it is only required to you: sunglasses on an elastic band, swimming shorts, sunblock cream.
      2017-02-03 / Olenevka
    10. To remove the ecohouse from a felling "Youzhny" - rest in the mountains Lago Naki.
      To rent the cozy guest house "Youzhny" - in the mountains of Adygea. At your service a new log house with all conditions for comfortable rest, a family or the big company from 6 people to 14 people. Panoramic view of the Caucasian ridges, the purest mountainair and beauty of the primitive nature will make your days spent here, unforgettable. The house is in the picturesque town at the foot of the mountain, here you won't be disturbed by noisy neighbors, cars and all that so irritates in the big city or hotel. Wewe offer you not only a sit-round gathering in the house or an arbor at a fire, but also we will organize for you active types of rest! You will have a chance to visit local beauty: caves, canyons, dolmens, the Alpine meadows, falls, ridges, lakes, yes in Mountains Lago-Naki are amazingplaces for every taste!
      2017-01-30 / Krasnodar
    11. Hotel "Oriole" in Koktebel
      Here the Ivolga Hotel from a natural tree, it in the center of all vital objects pgt is presented. Koktebel. Nearby in five steps there is the central market. In 10 meters from hotel "Bistro" where feed with tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners (rather cheap) is located.To the central beach of Litfond on foot 5-7 minutes of walking through the park of the house of works of writers Koktebel. When booking, an advance payment of 20% of the total cost of accommodation. The advance payment is made by means of money transfer to the Cash card. Requisites will go after obtaining your order by us.Living at us, you receive 20% a discount for hire of water bikes and a sea excursion along an extinct volcano the Kara Dag, with bathing in the high sea. The meeting of vacationers from the airport of Simferopol, a ferry Kerch is possible. The inexpressible atmosphere of the wooden house promotes a pacificationand to creation of great mood. In addition, a tree – environmentally friendly construction material. Wooden houses "breathe" and are capable to create a microclimate, optimum for health of the person. Also ability allows "to breathe" to the house to support optimum level of humidity in rooms. Wooden houses from coniferous breeds of trees,promote treatment of various diseases of the top airways, and also positively influence a condition of all human body in general.
      2017-01-16 / Koktebel`
    12. hotel N in the center of Novosibirsk
      cozy hotel near zd Novosibirsk. The convenient arrangement in the historic center of the city saves your time and cuts transportation costs. Standard number on the level of comfort doesn't concede a junior suite numbers in many hotels. We invite to have a rest in our hotel N inNovosibirsk with all family, with colleagues and friends. The administrator of the hotel of N will tell about sights of Novosibirsk and will help to organiizovat fascinating excursions.
      2016-12-23 / Novosibirsk
    13. Paradise Pleasure hotel
      Cozy and inexpensive numbers. Bath, restaurant, breakfasts, parking, booking.
      2016-11-21 / Moskva
    14. Hotel booking and hotels worldwide
      On the portal you can reserve hotel or hotel in any country and any city of the world! Visit the website according to the reference specified in contact information choose the option which was pleasant to you and reserve!
      2016-09-09 / Moskva
    15. Hotel in Anapa
      Dzhemete is the most important and known to guests of the resort of Anapa of a recreation area on all Pionersky Avenue. It is plentifully filled with the most different entertainments - from shopping and to trade tents behind the most extraordinary souvenirs to friends and relatives, to water attractions, suchas hydrocycles, boats, "bun" and others. In the same area there is a park of atrraktsion and a children's aquapark "Territorial election commissions-so" where kids can spend time for days on end, without getting out of water of pools, and that zheva you can visit a delightful dolphinarium, an oceanarium, a pingvinary, a terrarium, a zoo. Favorhotel gives the unique chance to have a rest directly at the Black Sea (the beach in 100 meters). Beaches of the settlement wide and pure, even from Anapa (from Dzhemete Va you will reach the city on a share taxi in 10 minutes) come to have a rest and bathe here. "The Petersburg fort" waits for youon rest. The guest house is located in hundred meters from the gold sandy beach. In numbers of the "business class", "luxury" and "apartments" level (with a view of the sea) everyone will feel conveniently and easily, all numbers are equipped with comfortable furniture, a Split system, the TV, the refrigerator, electricteapot. Children: Are accepted from any age. Cribs are offered. Call and reserve!
      2016-08-10 / Anapa
    16. Vorobyi park hotel
      The Vorobyi park hotel is the country hotel located in 15 kilometers from Nova Moskvy on the river bank Istya. To services of guests: 85 comfortable numbers of categories: luxury, a junior suite, the standard and hostel, the protected territory, the free parking, tasty home cuisine, a conference room (190 sq.m), onterritories the lake, a bathing complex, restaurant, a banquet room, sports grounds, and the most important, the big territory of forest area with incredibly clean and fresh air.
      2016-07-27 / Moskva
    17. Comfortable rest for reasonable prices in the Crimea.
      I offer, for rest, separate, comfortable numbers - all in the form of one-room apartments (the room, kitchen, I san.uzet - in everyone) in the guest house "Donbass", in the Crimea - Big Alushta, page. Solnechnogorsk. The closed territory with the big and well-groomed yard -playground, swing, shops, brazier, the equipped parking for a car. Numbers: - 3-seater - total 4 (accommodation from 2nd to 3 people); total area of each 30 sq.m; the room of 17 sq.m, kitchen of 9 sq.m, I san.uzet4 sq.m. - 4-seater - total 8 (accommodation from 2nd to 5 people); total area of each 36 sq.m; the room of 20 sq.m, kitchen of 12 sq.m, I san.uzet 4 sq.m. In the room - in everyonenumber - one (or two) one-and-a-half and a double bed, cases, the TV, the electronic safe, the fan, the conditioner, access to the Internet (WIFI across all territory), a dignity. knot (wash basin, toilet, shower cabin). Kitchen - in each number -it is equipped by all necessary, from modern kitchen furniture and the two-chamber refrigerator to a teaspoon. On a photo the one 4th and one 3-seater number - all other numbers identical is submitted. Hot and cold water - it is constant. The parking for a car -free. To the beach (see a photo) 5-7 minutes of walking - on a direct road (see a photo), without descents and rises. Big, pure and free small pebble beach. Shops, the market, the dining room - nearby (in stepavailability). A transfer from Simferopol (the airport. etc.) and back. Organization of individual excursions for the Crimea. We offer you available and comfortable family rest - without city bustle, at reasonable prices for 2016- from 350 to 600 rubles from the person in days - depending on a season and a number of people in number.
      2016-07-07 / Alushta
    18. - Rest in Anapa - Dzhemete
      - Rest on the Black Sea! Private hotel - only seven numbers! Quietly and comfortably! it is possible with animals! All conveniences! TV, Split, refrigerator! A toilet and a shower in each number! We will organize a transfer from the airport and zd the station! Booking by phone!
      2016-06-16 / Anapa
    19. * Rest in Vityazevo, Hellas hotel
      * "Hellas" is a new modern hotel which is the ideal place for family rest and business tourism. The hotel meets the highest requirements. Guests are waited here by quiet and comfortable rest, an opportunity to be bought much in the Black Sea, to strengthen health and to give to cheerfulness to theto organism. The various number of rooms, novelty, the pleasant prices and attentive service will pleasantly surprise you! The hotel is located in the most successful place of the resort settlement of Vityazevo, near the sea! The first beach line, to a water edge 1 minute of walking. Sandy beaches are magnificent here! Who wasin Anapa and his suburbs, that knows that rest in Vityazevo on gold dunes with the clean high sea brings the mass of positive emotions adult and children! The guest house is in the quiet place, but the main entertainments of Vityazevo absolutely nearby. In 3 minuteswalking there is a walking boulevard with attractions, restaurants and trade pavilions. Here the aquapark "Olympia", a dolphinarium "Mutely", exhibitions works. Within walking distance from the guest house are located: dining rooms, a pizzeria, wine shop, a drugstore, grocery stores, the souvenir shop, shashlik house, trade pavilions with beach production, pastries,sweets and soft drinks. The guest house Hellas has a various number of rooms. In hotel it is created a maximum of conditions that rest in Vityazevo to you was remembered only from the best party. At your service 22 cozy and spacious 2nd, 3rd and 4-seater numbers.In rooms new furniture and household appliances. The modern design, a fashionable interior, stylistic decisions are embodied even in fine details of finishing. In each number: a big balcony with a little table, a big balcony with a little table, a bathroom with a shower, the TV, a Split system, the refrigerator, the electric kettle, the hair dryer. Furniture:beds, case, bedside tables, little table. The attentive and sympathetic personnel are ready to resolve your any issue. Hot and cold water is constantly. Food is organized in own cafe on the first floor.
      2016-05-31 / Krasnodarskii` krai`, Anapa
    20. We invite to cooperation boarding houses, sanatoria, hotels, hospitals, rest houses, hostels, and also workers and builders
      The POST-FIR-TREE company offers large and small wholesale bedding: - mattresses are spring; - pillows holofayber; - pillows synthetic winterizer; - pillows down feather; - blankets synthetic winterizer; - blankets holofayber; - linen from a chintz; - linen from coarse calico. Our company makes soft stockaccording to all requirements and the quality standards of this type of production, using natural and synthetic materials. Quality is confirmed with the certificate. Large and small wholesale (from 30 pieces). Delivery across Russia.
      2016-05-28 / Zelenograd
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